View Full Version : Pros and Cons of DC Rally?

09-20-2007, 12:24 AM
Dear Friends,

Congratulations to IV for planning this rally, successfully executing to their plan and following up by spreading the word later. This was a small first step with many more Giant Leaps for Immigrants to follow (with apologies to Niel Armstrong). With that said, I want to catalog some of the pros and cons as I see them:
Greater Visibility for our cause
Law makers took notice
Experience gained in organization by IV
COURAGE gained by LEGAL immigrants in exercising their rights

Greater Visibility for our cause - all our opponents (and there are many people opposing immigration) also took notice. Be prepared for some sort of counter action by these guys. Thank god Lou Dobbs is off the air with tonsillitis.

Low Turn out - (I am guilty of this myself - newborn at home :) )
the low turn out may get us labeled as a fringe group whereas the reality is very different.

Rally only in DC - not a huge center for immigrants; what we really need is simultaneous rallys in San Jose, Chicago, NY/NJ, Austin etc. This will garner much more attendance and get some of the Slackers out and marching.