View Full Version : Unexpected Enemy in the Russian Speaking Community

09-16-2007, 02:17 PM
I want to tell about my recent effort to spread the word about the rally in the Russian speaking community. There are thousands of Russians stuck in the GC mess too, you know.

There is forum.privet.com, rather popular among Russian speaking people who live in US. I tried to contact the administrator, Boris, and begged him to post the info about the rally in any form, advertisement, whatever. By the way, they don't mind advertising upcoming Russian picnics in some cities, for example. He didn't bother to reply. So I made some posts trying to attract people's attention. With diligence worth a better application he removed all the mentions about the rally from all the discussions and banned me from the forum every time. (I tried more than once).

I managed to get my posts viewed several hundred times within a couple of hours (yes, the traffic there is rather high) before he deleted them and banned me. So, I still hope it will result in at least several more people coming (or telling their friends who can come).

This guy won his green-card in the lottery and, most likely has citizenship by now. But it's beyond my understanding why he would put so much effort just make sure that thousands of his not so fortunate compatriots who, as opposed to him, have been earning their American Dream for many years, never learn about this opportunity to raise their voice in their defense.

I suggest to all fellow my Russians: let know everybody you know about this shameful deed of the Privet admin. I am sure the rally will be a success anyways and those who participated or put effort to spread the word will be proudly telling their grandchildren about it. What will you be able to tell to your grandchildren about this historic event, Boris? How you had done everything you could to not let the people know? Or, let's not look that far into the future (his children are still young, most likely). What about the Russians YOU know who are on H1B and can't get GC for many years? I bet there are some, aren't there? How will you be able to look into their eyes after this?

09-16-2007, 02:22 PM
It is happening in every community not just russian

People have forgootten basic things like who they are and where they came from.

A lot of people take "grassroots efforts' like these for granted, they just cannot understand the very power behind grassroots efforts lies in its people, beliefs and faith.

Like there is a saying by Mahatma Gandhi