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02-15-2010, 02:42 AM
Hello Guys,
I lost my job last week and we have decided to return back to India.
Filed 2 times for GC and got stalled for some reason or another. I am on my 7th year extension. We decided to go back due to frustrtion of Immi. policies and other personel reasons.
I was one of the first 500 members in immigrationvoice.com.(but was not so actively involved)
Still remember those days in 2005, I was an active member of another website callled us immigration america travel news at isnamerica.org (http://www.isnamerica.org). (new members might not know abt this site)
I was very critical of IV during it was formed, but became a member after I got a call from one of the founders of IV.(dont remember who?)

Anyway, Good luck to all you guys.....And Wish u all success.

I have a Q
Does anybody know, how much money you can take to India when you travel? I am travelling with my wife. So i guess each person can take so much? Cash, Travellers check?
If anybody give me a website, i would appreciate it.

Thank you

02-15-2010, 07:31 AM
You can take $5k each in cash. And unlimited if it is Travellers checks.ON Travellers checks you are going to pay commission and crap. I do not personally recommend it. I do not know how it is working now adays. You can check on department of homeland or customs website to find exact amount that you can take as cash. And do not take more than what is recommended.

02-15-2010, 08:05 AM
For TC, if you are a AAA member, you can buy AMEX TC from AAA fee free.

Also, you get better exchange rates in India with TC.

02-15-2010, 06:37 PM
Return 2 India forums

02-15-2010, 08:07 PM
CLEARANCE OF INCOMING PASSENGERS (http://www.cbec.gov.in/travellers.htm)