View Full Version : Finger Printing at Detroit, MI Application Support Center

09-25-2007, 08:53 PM
Hello All;

I would like to share our expereience during finger printing apointment at said center. We arrived an hour and half earlier, so asked the security guard if that was OK. She told us it's fine and we should go to lady officer at next door to take application forms. We took for each one of us, filled them while watching "Baby's day out" movie being shown. Returned the applications and were asked to go to assigned waiting seats. Here we were further escorted by an officer to finger printing machine. Did finger printing and had the notice form stamped, and were out of center in less than 30 minutes. No problems, no delays nothing to worry at all. So go and have fun!:D

P.S : Don't drop off your wife at center ... wait for few minutes. Otherwise she would be begging for phone to call you ( as they won't allow her to keep phone). I helped out one such fine lady earlier today!