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From Siskind's blog on ILW

Folks - The issue has been raised about whether non-citizens are allowed to participate in rallies. The answer is an emphatic YES! The main restrictions you have in participating in the world's oldest democratic republic is in your ability to vote and your ability to donate to election campaigns. You are most definitely allowed to go to a rally and press your case to the government.

Immigration Voice has released the following advisory for those attending:

Travel Advisory for the Sept 18th Rally/Parade

Dear Member: As you know, the route of the rally on Sept 18th is from Washington Monument to Capitol Hill in downtown Washington DC. Please use the following advisory for travel to and from rally and related events. Everyone must arrive at the Washington Monument at around 9:00 AM on 18th. The march would begin at 11:00 AM and end at 12:30 PM. We will gather on Capitol Hill grounds and stay there from 12:30 thru 2:30 PM.

Same day travelers: You have to arrive at Washington Monument at 9:00 AM where this event begins and leave the event from Capitol Hill, when it ends at 2:30 PM.

Arrival Advisory

For people arriving at the Washington Monument via WMATA Metro Rail/Bus

There are two close Metro Stations to the Washington Monument Grounds. From your location reach one of the below metro stations. Please use the trip planner on WMATA Home page.

(1) Smithsonian Metro Station (closest by walk)

(2) Federal Triangle Metro Station

Both the stations are 0.4 miles from the monument grounds and are on both Orange & Blue Metro Lines. See the map here on WMATA website and familiarize yourselves before you get on to the train.

Tip: For those who has not been to DC before, Washington Monument stands tall and can be seen easily. Google Washington Monument and familiarize yourself, if time permits.

Walking Directions from Smithsonian Metro

(1) Take the 12th street exit and walk 0.1mile ( North ) towards constitution avenue.

(2) Make a Left turn on Madison Dr NW and walk 0.1 mile ( West ).

(3) Arrive at the intersection of 15th and Madison Dr NW to find Washington Monument Grounds.

Walking Directions from Federal Triangle Metro

(1) Take the 12th street exit and walk 0.1mile ( South ) towards constitution avenue.

(2) Make a Right turn on Constituion Ave and walk 0.3 mile ( West)

(3) Make a Left turn on 15th st and walk 0.1 mile south to find Washington Monument Grounds

For people arriving at the Washington region airports (DCA/IAD/BWI) early morning Sep 18th

From Regan National Airport (DCA)

Regan National Airport is connected by WMATA Metro and is on both Yellow and Blue lines.

(1) Take the Blue line train (towards Largo Town Center) from DCA to Smithsonian to avoid transfers on the Metro.

(2) Use Walking directions from Smithsonian above to reach the Washington Monument grounds.

From Washing Dulles International Airport (IAD)

(1) Take the 5a bus from IAD at curb 2E to L'Enfant plaza Metro Station.

(2) Get down at the Rossyln Metro Station and Take the Blue line Metro towards Largo Town Center.

(3) Get down at Smithsonian Metro and Follow the Walking directions from Smithsonian listed above

From Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI)

(1) Take the B30 Bus from BWI to GreenBelt Metro Station and get down at Green Belt Station.

(2) Take the Green line towards Branch Ave and get down at L'Enfant plaza Metro Station.

(3) Take the Blue line towards Franconia/Springfield Metro and get down at the Smithsonian Metro

(4) Follow walking directions from Smithsonian as listed above.

For people arriving on buses (ONLY IV Charter Buses) points south and west

Points South

(1) On I-395 North/George Mason Memorial Bridge,Stay in the 2 left lanes and follow directions to US-1/Downtown. (approx 1 mile on Route 1)

(2)Route 1 becomes 14th St SW.

(3) Make a left on Independence Ave and arrive at the intersection of 15th and Independence Ave.

(4) Buses will drop off IV members at the intersection of 15th and Independence and will be parked at RFK stadium.

Points West

(1) I-66 West becomes Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Bridge and becomes Route 50 East/ Constitution ave NW.

(2) Make a left on the 15th Street and go 0.5 miles South and arrive at the intersection of Independence ave and 15th street.

(3) Buses will drop off IV members at the intersection of 15th and Independence and will be parked at RFK stadium.

Points North and East

(1) From 295-S/Baltimore Washington Parkway take the US 50W/ Newyork Ave exit and go aprrox 5 miles

(2) Make a left on to I-395 S and go approx 2 miles

(3) Take the 12th St SW/Downtown exit and Make a left on Independence Ave with in 0.5 mile

(4) Arrive at the Independence ave and 15th street interesection in .5 miles. Buses will drop off IV members and will be parked at RFK Stadium

Departure Advisory

For people departing via WMATA Metro Rail/Bus

There are two Metro stations close to the US Capitol West lawn

(1) Union Station Metro on the Red line. (closer to west lawn by walk)

(2) Capitol South Metro on the Orange & Blue line.

Find out on what Metro Line (Blue/Orange/Red/Green/Yellow or Combination) your destination / Metro station is and chose either of the above Metro stations. Simply, Go to wmata website and get your itinerary. Your destination can be a Metro rail stop or some thing that is connected by both rail and bus.

Walking Directions to Union Station Metro Station

(1) Head North on 1st St NW towards Constitution ave approx 0.1 mile

(2) Make Right turn on Louisiana Ave to walk towards columbus circle approx .25 miles

(3) Cross the Columbus Circle to arrive at Union Station Metro.

Walking Directions to Capitol South Metro Station

(1) Head South on 1st st NW towards Independence ave, approx 0.1 mile

(2) Make Left turn on Independence avenue and walk East approx 0.2 miles

(3) Make a Right turn on New Jersey avenue and walk South approx 0.1 mile going past Cannon House building and C st SE

(4) Make a Left turn on D st SE and walk East approx 0.1 mile to arrive at US Capitol South Metro.

For People departing via IV Charter Buses

There is no pick up available around the US Capitol. IV Charter buses will be parked at the RFK Stadium which is accessible via METRO. The Metro stop is Armory Stadium which is on the Orange/Blue lines and is the 3rd stop from US Capitol South Metro. (Trains towards New Carrollton/ Largo Town Center)

(1) Follow the Walking directions to US Capitol South from the US Capitol West lawn as listed above

(2) Ride the Orange/Blue line to get down at the Armory/Stadium Metro stop.

(3) Walk towards Lot 7 from the Armory stadium. Street Signs will be available from the Metro station

(4) Board the bus and your Bus lead/Driver will get you to your destination

Please make sure that you have the bus lead(s) phone number and there will be a roll call before the bus departs. For exact timings of departure, please talk to your bus lead.

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