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10-08-2007, 12:56 PM
Due to a sudden demise of my wife's grandmother, my wife had to go to India last week. She is planning to come back by Nov. 15. I received the receipt notices for my wife's I-485, I-131 and I-765. My question is if the fingerprinting notice comes before she arrives and also if it is scheduled prior to her arrival date on Nov. 14; what are the options of rescheduling and can we get the date of our choice after Nov. 14. Also, I would be extremely grateful, if someone could upload a sample fingerprinting notice from USCIS. I couldn't find any where on the site.

I-140 approved: Feb 07 (EB-2)
I-485, I-131, I-765applied (myself and spouse): Aug. 13, 2007
I-485, I-131, I-765 received (myself and spouse): Aug. 15, 2007
I-485, I-131, I-765 notice (myself and spouse): Sept. 26, 2007
Waiting for fingerprint notice.
IV contribution: $100.