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09-11-2007, 02:33 AM
This FAQs is to address all members who have questions regarding their rights to participate in the rally, the legality, safety, security, permits etc.

Your right to participate in the rally is guaranteed by the first amendment of the US constitution. No one can stop you from peacefully gathering and marching in public as long as proper permits are taken from city authorities.

Immigration Voice has taken permits for gathering as well as rally thru downtown DC from all relevant authorities. We have permit to gather on grounds of Washington Monument, march towards Capitol Hill and then gather on the west front grassy area of the Capitol building.


1. I understand the first amendment rights, but does it apply to me? I'm on H1,H4,EAD, applied for 485 and I am not a US citizen.
Answer: Constitutional rights of an individual are applicable to everyone, including foriegn nationals.

2. Will I get arrested/deported for participating in the rally?
Answer. No, participating in rally with proper permits from city police and other authorities is legal. You cannot be arrested or deported for simply participating in the rally. We have secured all neccesary permits for the rally.

3. Will it impact my current Non immigrant status or future green card application?
Answer. No, exercising your civil rights does not impact your non-immigrant status or future green card petition. There are certain procedures and processes for rejecting or denying petitions, it is not done on whims and moods of agencies or USCIS employees. There is a process driven by federal regulations and rejections and denials are backed up by reasons described in federal regulations and the laws. Participating in rallies, meeting with your lawmakers, exercising your civic duties and enjoying your civil rights granted by the constitution are not grounds for denials or rejection of petitions or any other adverse action on immigration petition.

4. Can employer take action for participating in the rally? Do we have
any obligation to inform the employer if I particpate by taking a day off?
Answer. No, an employer cannot simply take action for exercising your constitutional right granted by the first amendment. Whether you inform your employer about what you would be doing with your vacation/day-off is up to you and your relationship with your employer. Usually employers never care what the employee does with his/her time off from work, as long as those activities are legal.

5. What kind of identification do I need to carry? Will Driver's license be enough?
Answer. Yes, driver's license or a State issued ID is enough for ID purposes.

6. Is it ok to respond if people who do not agree with IV show up in the rally and throw questions at the participants, will the cops intervene if there is only verbal exchange?
Answer. It is not possible for our opponents to show up in large numbers as they would need a permit from DC metro for that. DC metro will not issue a permit to an opposing group/organization on the same day. If individuals on side-walks or gathering ask rhetorical questions or pass comments ignore them. If it bothers you or the crowd, get in touch with one of the rally volunteers and they will contact police to remove the hecklers from the crowd. This is not a big issue and one should not be worried about it as Immigration Voice has handled a rally in San Jose before and such issues were minimal and well-handled.

09-11-2007, 02:59 AM
read the same opinion from Greg Siskind here:



Folks - The issue has been raised about whether non-citizens are allowed to participate in rallies. The answer is an emphatic YES! The main restrictions you have in participating in the world's oldest democratic republic is in your ability to vote and your ability to donate to election campaigns. You are most definitely allowed to go to a rally and press your case to the government.