View Full Version : H4 to EAD can it be done or what else is the work-around

03-02-2010, 10:39 PM
Hi Folks
My wife was working in India all this time and I am in US. H1 expires end of 2010. I believe I used up my extension .
I got my EAD and AP already after I filed for my 485 under Eb2.
My Question is , how long can she go on H4 ? Only till my H1. If she comes to US on H4 can I file her EAD or do I have to wait for the category to be current to do so .
If its not possible to get her and EAD , and her H4 expires in 2010 ( assuming that her H4 is commensurate with my H1 Life span ) then what options do I have so that she is in status .
Please advise.