View Full Version : Dependent travel on AP

04-12-2010, 11:20 AM

My wife and I both have EAD and AP. My wife is derivative on my 485 application. I am using H1b for employment though, while my wife is using EAD for employment.

We are planning to travel to India. I am going to continue to use my H1 b as I am going for visa stamping on my trip to India. My wife will be using AP for reentry.

1) Do you see any complications while reentering in this scenario either for me or for my wife since I will be using H1 visa and she will be using AP.

2) Does she need to carry her employment verification letter since she is derivative of my application? Can the IO at poe entry ask for her employment? What should she be saying her purpose of visit or any such questions? Would it be ok to mention 'pending AOS' as the status.