View Full Version : FP notices lost?? (Chicago Area)

10-24-2007, 06:01 PM

I am July 2 Filer and got the checks cashed on October 11. The USCIS mailed receipts on October 15 and I received them on October 18th.

Because of high speed winds, my mail box got opened ( unsecured on a single family home) and much of the mail got swept away. I scouted the neighbourhood and recovered all but one receipt notice.

One doubt nagging me is if I had lost any FP notice on that day.

What has been the general wait time to get FP notices from the day the checks were cashed / receipts receieved ? I know it depends on how busy the ASCs are, so particularly interested hearing from Chicago area.

Is there anything I can do from my side to know if I indeed got a FP notice?