View Full Version : 6th year of H1B: new job

02-06-2010, 03:05 AM
Just want to know my options here and here is my scenario:

I am on H1-B and my 6 years of H1B is going to complete on March-2011, so I have almost 1 more year to complete my 6 years of h1-B
Right now, I have my LC and I-140 approved from my present employer.
Now, I am thinking about moving onto a new job where the new employer is ready to start my GC immediately I take the new job.
My question is:
If I take the new job, would I get my new H-1B for 3 years since my I-140 with old employer/current employer is already approved ?
I don't have the copy of my I-140 but I think I can get it.