View Full Version : Labor application status says closed.

08-02-2007, 03:58 PM
I am in urgent need for answers.

March 2005 - Labor application was filed under old process.
June 2006 - A 45 day letter (Request to continue processing Alien Labor Certification) was received by the attorney
June 2006 - The attorney replied to this 45 day letter
Nov 2006 - My employer changed attorneys
May 2007 - New attorney applied for 7th year H1-B extension
May 2007 - 7th year H1-B (I-797) approved through July 2008
07/30/2007 - I checked my labor application status online. The status was ‘Processing’
08/01/2007 - I checked the same again. The status was ‘Closed’.
Today - The new attorneys are working on re-opening the case

The DOL website says that labor applications will be closed if the 45 day letter is not responded in a timely manner. I know DOL had erroneously closed some Labor applications in 2006. I dont know if the same is happening now.

Should I wait for this case to be opening?
Should I go ahead and apply for a new labor under PERM irrespective of what happens to this case?
Can I apply for a new labor under PERM by a different employer and then do a H1-B transfer later?

Thanks in advance for all the replies.