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09-14-2007, 01:30 PM
Friend, don't hurt yourself by not attending the rally!

Are you surprised that I used the phrase "hurt yourself"?

Don't be suprised, think about it!

The worst thing you can do to yourself right now is inaction. You may have already filed your I-485, but what if you get laid off and can't find another job? Even with a job, will you accept years and years of document renewals and job slavery?

WE HAVE THIS FALL before the presidentia campaigns totally dominate Congress' attention. Will you let this opportunity pass by you?

A single person is a VERY POWERFUL force. If you don't attend the rally you will be hurting yourself if we miss this chance.

The governors are behind us, Gandhi's and MLK's teachings and actions back us. We've spent a lot of money and effort on this. The press has taken notice. Law firms and Congress have taken notice.

The table is set for you! All you need to do is show up for the banquet.

Don't starve yourself to death. DON'T HURT YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES BY NOT ATTENDING.
If you are sucked in the Reverse Brain Drain and have to leave th U.S. and end up hurting yourself and your family, don't blame anyone but yourself!

If you attend the rally, we will already have succeeded by SPEAKING THE TRUTH AND STANDING FOR WHAT IS FAIR!!!

If you don't come and are silent you will be a de Facto partner of Lou Dobbs and gang. DON'T HURT YOURSELF

09-16-2007, 12:00 AM
I'm not from India but I believe in Karma. We create our own future through our actions. If we perform a good action today we can expect a good result. That is why it is so important that the undecided people attend the rally!

Think of retrogression as Sansara. A vicious circle. It is only by acting and creating our own Karma that we will get out of Maya and see reality. Our gren cards will not fall from the sky, we have to go get them! By not going to Washington and assuming that your green card will suddenly appear out of nowhere, you are proving to yourself that you are stuck in some sort of immigration avidya.

We need to act with selflessness as in Karma Yoga, so that we can understand how our unity will bring the results we seek, to all of us.

Remember Arjuna when he realizes before the battle that his enemies are his own family. We at IV should not be our own enemies by not attending the rally, because we all know what Krishna told Arjuna: "Your duty is to fight"

Instead of hurting each other, we need to use karma and our friendship for each other to unite in our common cause and fight. Remember, our duty is to fight, it is our choice then to fight against each other (by not attending the rally and letting others do it) or fight all together, united against retrogression, and create the good Karma that will ultimately defeat the broken immigration system.

We all are family! Let's fight together friends!!! Come JOIN US IN DC!!!!

09-17-2007, 03:59 PM
See you in DC