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  1. IV Twitter handle has gone off the deep end.
  2. India moves WTO against US on temporary working visa issue
  3. Here's what Donald Trump could do as president — without Congress's help
  4. My Experience with Murthy Law forum:
  5. India, U.S. join hands to close in on tax evaders
  6. Solar Water Heater Services in CA|Solar Installation Los Angels
  7. Bradenton FL Hotels Prices|Cheap Hotel in Bradenton FL
  8. Closed Loop Metering|Fluid Metering System Precision Metering
  9. BLS India Visa Ripoff
  10. New Home page
  11. Commonsense Immigration Reform Bill: Obama
  12. Possible merit system
  13. New Waiver Rule Supports Family Unity
  14. NBCNEWS: Through the obstacle course of immigration, many paths to citizenship
  15. May VB out
  16. Immigration in Germany....
  17. F-1 Visa Renewal
  18. Grassley Works to Eliminate Fraud and Abuse from H-1B/L visa
  19. Indian Validity Passport Extended on 2nd Page
  20. March for Innovation
  21. Lost between EB3 to EB2
  22. Thank You Dr.Wadhwa
  23. CNN News
  24. Excellent work IV on I-d
  25. Immigration Innovation Act Bill Text
  26. Bipartisan group of senators to introduce high-skilled immigration bill
  27. Mother visa B2 rejected need help
  28. H1B petition transfer (currently in L1 Visa)
  29. Comprehensive Immigration bill introduced in Senate
  30. Push for Dream Act by Steve Jobs Wife
  31. AP denied, with notification say Adjustment of Status is already approved
  32. No response from Service Request
  33. Sunando Sen, Pushed into NY Subway track
  34. Aman in Rediff about Immigration
  35. Documents req. for Puerto Rico
  36. House to considering STEM during lame-duck?
  37. Optimistic article on H.R 3012
  38. Job Offers from Outsourcing companies
  39. Sep 2012 VB Out
  40. Alert: Fraud warning.
  41. Obama bypasses Congress for Dream
  42. Government to Give Work Permits to Younger Illegal Immigrants
  43. July 2012 VB
  44. Facebook cofounder Eduardo Saverin renounced his U.S. citizenship !!!!
  45. Jun 2012 VB is out
  46. Mortgage Refinance on EAD
  47. Canada freezing immigration?
  48. New President policy ?
  49. L2 Visa stamping got 2nd time 221g yellow with same reason
  50. Demand Data Released - April 2012
  51. FBAR, any new or changed requirements?
  52. Politico article related to HR3012
  53. Latest Demand data out
  54. Working for new jobs and investment (Senator Mark Warner)
  55. WSJ: How Immigrant Entrepreneurs Turbocharge US Trade
  56. High Skilled Immigration
  57. Immigration and american jobs
  58. Interesting Startup
  59. WSJ --Review & Outlook: Green Card Progress
  60. Recent news coverage in ABC World News
  61. Executives tell Obama how to Create Jobs
  62. Is I-864 needed for EB based AOS?
  63. House committe hearing today
  64. Report on NPR Morning Edition on skilled immigrants
  65. "U.S. to Assist Immigrant Job Creators"
  66. House Republicans consider high-skills immigration bill
  67. News: U.S. should abolish its 'diversity visa' program
  68. Remove cap on H1B & Green Card: NY Mayor
  69. CIR in senate??
  70. USCIS Ombudsman Meeting Update
  71. Immigration Voice calls IDEA Act of 2011 a glimmer of hope for legal high-skilled imm
  72. Zoe Lofgren introduced Skilled-Worker Green Cards Bill
  73. E-Verify works; let's use it
  74. E-Verify works; let's use it
  75. House GOP Hints At Immigration Reform For Skilled Workers
  76. H.R. 1929: introduced
  77. At Well-Paying Law Firms, a Low-Paid Corner
  78. The White House Blog What You Told Us About Immigration Reform
  79. Passport renewal at San Francisco (cgisf.org)
  80. Dream Act Introduced in Senate
  81. Read the comments
  82. IV applauds expansion of OPT STEM Degrees
  83. June 2011 Bulletin
  84. DREAM Act to be Reintroduced Tomorrow
  85. Obama's CIR proposals
  86. L1B and H4 visa
  87. As men try to get green card, Superman renounces US Citizenship
  88. US India relations seriously strained over MMRCA Deal
  89. Thriving economy lures NRIs back to India
  90. Do legals have strong economic reasons to get greencards?
  91. Did they listen to us at the last Advocacy Days??
  92. For all EB2 India. Good article on getting greencard
  93. Boss, our IT is 'horrible', Indian-American Vivek Kundra to Obama
  94. Talking to the media
  95. H-1B-workers-with-pending-extension-pleas-can-stay-US-court
  96. Reverse brain drain to rule global trends in coming years
  97. US pursuing Indian tax evaders (TOI news)
  98. Does anyone know how to get a hold of a news reporter in?
  99. Federal Government shutdown and USCIS
  100. Utah -- how attractive?
  101. H-1B Cap Exemptions Based on Relation or Affiliation
  102. Startup Visa Act of 2011
  103. Are American Engineers in Short Supply?
  104. Tsunami to hit west coast states
  105. CNN & WSJ (Dallas Fed) - U.S. needs immigration boost of high-skilled workers
  106. Legal Immigration News - Collection
  107. Visa Bulletin For April 2011
  108. Political Asylum for Libyan Students in the US?
  109. Immigration: Federal or State
  110. Mumbai consulates - H & L Visa Appointments No Longer Available
  111. How government shutdown may affect immigration
  112. USCIS Announces Proposed H-1B Electronic Registration System to Reduce Costs for U.S.
  113. 'NBC Nightly News' examines America's changing economy
  114. Toda at 5 PM - MSNBC
  115. 2 Bills to Eliminate Diversity Lottery
  116. USCIS to Issue Employment Authorization and Advance Parole Card for Adjustment of Sta
  117. NEW W-4 Instructions for Nonresident Aliens
  118. Kyl retiring
  119. States want to follow AZ
  120. self destructing
  121. will this help us or hurt us?
  122. Any one from Bartronics USA
  123. Highest deportations
  124. Indian passport renewal at Indian NY embassy via mail
  125. Immigration Attrny arrested, filed false apps
  126. Reactions to the STOU
  127. Can you believe this?
  128. Similar to Stem exemption
  129. Immigration fraud: Hundreds of Indian students may be deported from US
  130. New year presents new challenges for H-1B use
  131. Legal Or Illegal; Congress Crackdown On Immigration
  132. Immigration Reform - A marketing problem?
  133. Annual Report of the Visa Office for 2010 is out!
  134. COS F1 to H4
  135. Ask Obama - State of the Union
  136. Nearly 1/2 of H1B visa holders from India
  137. House GOP announces program against illegal immigration
  138. An AP Infopass appointment that ended well
  139. WP: Lessons from our immigrant past
  140. USCIS Policy Memo: Approval of Petition after the Death of the Qualifying Relative
  141. OCI and PIO cards will be merged
  142. Steve King will not be the Immigration Subcommittee Chairman
  143. AAO decision on H1B cap exemption
  144. Steve King unveils birthright bill
  145. Exhausted Texas Sheriffs Say No To Arizona-Style Immigration Law
  146. Several states want court ruling on birthright citizenship
  147. Is this another flipflop
  148. Menendez seeks support for immigration reform bill
  149. Lost Decade On Immigration Reform
  150. Immigration Legislation: Outlook for 2011-2012
  151. Immigration Film with a Social Message
  152. Editorial: Immigration in 2011
  153. India may drag US to WTO over H-1B, L-1 visa fee hike
  154. Now, 9/11 safety net will be funded by hiked H1B fees
  155. New Report Shows Ulterior Motives Behind Arizona’s Immigration Law
  156. Deportation Looms For 50-Year Legal Resident
  157. Graham: DREAM Act push damaged wider immigration reform effort
  158. Maverick McCain
  159. DREAM Act defeat reveals failed strategy: good read to understand how politics works
  160. Cap on skilled immigration unlawful: UK court
  161. EB5 reform activity
  162. DREAM Act supporters target Senate's 'Most Wanted'
  163. DREAM Act supporters target Senate's 'Most Wanted'
  164. Immigrants Make Paths to Suburbia, Not Cities
  165. Private immigration bills
  166. USCIS: comments on EB5
  167. USCIS stakeholder engagement on I-9
  168. Democrats face long odds on immigration measure
  169. Dream passed!
  170. Dream, last on agenda
  171. EB3 backlog to go away in many less years
  172. House will take up DREAM Act legislation next week
  173. The Startup Case For Immigration Reform
  174. Should states set their own quotas
  175. USCIS Ombudsman's 2010 report
  176. A lesson for this community to ponder on
  177. UK Transit Visa
  178. Obama to Push for Vote on Dream Act
  179. Immigration Reform Bulletin
  180. H-1B Program Turns 20 Years Old--CW Art.
  181. File 485 when PD is not current???
  182. The time is now for Immigration
  183. Will Congress Vote on DREAM Act for Illegal Immigrants in 2010?
  184. Immigration reform should stay on front burner
  185. Advocates press for immigration bills as Hispanic vote is debated
  186. Obama, Dems to meet on DREAM Act
  187. 11/16/2010: House Passed S. 1376
  188. USA India relations
  189. Dream act Tomorrow?
  190. How does 2011 look like for us?
  191. Bush book slams Reid on Iraq and immigration
  192. Immigration: The Book - by Stuart Anderson
  193. not looking good
  194. Indian American Nikki Haley is South Carolina Guv
  195. Nothing "Comprehensive" will be passed by the new Congress
  196. How to invest in jobs for America
  197. Who reads these threads?
  198. Claiming Withholding Allowance for Dependents on a W-4 on EAD
  199. Economist Art.-"Green-Card Blues"
  200. Interesting prediction on Immigration...
  201. Dec Visa bulletin prediction
  202. AC21 Denial and court case
  203. High-quality-American-life-style-in-INDIA-for-US
  204. A Visa for Job Creators - Great Idea applicable for lot of people here
  205. Woman, 101, to become U.S. citizen with help of 69-year-old document
  206. Greencard holders read this
  207. DREAM Act can help both legal and illegal aliens
  208. Report: Lou Dobbs employed illegal immigrants
  209. Former US immigrants find better life in India
  210. US Green Cards more taxes ?
  211. India seeks tax deal for H-1B workers
  212. Live: House Immigration sub-committee hearing
  213. Stephen Colbert To Testify Before Congress On Immigration
  214. India seeks tax deal for H-1B workers
  215. Congresswoman Lofgren on Colbert Nation supporting farm workers
  216. Rep Zoe Lofgren on Stephen Colbert show
  217. S.3816 bill Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act
  218. President Obama declines using administrative action to push immigration reform
  219. Reid adds controversial immigration measure to defense bill
  220. Immigration Measure May Get Senate Vote
  221. 50% of asylum requests are granted.
  222. Barbara Boxer...will she be gone ?
  223. CIR RIP ? Chicago bid for Rep. Gutierrez could be loss for immigration reform push
  224. Ohio Bans Outsourcing
  225. Is this real?
  226. Any Update on USCIS Extending EAD for Dependent Spouses for I-485 Primary
  227. USCIS EB1/EB2 I-140 Memo
  228. USCIS wins lawsuit over Employer Employee memo
  229. If it's not a chop shop, it's a body shop
  230. Obama signs $600M border security bill into law
  231. CBP Admission Review at Dulles Washington.
  232. Senator Charles E. Schumer's speech on border Security bill and H1B
  233. The incredible children of the H1-B visa
  234. US files suit over racial discrimination against Indians
  235. USCIS Policy Review Survey Report
  236. hypocrisy-on-immigration
  237. New USCIS.gov Features Improve Customer Service
  238. How we know it's time to declare cir dead
  239. Obama Administration Considers Bypassing Congress on Immigration Reform
  240. Stop the Diploma Drain!
  241. Success Story: Showing a Valid Employer-Employee Relationship: Shusterman
  242. Is anyone surprised with these numbers and facts?
  243. Answers from Obama on immigration reform
  244. Judge blocks parts of Arizona immigration law
  245. did the court rule?
  246. Fingerprint issue, has advocates up in arms
  247. AILA sues USCIS for transparency on H1B
  248. How has immigration affected your life?
  249. India develops world's cheapest 'laptop' at $35
  250. Judge to hear arguments on Arizona immigration law