View Full Version : Labor Certification Fraud

09-07-2007, 12:31 AM
I heard this from a friend of mine about a guy in motel business who came here illegally uninspected(off a boat) from India and he has found some lawyer in Houston who is former INS employee who is charging him $ 25,000 to get his labor certification done along with GC. It sound completely false but apparently this from reliable source who said that the LC is under process and he has seen commincation from the INS regarding this. I am owndering how this possible as the guy came here uninspected and the INS has no record of him being in the country legally or illegally. How is this possible. I belive it is fraud and the attorney has contacts inside who are getting this through. This guy even went to another attorney and showed him the paper work and this atorney told his it was nonsense but this guy apparently seems confident he will get his GC. This very unfair to people like us who have to wait years to get our GC process through and you have uneducated, illegal people using unlawful means of legalizing themselves.
can some expert chime in on the possibility of this. May be the LC goes through as this is with the Labor dept but the GC impossible as he has to go through INS. Does this make sense to anyone.