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09-03-2007, 12:56 AM
Dear Member,

Please read this communication in its entirety. This effort will determine the fate for you, your children, and our coming generations. We are not asking you for your money or any financial contribution. We want you to participate in a peaceful rally organized to get you and your family the basic rights and privileges that come with being in US. Please read on.

Immigration Voice (IV) is organizing a peaceful rally in Washington, DC on Sept 18, 2007 (Tuesday) in order to bring to the attention of lawmakers the issues associated with the current Employment Based Green Card process. This rally will be a critical part of Immigration Voice's effort to push for legislative relief for thousands of Green Card applicants currently stuck in the process. NOTE: your work permits (EADs) will not provide you much relief.

1. Work permits have to be renewed every year, which can take a long time especially considering the high volume of applicants this, has many negative consequences.
2. With EADs, you cannot switch job positions

In the current super-charged political environment in Washington, DC, legal immigration issues are taking a back seat. With the presidential election around the corner, the 2007 fall session of Congress would be the only window of opportunity in the next few years to push for any legislative relief for legal immigrants. Please understand the importance and criticality of this and join this rally. If we do not get good attendance for the rally, lawmakers won’t be interested in our issues and this broken system will never be fixed for the next few years. CHOICE is yours, come SUPPORT us, this is YOUR CAUSE.

The rally will include a procession starting from the Washington Monument and ending at the Capitol where several prominent lawmakers are expected to address the rally. Immigration Voice will also arrange meetings with lawmakers for attending groups from each state. The points that the groups will be discussing with their lawmakers are available here: http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=12982

The NY, NJ, CT and PA area has one of the highest numbers of Immigration Voice members. Immigration Voice expects a great participation from the area and will arrange for free transportation (buses/ vans) from various points within the states for the convenience of the attendees.

Join the Tri-state Yahoo Groups ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/immigrationvoiceny ) to receive updated information regarding the rally and other activities in the tri-state area. We will be glad to assist you in any way possible to attend the rally. For any questions please email any one of us listed below.
• Chandrakant : chandrakanthv AT hotmail DOT com
• Mark : mbartosik AT yahoo DOT com
• Murali : mpadapa AT yahoo DOT com
• Naveen : naveennitchel AT gmail DOT com
• Sanjeev : singhsa3 AT yahoo DOT com
• Siddhi : siddhivyas AT yahoo DOT com

We have heard a lot of illogical reasoning for not attending the rally such as:

"I've filed my I485 now, so I can change jobs."
So after 10 years of waiting for a green card do you want to be debating with a USCIS officer whether the job that you have then is the same as the original job for you LC?

"I have an EAD."
If you use it to change jobs you are gambling on “whether USCIS will decide that the new job is the same as the original”. What makes you think that you will be able to renew EAD when you need it? If EAD processing gets delayed (and it will) you could loose your job. We know people that have had to take a lot of unpaid leave waiting for repeated EAD renewals, all due to USCIS delays. Ninety days is only a target for EAD processing and you cannot apply more than 180 days in advance. Now USCIS is struggling with receipt notices let alone application processing!

"I am a contractor I won't get paid for the day off."
So are many of us who are attending. If you didn't have to use an intermediary contracting company you would be earning that percentage not them. Because of the delays you are stuck with the middleman. Anyway you can always make up the hours. Why not stand up and protest this?

"Now I am in adjustment of status I can just wait."
The longer we wait the greater we are at risk for all sorts of reasons, including political. After the next election if the undocumented issue is addressed, it would be very easy for us to very badly impacted, what would happen to USCIS and FBI name check if they have to process 12,000,000 more applications? The entire system could be changed putting us through further delays and costs. We will get lost in that debate. Image the days if USCIS are told to issue 12,000,000 EADs or similar, and FBI told to do 12,000,000 more name checks?

"I cannot afford it."
IV is arranging free bus rides from prominent places take the ride.

We want you to support yourself by participating in this rally. This is the first time that skilled workers are standing up together to petition the government over their problems and thousands are expected to assemble in DC. Please spread the word about this rally to your friends and colleagues and encourage them to attend the rally. We are counting on you to make this rally a big success!


Immigration Voice