View Full Version : International travel right after AOS interview

04-29-2010, 02:41 PM
I have a family based (have been married for 5 yrs) AOS interview on 5/21 (Fairfax, VA). And I do have international travel planned on 5/28.

Right now, I am using work based EAD to work in the US and have been thinking of using family based EAD pretty soon.

1) Can I use work based EAD and use family based AP to travel to Canada?
2) Does work based EAD gets cancelled as soon as I use my family based EAD or can I still interchange in between work based
and family based EADs?
3) Do I need to let USCIS know (other than my employer - in order to update I9 form) whenever I use different versions of EADs?
4) If my AOS interview does not go well, then can I go back and use work based EAD? I do not anticipate this to happen as
everything is fine with respect to documentation.
5) If my AOS gets approved on May 21st, can I request the officer to stamp on my passport (GC approval) so that I can go to
Canada in the last week of May? I heard that it is not common to stamp on passport these days. Is it true?
6) Would anyone like to share AOS interview experiences in Fairfax office!?

Thanks for your time in advance!