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09-19-2007, 06:32 PM
I was one of the very few who clapped while Rep. Mc Dermott mentioned undocumented immigrants in the passing. Rep McDermott was supportive of all issues facing us, including discrimination based on Country of Origin.

I know and understand the exasperation in the faces of fellow IV members over the issue. We do need to highlight issues faced by EB immigrants. But, there's no way we can can make them do a clear-cut distinction between us and them. Let us look at the issue pragmatically.

1) As far as Congressmen are concerned, we are all Immigrants (foreigners) who have come to their country to work, and make a living. With or without papers doesn't make a difference to them ( Do you think Irish and Italians came here with papers?)

2) America needs both types of Immigrants - skilled and unskilled. Just like Yahoo, Google cannot work without Highly skilled immigrants, Agriculture, Hospitality , Construction cannot run without the undocumented workers. Businesses are businesses. Whether it's IT or construction.

3) Being Immigrants ourselves, who are here for our families, lawmakers expect us (whether we like it or not) to be sympathetic to the plight other immigrants. And we should be.

4) Undocumented workers may have broken US law. It's the job of USCIS/CBP/IRS/SSA etc. to go after them and take legal action. It's NOT our job to go after them.

5) Any anti-immigrant who's opposed to Undocumented, is also equally opposed to Legal Immigration, be it Lou "Liar" Dobbs or Ron "Know-Nothing" Hira. (Of course, political leaders like Cornyn - who oppose illegals due to political compulsions and support visa hike for practical considerations - are to be excluded ). You show me a anti-illegal and I'll show you a nativist opposed to all Immigration - legal as well as illegal . LETS NOT FIGHT OUR ENEMIES FIGHT.

6) Undocumented workers are like the 800 lbs Gorilla in the room. Sure you don't like the hairy creature. But you'll also do good, not to mess with him. Especially if he isn't harming you. Sure there are lawmakers like Durbin who oppose us and support them. Undocumented workers themselves don't oppose Skilled immigrants. Undocumented workers are not competiting with us for our jobs. Why are we hell-bent on making 12 million people angry at us? Like it or not, those 12 million are going to be legalized, sooner or later. It's the political reality in this country. Isn't it sufficient that there are one too many Know-Nothing groups like NumbersUSA, FAIR, Programmers Guild etc. opposing us?

7) If we begin to froth at the mouth whenever someone says "illegal", what's the difference between us and Redneck Nativist? Discussions on Illegals invariably turn into exercises in bashing Hispanics and their culture, them getting diseases into US, commiting criminal acts etc. Getting into such racist mudsliging doesn't befit us, when are fighting discrimination based on 'Country of Origin' ourselves. We should avoid it at all costs.

8) How many times have we seen "out of status" posts here? Bad things happen to everyone. Employees can get laid off; Companies may withdraw petitions in revenge; some may get out of status due to technicalities like RFE notice not received, missed checks, 485 rejected for lack of evidence etc. etc. Immigration law is so full of loop holes, there is a thin line between remaining legal and going 'out of status' ( becoming illegal)

Name changes are unlikely to help. How does "Legal" differentiate us from "Family based " Immigrants? They're also waiting legally just like us! They're, in fact, more badly retrogressed than us. Are we going to have a new name "LegalEmploymentBasedImmigrantionVoice.org"? Do you guys think anyone will be able to remember such a long name? Can such a long domain name even be registered?

I think the name IV is ok. It has already developed a "brand value"/recognition due to media coverage. Name change isn't advisable at this stage. Also stressing on "LEGAL" doesn't help differentiate us ( from legal FB immigration). "HIGHLY SKILLED" will be a better adjective.