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  1. Online Trading Account
  2. Correspondence Degrees Validity for EB2 / EB3
  3. How this CIR Bill(immigration bill) will help Skilled Immigrants
  4. Step by step for H1B application
  5. Extending wife's stay in US, need advice
  6. Urgent--Whether Visitor Insurance Is mandatory?
  7. Who else is going to San Jose Sept 8th ?
  8. Carpool From Orange County to San Jose
  9. CarPool(SEA to SJ) - 2 Vacant seats
  10. Need Rally timing to book tickets?
  11. Visitor Visa extension
  12. Suggestion regarding H1B visa application
  13. lawyer in Delhi for CP / I824
  14. Advocacy Days - available Hotel room to share
  15. No Movement for EB2 :( in FEB 2011 Bulletin
  16. PERM Latest 2010 Data Released(OCT 2009 to SEP 2010)
  17. Intent to Revoke H1-B Notice.
  18. Oursourcing Company in USA
  19. H1B Tranfer/Renewal within company
  20. Indian Passport Renewal at NY Question
  21. USCIS Pending inventory - May 27th,2010
  22. Idea: Tell USCIS how they are doing ?
  23. IS porting EB3 to EB2 helpful? Not in the long run
  24. DOS Posted Employment Demand Data to be used for May
  25. Happy New Year to all
  26. Problem Employers
  27. Need Help with Birth Certificate !!!!
  28. Need Help with OPT & H1
  29. OPT renewal and e-verify
  30. test
  31. Media Campaign - DO you support
  32. $7500 Tax Credit for First-Time Home Buyers
  33. E-Verify
  34. Need Some help
  35. Advice about changing employer
  36. EAD and AP Extension filing question
  37. I-485 RFE; Please help
  38. Time limit to transfer a H1-B visa
  39. visa appointment in kolkata consulate
  40. I-140 Approved, not sure EB2/EB3?
  41. HAPPY DIWALI - to all the beautiful people of the world
  42. Expiration of teh H-1B six year limit
  43. Urgent HELP needed...
  44. E-Rally Similar to TBoone Pickens Plan
  45. Steve King is up for election..
  46. Fifty Is Nifty!!
  47. Is there a Limit to the humiliation we can take ?
  48. How many of you have US citizen children?
  49. I have some questions to ask and This is what I think!!
  50. Remembering Sept 18 rally: We made history 1 year ago
  51. If i can be a little blunt !
  52. Official October VB OUT - Mumbai Consulate is correct
  53. Consular processing
  54. RFE on I-485
  55. Please LINK the video on the main page of IV
  56. 6th year of h1b and green card
  57. congrats
  58. Did any body get first print order then additional evidence status in EAD renewal
  59. Info pass advice?
  60. 2nd Round of FP Notices for July 2007 filers
  61. Question on vailidity of old/new AP.
  62. EB2 Bad News Guys
  63. EB-3-I Darkness at the mid of the tunnell
  64. Green Card and leaving employer - 180 days ?
  65. How to keep kids in status
  66. Congrats Mark!
  67. EB2 India: No Movement even possible retrogession
  68. Q: Canadian w/485 approved. Live in Canada & Work in US
  69. Waiting for GC Long Time - 485 Approved
  70. Working on EAD and H1B at the same time
  71. Can you file 485 without Employer Knowledge
  72. GC Calculator
  73. Current Billing Rates in the market
  74. AC_21 without I140 approval copy
  75. how to get I-485 copy
  76. LCA returned approved for 1 year inspite of 140 approval?
  77. fingerprint
  78. I 140 withdrawal by employer
  79. What to expect next after PD current
  80. Ombudsman resigns
  81. Happy Valentines Day - IV STANDS FOR LOVE AND PEACE
  82. March VB is out!!!!!!!!!!
  83. Issue with vendor
  84. PA Drivers License
  85. I-140 - Request for Additional Evidence
  86. PA Drivers License same as MI?
  87. Lufthansa Transatlantic Savings Certificates
  88. Can we argue for EB immigration relief in the Economic Stumilus Package ?
  89. can Employer with draw I-140 after 180 days of 485
  90. Do you think we can make smaller IV contributions..will this help??
  91. How to change/rename IV handle?
  92. Contact the President and the candidates
  93. Job Change with EAD- Does the job has to be in hard to fill category.
  94. AC 21 and Loss of H1B Status
  95. Travelling to India tonight
  96. USCIS Revises Regulation and Removes 485 Original Receipt Notice Requirement
  97. Passport Renewal-Please Advice
  98. No facility of emergency AP with USCIS ?
  99. Who Receives AP and Advances Parole documents?
  100. Having a Company on H1B - 485 Chances
  101. Need your feedback from lobby day event, ASAP
  102. Click it/Digg it Campaign
  103. tri state and dc area contributions- thanks to volunteers
  104. Over is over - lets moved ahead
  105. How about a proper rally at employer premises ?
  106. I did not attend the rally because ....
  107. I forgot the biggest thank you!
  108. Special thanks to the architects!
  109. U.S. Facing Tech Labor 'Brain Drain' Due To Immigration Law, Study Says
  110. National Anthem at Rally
  111. BBC Hindi Report on DC Rally
  112. 谢谢! Thanks!!!!
  113. Rally in the news
  114. Pros and Cons of DC Rally?
  115. Legal/Illegal
  116. NY-NJ Rally...When ?
  117. You don't deserve a GC
  118. A peaceful rally with offense ??
  119. A Tracker for Losers who didn't attend:
  120. WOW... In BBC. Good Job Guys
  121. Washington Post article
  122. NJ BUS: Salute for IV Cores.
  123. Thank that European
  124. From IV:Thank you all for coming and being a part of this effort
  125. From IV: We made a bold statement through this ad
  126. Real work begins now
  127. New England Chapter
  128. Hats off to IV California!!
  129. DC rally: Placards and Flags.
  130. Rally Memories - part 1 : WHO MET WHO ? HOW DID YOU FEEL
  131. Do we deserve a GC?
  132. Huge round of applause to IV Core and Rally Volunteers
  133. Rally Photos and Video here please!
  134. DC Rally - Lessons Learnt
  135. Rally = BIG Success!!!
  136. DC RALLY - NEWS Thread
  137. video from the rally
  138. Posts about media coverage on rally
  140. Best Wishes for the rally !!
  141. My Apologies
  142. Spectacular: PAINTBALL IN DC
  145. Come to DC. It's not too late!
  146. Carpool and Accomodation : 1 Male and 1 female
  148. Is Sept. 19 meeting with lawmakers possible.?
  149. Tri State and DC Area : EVERYONE TO WASHINGTON DC
  150. Still not decided to rally ? EGO PROBLEM?
  151. Go to the rally OR be labelled as MACACA
  152. Your Children's future : YOU DECIDE OR LET LOU DOBBS DECIDE
  153. For the Naysayers : LEARN FROM TODDLERS
  154. When toddlers can rally for you - you can definitely come
  156. Live updates from DC
  157. New: I WANT YOU!
  158. Unexpected Enemy in the Russian Speaking Community
  160. Do you understand : TEAM SPIRIT
  161. Payback time..
  162. who will take the first step??
  163. Not coming? BECAUSE YOU ARE SHY
  165. Please show up in Situation room at Hyatt Sunday and Monday
  166. I am well taken care
  168. Do you have : SLAVERY MENTALITY
  169. Insider Info : WHY NUMBERS MATTER
  170. Car Pool from North Jersey
  171. I'm not from India but...
  173. If you want to beat me up this is the chance
  175. Low Numbers - Media Will Ignore
  176. One day - just one day - One day at DC
  177. Do you think - IV IS DOING THE RALLY FOR NOTHING?
  178. Do you feel - it is "BELOW DIGNITY" to attend a rally?
  179. Is Lack of Faith Stopping you from going to DC
  180. Is lack of Self Confidence Stopping you from going to DC?
  181. Is Selfishness stopping you from going to DC
  182. Is Laziness stopping from going to DC
  183. Urgent help needed to come to the rally
  184. Sell IV TShirts on Day of Rally
  185. Please do not post any media leads on the forum
  186. To attend the rally - I canceled a business meeting - employer didn't like it
  187. Please visit the forums this weekend
  188. India Travel while H1 Transfer is pending and I-94 validity Issue
  189. Hear this message about the rally
  190. Logiclife speaks on a radio show today at 4 PM EST
  191. R U Scared Off All This?
  192. If you are a hardliner - Soften your stance
  193. Can take people from Rockland, NY
  194. Fun reasons to come to rally
  195. *don't HURT YOURSELF!*
  196. Is attitude holding you back?
  197. Are you worried that your employer may see you on TV
  198. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Schwarzenegger - And you are still not coming????
  199. Are your friends holding you back?
  200. Not Able To Decide - Just No Reason
  201. Is your spouse holding you back?
  202. Follow Your Heart Not Your Mind
  203. Motivation From Attorney Sheela Murthy
  204. Historic Event: Opening Ceremony - Kudos To Heros
  205. Immigration Voice Jingle - Can you sing along
  206. Let's sing the Anthem in DC!
  207. Immigration Voice DC Situation Room : 15, 16, 17 Sept
  208. 15000 frequent flyer miles to DC
  209. Demostrate Highly Skilled Immimigrants are Different ?
  210. Sept 18 - Car-free Day in Washington DC
  211. keep your eyes on the prize!!
  212. Saa re jahaan se aachaa..!!
  213. For last minute DC planners - $ 25 off coupon from NWA
  214. Feel like contributing but cannot pull the trigger
  215. Rally Press Release posted
  216. Sept 18 Rally: Massive MOA media Campaigns
  217. From San Jose To DC, GO IV GO!!
  218. 100... reasons not to attend DC rally
  219. One more way to increase the Rally strength!
  220. Last minute Traveller and AIR FARE Sponseror
  221. FAQ : Legality, security, permits of the Sept 18th rally
  222. DC Rally Tracker (Sept 18th 2007)
  223. Template for Attorneys to Send out to Clients
  224. Tri State Area - Last minute Rideshare and Carpool Information Exchange
  225. I got my greencard in 5 months
  226. Rally: To all the guys in NJ, NY, PA, MD, VA who are on the fence
  227. Imagine yourself 30 years from now
  228. Is it OK for me to Rally? Greg Siskind has the answer!
  229. Anyone driving to DC rally from CT/RI/MA?
  230. Sept 18 Rally: Buy Tshirts ASAP
  231. June/July/Aug filers video: Ready to spend 10-15 years on EAD?
  232. URGRNT IV Message: Need a picture from San Jose Rally
  233. Tri State It's Show Time
  234. Sept 18 Rally: Last Phase of planning and important drive
  235. Lets unite! Youtube video.. pls watch
  236. Announcement: Bus Logistics from Tri State Area
  237. Immigrationvoice Thanks the following Lawfirms and orgs
  238. Sep 18th Rally: 5 Questions you may ask before deciding to attend
  239. Attending Rally from WA state
  240. Immigration Voice local meet-up in Great Falls VA on Sep8th
  241. Aman Kapoor video: Time to act, and not be scared
  242. National Postdoctoral Association calls for Immigration Reforms
  243. I'll be on Orkut ALL NIGHT AND ALL WEEKEND
  244. Let's use "REVERSE BRAIN DRAIN" as a rally slogan
  245. FAQ about legality, safety of the rally.
  246. Fares from Bay Area to Wash D.C. dropped!
  247. Contact Washington Telugu Assn committee members
  248. Can this motivate you?
  249. All Contact Your Immigration Attorney Asap
  250. The Chinese Community will Join Hands with IV