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  1. Job title changed before I-140 approval
  2. H1B Cap exempt & Portability
  3. PD becoming current when I am in India
  4. Retain Priority Date after internal job transfer ?
  5. I-140 experience letters different from ones given in PERM
  6. Special case with I-140/I-485/H1/H4
  7. I 140 approved through labor certification, changing jobs and travel
  8. Approved I-140 with 9th year H1b transfer question
  9. Question-Changing Jobs after I-140 Approved with respect to Current and Proposed rule
  10. H1B Transfer with H4 EAD
  11. Approve I140, SpinOff
  12. H1B Extension beyond 6 Years with Approved I-140, Priority date is current
  13. EB3 to EB2 (Employer change )
  14. I -140 in fast track
  15. Changing jobs after approved I140
  16. H1B extension on approved I140 and in India for 2 year
  17. I-140 Premium Processing Dilemma! Using PD from EB3 for EB2 I-140
  18. EB3 to EB2 I693 RFE
  19. job
  20. Post I-140 approved options for rejoining employer..
  21. I-140 Approved - Benefits of keeping it alive with previous employer
  22. H1-B Transfer with approved I-140
  23. H1B Transfer & Extension with I-140 Approved
  24. 12 + 5 year masters for EB2
  25. Options after I140 Approval
  26. RFE on old employer's revoked I140
  27. I-140 approved,pd became current in sep
  28. If current after porting, # of days for 485 approval, pls
  29. Priority Date Porting from EB2 PERM to EB2 NIW
  30. I-140 approved. Job change after H1b extension?
  31. Switching job titles completely after I-140 approval: Can I retain PD?
  32. Interfiling: Urgent Help please
  33. Immigration reform: portablility after I140 approval
  34. Divorce immediately after GC
  35. Documents for I140 PD retainment
  36. Changing employers with I140 approved and moving from EB3 to EB2.
  37. Extension of H1B after 6yrs and AC21
  38. Changing employer after I-140 approved
  39. EB2 to EB3
  40. Employer Acquired after I140 approval
  41. requirements for retaining old priority date
  42. Use of prior Priority Date with current emp after 140 approval with previous emp
  43. Got the 140 from employer E2, joined employer E2, got 140 approved again at E2 with t
  44. I140 - To India and back
  45. I-140 approved, trying to change job
  46. Changing Job, Porting I140, CIR
  47. Verify EB2 I-140 interfiling with pending I-485 successful
  48. P date porting - 140 approved then revoked
  49. Change of employeer in 6th year H1B and I140 approved
  50. Return to India and I140 questions
  51. Need some help
  52. Complete newbie question on EAD/AP/I-485 timelines
  53. Need help on my situation
  54. Time to reapply new PERM\I140 while changing job
  55. Got 3 years extension. Am I eligible for one more extension?
  56. PD Retrograssion - will PD move faster in 2013
  57. EB3 to Eb3 PD porting
  58. Upgrade from EB2 to EB1
  59. Will USCIS consider experience not listed in ETA-9089 ?
  60. I-140 approval wait time
  61. change job on I-140 while Less then 1 yr left on H1B
  62. Is it good decision to change the employer in this situation?
  63. PD April 30,2102
  64. Eb3 to Eb2, Different A# on old I140 and I485, which to use on new I140
  65. effects on green card with part-time job
  66. Approved I-140 --Can Priority date be ported even if I-140 is revoked by curren emp
  67. I-140 Withdrawal Scenario with I-485 pending. Cannot use AC21
  68. I-140 Approved & new Job
  69. DOL didn't enclose certified ETA 9089..despite saying so?
  70. Job location change after I-140 and willing to move to previous location at I485 AOS
  71. Alien Number from Old I 140 Approval notice to port PD
  72. Need to port old priority date but exact date unknown
  73. Unique Case:Is employer change possible with approved I-140 in EB3 and 1 yr H-1B ext?
  74. EB3 to EB2 Porting with 12+3 from India
  75. Changing Jobs post I140 Approval.
  76. EB3 to EB2 typographical error
  77. EB3 to EB2 Priority date porting
  78. Publishing of AAO Processing Times suspended?
  79. Previous employer closing company. I-140 porting issue
  80. Change jobs after I-140 approval
  81. EB3 -> EB2 new employer
  82. 3 year bachelor for EB2
  83. Eb3 to EB2 Upgrade, Same Employer or Change Job?
  84. What’s the success rate of moving to EB2 with BS+5 years and switching company?
  85. How do we know if I-140 is not revoked
  86. Eb3-Eb2 with new Experience Letter
  87. i140 date porting question
  88. Need Help: Date porting for I-140 Rejected
  89. I-140 premium processing vs concurrent processing
  90. moving from Eb3 to Eb2 with Same Employer
  91. Received only courtesy copy of I140
  92. Substitution Labor-Priority Date Porting
  93. consulting company vs full-time position
  94. Change of company name after I140 Approval
  95. GC current
  96. EB3 to EB2
  97. Amended notice on Approved I-140
  98. USCIS reject pending I485 during AAO appeal
  99. I140 is approved and got my approval notice.
  100. I140-didn't retain old PD
  101. USCIS EB I-140 Approval Data
  102. Any recent eb3->eb2 ports with previous withdrawn i140??
  103. EB 1 EA rejection? What are my options?
  104. Any I140 FOIA success? Plz discuss the current processing time
  105. EB3 to Eb2 with same employer
  106. I-140 Approved in EB3 and waiting for 3yrs H-1B extension. Can I switch my employer?
  107. I-140 rfe
  108. I-140 Approved, 3 years ext after 6th year - my Company X Acquired by another Company
  109. 140 approved, can i retain priority date?
  110. Status Changed on OLD Approved I-140
  111. Ques: Risk of revoking 140 and loosing PD
  112. I-140 premium processing - can I extend H1B
  113. EB3 to EB2 options?
  114. PD validity, porting EB3 to EB2 - dfferent employer and change in citizenship
  115. H1 Transfer question- 7th Year - Approved I 140 and 3 Year Ext
  116. Should I port from Eb3 to Eb2? Please advise!
  117. Job Transfer after I-140 Approved, after H1B 6th Year
  118. Changing job after I140 approval (EB1 EA)
  119. EB3 to EB2 Port (Substitue Labor - PD - APRIL 2004
  120. Self Applying For I-140
  121. 140 pd
  122. Maintaining Priority Date after absence from US
  123. I140 Approved in Eb3. How to change to Eb2?
  124. Approved I 140 transfer
  125. 140 approved with new apprority date instead if PD
  126. Timing of priority date transfer request
  127. How early can i change employer after 140 approval?
  128. F1 spouse for GC- Please help
  129. Porting Prio Date if I140 gets rejected
  130. Labor + I140 protability thoughts..
  131. Looking for I-140 EB2 approved petition (Los Angeles Area)
  132. Job Title/Duties change after 140 approval
  133. Porting EB3 to EB2 with Same employer
  134. Success Story - I-485 approved with a withdrawn/revoked I-140
  135. Masters degree for Eb2
  136. H1B Transfer after I140 Approval
  137. EB3 to EB2 category change
  138. EB2 ads
  139. Eb3-Eb2 porting 140 approved same employer
  140. What strategy to use
  141. EB3 to EB2 porting:Risks involved?
  142. CSPA and I-140
  143. Perm Approval Email But Paper Cert not received
  144. H1B transfer on approved I-140 (Current H1 expires in Dec 2011)
  145. I-140 denied, Urgent help please
  146. docs for I-140
  147. entering on tourist visa after I-140 filed ?
  148. File 485 when PD is not current???
  149. Eb3 to Eb2 and then job change
  150. Calling USCIS call center. Level2
  151. Nebraska Service Center speed
  152. EB3 to EB2 Porting How to do it
  153. Wait or Initiate Interfiling Process
  154. Wrongful Termination -DOL
  155. EB2 to EB1
  156. Changing after 140 before 485
  157. HELP : H1B(after AC21) 140 Revoked
  158. Need suggestions if it is worth changing job after I-140 approval
  159. I-140 RFE on experience Letter.
  160. old I-140 still remains valid if new one is denied?
  161. automatic porting
  162. Have 140 approvals slowed down?
  163. Visa bulletin updates from Charles Oppenheim
  164. I-140 is approved by PD is not available yet?
  165. changing employer after PERM approval
  166. EB3 to EB2 porting risk
  167. Getting a copy of I-140
  168. Approved I-140 - Not really happy with the job
  169. EB3 TO EB2 same employer is possible?
  170. Approved 140 status changed
  171. I-140 got denied - Very Urgent please
  172. H1-B 6 th year
  173. Automatic PD Recapture
  174. When can we expect to have EAD?
  175. EB3 to EB2 PD wierd answer from lawyers. please help
  176. I140 withdrawal / cancellation.
  177. 7 th year on H1 (expires in 4 months). PD porting options with new employer.
  178. I-140 Approved but Want to Change Job
  179. I 140 filed in Aug 2007. still Pending
  180. Status of old I-140 with priority date re-capture
  181. I-140 Approved, Transferring H1B
  182. Aug visa bulletin EB2 I March1st,20006
  183. Transferring I-485 From EB to FB
  184. New H1b after 6 years on H1b
  185. company change of owner after I-140 approval
  186. I-140 approved - Question??
  187. EB3->EB2 upgrade for approved LC/I140
  188. Successfuly Ported from Eb3 to EB2, Applying EAD now
  189. EAD Card Filing
  190. How to track status of i-140?
  191. Travelling Options before Priority date current
  192. Porting PD for substitute I-140
  193. H1-B ext & PD porting with 3rd comp after 140 approval.
  194. Lawyers Priority Date Transfer advice, pls. help
  195. permanent disclosure data
  196. what are my options...
  197. EB3 to EB2 Porting urgent question
  198. 6th year of H1B: new job
  199. Changing priority date from EB3 case to the new EB2 case
  200. When to expect EAD and job transfer case
  201. I-140 is still valid or not
  202. I140 noid
  203. I-140 approved- when to expect EAD?
  204. 140 Approved - H1B Transfer at 8th year - Urgent
  205. 140 Approved - H1B Transfer at 8th year - Urgent
  206. Priority Date used without claiming
  207. I-140 & H1-B extension
  208. Porting EB3 to EB2!!
  209. Change employer post I-140 approval
  210. Transferring H1 - I140 Approved
  211. Moving to new company B- 140 approved from Company A-Please guide
  212. Whether NIW can use the PD of PERM
  213. Wrong Date on I-140 Renewal
  214. How to chnage jobs after i-140 approved
  215. How to find if my I-140 is revoked or not.
  216. Approved I-140 status changed to case Transfered
  217. I-140 yet to approve, filed in July 2007 in TSC.
  218. I140 kept in abeyance for pending appeal.
  219. I-140 approved but not recd?
  220. What to do?
  221. link approved I140 with old I485
  222. Porting from EB3 to EB2
  223. !40 approved with ex-employer, going back --- Need Info
  224. I 140 approved
  225. did not get old PD on the new i140 approval.
  226. How long is too long?
  227. PD Porting - Help Requested !!!
  228. 140 approved--attorney acting weird
  229. Get Experience letter from previous Desi Consulting company.
  230. EB3 to EB2 porting
  231. total kela...in life..
  232. 140 approved but online status didn't change
  233. I140 Approved, H1-B 7th year.
  234. After I-140 approval is it possible to change
  235. PD porting question
  236. I140 status: Document mailed to applicant
  237. Will there be any updates on 485 LUDs when USCIS works on I-140?
  238. Interlinked I-485
  239. Change to CP
  240. 140 transfer
  241. I-290B approved on a 140
  242. RFE on 140
  243. I-140 Approved according to employer
  244. I-140 approved ...petition filed on 4/1/2008
  245. Employer refusing to provide i140 approval
  246. Porting priority date.
  247. pending review and final decision stage EB3->EB2
  248. Priority Date OR the 485 filing date
  249. using earier PD and 140
  250. 9th year of H1-B expiring dec 2009,I-140 pending