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  1. Need to know where to stay in Washington DC?
  2. Mr lou dobbs Poll
  3. Iv Is For All Legal Immigrants Not Just Desis
  4. Texas Bus
  5. Interim EAD possible after 75 days
  6. Sponsorships for airfare to DC
  7. New Delhi Visa appointment
  8. DC/MD/VA Members - Need Volunteers at Temple for Flyer Distribution ..
  9. Continental travel certificates
  10. Media, News Channel, Reporter, etc....
  11. NY-NJ-CT-PA: Rally Head Count
  12. Rally Publicity in dealsofhyderabad.com
  13. Tri-state rally head count
  14. Act Before It Is Too Late
  15. Bus from KY to DC
  16. Sept 18th Rally:Need University Liaison Volunteers
  17. To all TEXAS IV members - My message
  18. How can I catch the bus from atlanta to DC?
  19. Sept 18 Rally: Updates and plans
  20. Support for the rally - Murthy Foundation (Law offices of Sheila Murthy)
  21. MD/VA/DC(for sure) Lets get out there sep 18
  22. Cross Chargeability - I-485 application
  23. MA NH RI VT ME Chapter Meet - Sunday, August 26th
  24. Any one from Ohio-Cincinnati-Dayton, Columbus for Sep 18th Rally
  25. how-to rally people?
  26. The magic bus from NC/SC/GA/ FL and anything en route
  27. Catch a Ride on the BUS to DC (MA,VT,ME,RI,NH,CT)
  28. Catch a Ride on the BUS to DC (MN, WI,IL,OH,PA etc)
  29. Bulk Email Campaigning about DC rally
  30. Advertise in Indian Newspapers, Magazines
  31. Consultants - Work on Saturday, but do come to rally
  32. Lets make it very colourful.....
  33. IV DC Area chapter meet up in Mclean, VA on 08/25/07
  34. Please Streamline this Process.
  35. Rope in Priyanka Chopra & Sharukh Khan for DC rally
  36. Sept 18 Rally: Want to travel for free?
  37. Sept 18 Rally: Do you need accomodation and/or transportation?
  38. Sept 18 Rally: Donate skymiles
  39. Ride the bus to Dc from the Tri State Area
  40. click the video on the IV home page
  41. Meeting with Lawmakers + Rally info
  42. Informing Legal Firms/Lawyers regarding Sept 18th Rally
  43. Call for a 9/18 day-off of all immigrant professionals
  44. Core Team Member **LogicLife** Language - **motivates** people very very well
  45. Directions to Washington Monument from DC Metro Airports
  46. Sept 18th Rally:Volunteer to provide accomodation and/or transporation
  47. Nor Cal conference call Thur Aug 16th 7.30 pm
  48. CT--Stamford, Hartford, Danbury MEET
  49. Michigan IV Members for September 18th
  50. Are you ready: This is a time for unity and rising up to the occasion
  51. Youtube Videos - exclusive
  52. Rally Promo Video -Exclusive for Chinese brethren
  53. Wisconsin- How many people are going to rally ?
  54. Can't attend but can volunteer for someother work...
  55. September 18th DC rally IV Bus from NJ
  56. Sept 18 Rally action item: Flyers/posters
  57. My second (and probably last) Promo video - Specially made for Bollywood Fans
  58. Sept 18 Rally: IV needs Media help needed
  59. Spetember 18th DC Rally Promo Video
  60. Urgent Announcement About The Rally
  61. Sept Rally: What are we asking for?
  62. 90% of member in this form are free rider
  63. Action Item : Digg
  64. Ladies, this is really important.
  65. Anyone from New Jersey?
  66. Carolinians members - DC Rally
  67. Action Item: SPREAD THE MESSAGE
  68. Boston Tea (Coffee) Meet
  69. Legal Immigrants Right Day !!
  70. IMPORTANT : For Hotels, priceline is the best.
  71. Form MA state chapter
  72. Hotel, Car, Airport plans
  73. Car Pool from WI
  74. Car pool from New England Area
  75. Dont let group formation hold you up