View Full Version : PERM Audit Question & Preparation

03-09-2010, 01:43 PM
I applied for PERM on 5/1/2009, got letter from lawyer that it has been selected for Audit and apart from all the basic information to be submitted with the audit they also indicated following:

Audit Reason # 1
The application shows that the employer is a Closely Held Corporation, Partnership, or Sole Proprietorship ....Please submit the following documents:

My company is a small company but there is nothing that would show that either there is any relationship or that I have any financial interest in the company. How do you prove that?

I will provide the "articles of association" and financial records and list of company officer (There is just 1 officer and he is the sole shareholder & President of the company). How do you prove the justification based on just financial information?

Secondly, I already got my 7th year H-1B extension, valid up to May 2011, what if my PERM gets denied, do i have to go back right away or until I have valid extension pending, I can re-apply for another PERM?

Your suggestions / Replies / any information on such audit would be greatly appreciated.