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  19. visitor visa travelling when fiance visa petition filed
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  21. Considering B2 I-94 Extension - Your Opinion Requested
  22. Visitor Visa after Russia Visit
  23. Visitor Visa for my brother
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  25. Paper I-94 not need for Foreign Visitors?
  26. Cruise to Mexico on B1/B2 tourist visa
  27. Visitor's visa - Puerto Rico
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  30. passport validity
  31. Parents Visitor Visa - Second Time
  32. Dad B2 visa renewal
  33. Visitor visa - Port of Entry
  34. Help with documents for visitor visa
  35. What Type of Visa?
  36. Help needed - Visitor visa
  37. Interview appointment wait at Delhi embassy
  38. Business Visa Fraud - Who to notify
  39. Last Name Discrepency
  40. H1b transfer under process, need to sponsor parents' visitor visa
  41. B1/B2 extention
  42. Extension of B-1 Visa
  43. In Laws Visa Rejected after my Dad's visa rejection in July.
  44. Visitor Visa for Brother and his family
  45. Overstay on visitor visa
  46. Visitor visa sponsor documents - thru courier or scanned copies enough?
  47. Mother-in-law got B2 visa in second attempt!!
  48. I-539/Visitor visa extension
  49. Coming to USA on employer's B2 visa and then B2 to H1B change of status
  50. Investment Visa
  51. Canadian Embassy in D.C stops issuing Visitor Visa to Foreign Nationals.
  52. b2 visitor visa extension ..I have h1 rfe
  53. B1\B2 visa after 3 rejections
  54. L1B Expired, Valid i94, can I sponsor a tourist VISA for my Mom?
  55. Visitor visa I134 Urgent Help needed
  56. Visitor visa, urgent help neded
  57. Visitor Visa for a minor
  58. Wondering what type question us consulate can ask to my mother in Law
  59. Obtaining Schengen Visa at Belgian Consulate
  60. My parents B2 rejected at Hyderabad, can they go to a different consulate 2nd time
  61. B2 visa interview query
  62. Visitor travel insurance
  63. Widow Mother In Law B2 Visitor Visa Rejected
  64. Mother's Visitor Visa approved
  65. Transit Visa Required for US journey via Paris
  66. Visitors Visa for sister and or Parents
  67. Visitor Visa for Father-In Laws Brother and Family
  68. B medical visa approval with previous GC/immigration application?
  69. US Visitor Visa for parent/mother
  70. Parent's visa status pending while out of country
  71. Parents visa ( B2 ) rejected
  72. Very Urgent help, pls Visitor visa to extend
  73. Minimum gap between trips for getting I-94 for6 months/visit
  74. Parents Visa at Delhi consulate
  75. H1B Visa & Visitor VISA (in laws) - Appointment
  76. B1/B2(Conference) to F2 COS
  77. Inviting sister in law on B2
  78. B1/B2 for marriage
  79. Consular district for Visa Appointment
  80. Parent visiting, I 134 bank statement question.
  81. tourist Visa and h4 stamping question
  82. I can get H1-B First extension for 3 more years If my W-2 show a different amount t
  83. Parents visitor visa
  84. UK Visa
  85. Visitor Visa for Nephew
  86. Related H1b visa
  87. visitor visa calendar year
  88. visitor's medical insurance that covers pre-existing psychiatric condition?
  89. Obtaining Canadian Visa at the Seattle Consulate
  90. Why use I-134 for sponsoring B2 visa?
  91. Parent Name mistake in Passport..
  92. COS from H1 to B2 Approved but confusion on validity dates
  93. I-539 Instructions
  94. B1/B2 Visa for 2 graduations + marriage. Will likelihood of getting visa improve?
  95. TOURIST VISA to DEPENDANT VISA h4 conversion
  96. Parents on visitor visa via UK
  97. Mobile phone inside Kolkata US consulate
  98. "StartUp Visa Act of 2011," H.R. 1114 by Rep Carolyn B. Malone
  99. If I were an Anthropologist, which Visa type would I need?
  100. Applying for tourist visa before marriage
  101. Visitor Visa for in-laws - White Slip without 221g
  102. Overstayed last visit, will it affect reentry ?
  103. How many days after semester break
  104. Visitor or Student visa question
  105. Number of days I can stay after I20 revokes
  106. Visitor visa or student visa
  107. Immigration stamp marked with pen as Advised on B1 visit to USA
  108. Family visitor visa for my brother 2nd time?
  109. Maximum amount of money parents can carry back from US to India. Is it $10,000 each?
  110. Re-entry into US on visitor visa from Canada
  111. Peculiar Visitors Visa Issue
  112. Transit vias for UK
  113. Supporting Financial documents for visitor VISA
  114. Sponsoring to My in-laws?
  115. Surnames in DS-160
  116. Help with my mother-in-law's multiple entry
  117. How to buy a return ticket if you don't know how long visa can extend?
  118. Mom is coming,Need help
  119. USA Visitor Visa Sponsor by H1b
  120. in-laws got visa at new delhi consulate
  121. K1 visa help needed.
  122. getting new B1 visa? what is the relatioship with my GC if any
  123. Mumbai - Appointment for B1 Visa : Estimator tool not working or no dates available
  124. making english appointment and asking for a translator at new delhi consulate
  125. Us visitor visa
  126. Consulate Appointment question
  127. no visa dates at new delhi consulate
  128. Help : Parent got New Passport but Visa in Old Passport
  129. In-laws visitor visa extension- rejected
  130. Complete Blackout of Visitor's visa in New Delhi Consulate
  131. question about visitor visa extension
  132. visitor visa for my younger brother
  133. parents visit and I-130 filed
  134. Visitor Visa denied for my Parents
  135. Birth certificate for sponsoring parents visa
  136. Extension of Visitors visa
  137. Urgent info needed for extending stay on visitor visa
  138. Question for visitor visa
  139. re entry to the US
  140. new form DS 160 for visitor visa - please help
  141. Health Insurance for Parents
  142. urgent: info needed on business visa regarding bank balance
  143. Question on overstay of 7 days on Visitior visa concerns on re-entry
  144. fastest way to get documents to chennai
  145. B2 Visitor visa for brother
  146. Freelancer applying for B1
  147. need urgent help for B2 re-entry
  148. Any recent experience entering US after extension denial?
  149. easy visitor visa is a happy trip
  150. Can B1 visa holder enter US for tourism, like a B2 visa holder?
  151. Help Please | Name different in Passport and Ticket
  152. Documents need for visit visa for my in-laws
  153. Turkey visitor visa for indian nationals
  154. Visitor visa to Switzerland while on AOS
  155. B1 to H4
  156. Grandaughter is out of status
  157. How soon can one re-enter on visitor visa
  158. Mother's GC
  159. Kindly give me the best advice, B1 visa to H1b, urgent situation.
  160. Do I need to fill only one form I-134 for my in laws?
  161. Calgary visitor visa appointment
  162. Business visa to China
  163. Transit and Visitor Visa - Useful Information
  164. Overstayed/Returning to U.S.
  165. Issue with parents names in passport and birth certificate(sponsor)
  166. B1- Sponsor questions- advice please
  167. i-94 extension for parents
  168. Query regarding B1 cancellation on getting h1.
  169. Visiting Niagarfalls
  170. Traveling to india through UK
  171. parents invitation letter/ consulate letter - fax?
  172. Sample letter for my son travelling with friends
  173. Sample Housewarming invitation letter to my parents
  174. Anyone travelling to Dallas on KLM on Sept 9?
  175. parents visa extension denied
  176. Enter on tourist visa and switch to H-1B?
  177. Medical Treatment for Parents: Health Insurance does not cover this
  178. Visitor Visa - Administrative Processing
  179. In-laws B1/B2 Rejection 214 B
  180. B2 Visa issued but asked to come with new passport?
  181. How soon can we apply for parents visitor visa.
  182. How to communicate with American Embassy in India
  183. Applied for extension but no response
  184. Birth certificate for inviting parents.
  185. Queries after getting Visa
  186. 2 rejections, Parents received Visitor Visa from Mumbai Consulate
  187. Question regarding purchasing tickets for Parents
  188. Waiting for passport/Visa from US Embassy-Delhi
  189. B1 expires after 1 week from entry, i-94 when?
  190. H1B to L2 visa(urgent plz help)
  191. Visiting twice in the same year
  192. Visiting Grandparents, Please Advise
  193. Query regarding sending docs to Mumbai Consulate
  194. How to Extend vistor's Visa?Please advise.
  195. Need help.
  196. Help on Parent's Visitor Visa
  197. Parents visiting Canada and coming back to US
  198. Parents have
  199. POLL: Medical Insurance for parents/in-laws
  200. help from india
  201. Parents visitor visa was rejected twice under Section 214(b)
  202. preferred airlines for indian senior citizens
  203. Visitor visa for niece - supporting documents required
  204. Afffidavit of support I134 Questions
  205. Visitor visa ext denied. I94 still valid. Leave or stay?
  206. Visitor Visa B2 @ HYD
  207. Failed to extend a B2 Visa
  208. Parents visit - Invite or Apply as tourists
  209. Dates availability at Delhi Consulate
  210. DS-156 help for mother-in-law
  211. Visitor visa for mom
  212. visitor visa for parents and younger brother
  213. Visitor visa for inlaws when H1 B is expiring within 4 months
  214. visitor visa for parents while H-1 going through admin processing
  215. I-94 got exchanged
  216. Parents Can't visit H1Bs anymore...
  217. Extension of visitor visa for single parent
  218. Duration of stay in an year in F1
  219. Sharing visitor visa experience @chennai
  220. UK visa a confusion .. urgent response needed
  221. UK visitor visa an urgent question.
  222. Visitor VISA
  223. i-534 affi for support for sister
  224. Visitors Visa (with immigration file)
  225. London Airport connecting flight..
  226. Visitor Visa - Help!
  227. Parents to bring 2 year old niece on visit visa
  228. URGENT help required
  229. Anyone invited parents while on AOS (I-485 filed)?
  230. Business Visa as Tourist Visa
  231. Last name wrongly printed on my Canadian Tourist Visa
  232. visa interview questions
  233. Visitor Visa for ex-Army personnel
  234. New Rules and Regulations
  235. Visitor visa for grand mother
  236. How soon one can re-apply for visitor visa after rejection
  237. Did not surrender I-94 card
  238. Question Regarding Tourist Visa
  239. B2 Visa extension and B2-H1 OR B2 -F1 Transfer
  240. visitor visa for unmarried sibling
  241. Is my company blacklisted?
  242. visiting US
  243. Confusion on visitor visa fees
  244. Applying new visitor visa before expiry of current visa
  245. Visitor visa extension for my mother in law-any experience?
  246. DS-156 Form Question
  247. Travel Companion (Chennai - Frankfurt - Boston)
  248. Latest that visitors can fly after getting visitor visa
  249. What is the visa type for maid to come to USA??
  250. atrocious visa charge by US consulate