View Full Version : H1B Transfer & Start date

07-06-2010, 06:04 PM
Guys, I need ur suggestion and experiences on my typical situation

I am in the process of going full time with my client.

I have my I-485 Filed in July 2007 & have EAD & AP
I am not in a position to use EAD as I got married after I filed for I-485. I have to stay on H1B to maintain my wife's H4 status.

my Client's Attorney is filing for H1B transfer and is suggesting that I can use EAD to start working as soon as he files for H1B transfer.

My understanding is I will loose H1 status if I use EAD, hence H4 will be invalid.

Was anybody in a similar situation ?

I don't want to take a risk by using EAD and my wife loosing H4 status.

Please advice