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  1. father benefitiary, approaved for green card, daughter aged out.
  2. URGENT - Approved H1B and laid-off during cap-gap. PLEASE HELP.
  3. H4 to H1b and dependent on 485
  4. Gap between switching jobs on H1 visa
  5. Gap between previous H1B VISA expiry date and new H1B extension dates
  6. H1-Layoff-H4 EAD-485
  7. h1 revoked by employer how to change it to h4 without leaving country
  8. Rfe: For h1b renewal : Work location rfe :please help with ideas
  9. i94 expired >365 days in ignorance but h4 is valid.
  10. NOIR on H1...Can I shift to EAD before USCIS decision
  11. H1B Ext Denied Employer filing new H1B
  12. Laid off between OPT to H1b transfer
  13. Cap counted H1 and chances of Approval?
  14. urgent i94 incorrect date
  15. L1B Extension Denied - Wife 37 weeks pregnant, cannot travel
  16. Age out question for teen daughter
  17. H1 extension filed.. no receipt yet..because of H4-EAD applications
  18. Change Of status from L1 A to B2 and then to F1
  19. EAD renewal received one day before expiry.
  20. Going to school options after I-140 approval
  21. I-140 transfer to another company without visa
  22. H1B out of status for 75 days between transfer
  23. 7 business days enough for getting H1B transfer receipt
  24. H1B transfer denied...
  25. Dates confusion in i797
  26. one year gap after L1 and got fresh H1
  27. H1B Approved. Left company before effective date. Confusion over my current visa stat
  28. Unique case: H-1B amendment filing beyond 6 years with revoked I-140
  29. Passport expires in less than six months
  30. Multiple H1 transfer petition after revoke
  31. H1B transfer after layoff
  32. I-485 RFE, EAD Renewal GAP more than 180 days, need help
  33. H1B visa recapture - After 6 years!!!
  34. H1B Extention questions
  35. H1b-EAD-H4 Pregenacy Job Issue
  36. Going on hiatus/sabbatical in 7th year of H-1B
  37. EAD for H4 - Please support by adding comments
  38. Traveling to Canada - Using Automatic Revalidation
  39. EAD expired long back - can I renew from India ?
  40. URGENT Help Needed on I-94
  41. URGENT !! I-9 Re-Verification question
  42. H1B Expired - Can I extend?
  43. Multiple H1B Transfer After LayOff
  44. Work authorization upon marriage to a citizen
  45. Dept of Labor certification delays
  46. H4 to F1 COS taking more than 5 months.
  47. Does Promotion affect GC Process?
  48. H1-B Visa - Special Case - Help needed
  49. H1B out of status, filing for renewal, marrying US citizen
  50. H1B EXPIRING, Applied for F1 - Need some Advice, please!
  51. H1B Layoff -out of status gap doubts
  52. Need your advice. Can I stay 6 years in US?
  53. H1b recapture to h1b ext, filling the gap!!
  54. Please help i94 replacement and florida I'd
  55. Got terminated yesterday but my H1b is not revoked by old employer
  56. Urgent help needed!! H1B Extension denied and I94 expired
  57. Notice of Intent to Revoke H1B-USCIS visitor didn't come up to my office floor
  58. Received NOIR on Approved H1B petition
  59. Doubt on last action rule in H1 filing
  60. Laid off on H1B, new job starts over 2 months after last date
  61. Recently got H1b but no paystubs. Can I go for a H1 transfer
  62. H1 extension denied and Out of Status. Please advise?
  63. Out of status for 8 Month on F1 - Advice please
  64. H1B .. Laid off. H1B revoked..Options??
  65. h1b laid off .. options?
  66. H1b employer took big amount of salary after leaving him
  67. H1B Part time-Urgent Please!!!!!!!!
  68. non compete with mnc and terminated.
  69. Laid off while on h1b and green card is pending?
  70. Continue working in US during L1B to H 1B visa coversion?
  71. I am now considering learning a new skill in a Web Design training institute
  72. Perm filed after H1B expiry
  73. H1b sponsorship
  74. 1099 from first employer during H1B transfer
  75. H1B Transfer to Employer C after payroll of Employer B
  76. Paystubs after laid off.
  77. Laid off yesterday 11/14; Passport under process for renewal
  78. NIW declined-out of status-apply for H-1B
  79. Indian passport renewal after 1 yrs of grace period. Please help
  80. Fired on H1B; but have to go to India
  81. Urgent Help Needed-LCA ammendment
  82. VFS replaced by Stanley in Mumbai - still required to submit documents in advance ?
  83. H1 b
  84. i94 expiring in Jan 13 and COS
  85. Reinstatement decision pending!
  86. Forgot to file new LCA
  87. H1b Gap & Ds-160 "violated the terms of a U.S. visa"
  88. 221G Delay, Payroll & Employer's Responsibility
  89. Comeback before 6 months of L1 VISA expires
  90. L-1b / L2 visa Extension while waiting for H-1b approval
  91. ASVVP Enquiry
  92. J1 visa extension
  93. EAD Expiring and out of job - Please Help !
  94. Revoking approved H1b
  95. H1 expires in November, am stuck out of US bec of 221g
  96. Filing H1b while on out of status
  97. Seeking new I-94 based on I-94 issued by CBP so applied I-102 instead inquiring CBP!!
  98. H1B laid off help
  99. INDIA visit and H1B validation while AAO appeal is pending
  100. H1-B long vacation
  101. Indian Passport renewal and out of status please help
  102. h1 b
  103. H1-B statues change time period
  104. Law prohibiting being in US while out of status but valid I-94?
  105. H1B Company Joint venture.
  106. please help me out change of status i 539 denied .sevis also terminated please advise
  107. H1B Company restructure.
  108. I-94 Employment gap - out of status?
  109. Applying H1B after revoking stamped H1B visa
  110. L1B Vias Holder got Laid off
  111. H1B Visa Extension Denied - Help/Info Needed
  112. Other options for Work authorixation
  113. Layoff - Should I tell next employer?
  114. Suspend an H1B employee due to misconduct.
  115. H1B Visa Revoked by USICS...Please let me know what i need to next
  116. H1 and L1 - How much can I stay in US?
  117. Expired Passport Renewal for Travel
  118. Adjusting Status after overstaying!
  119. H4 to H1b and F1 parallely
  120. H1B to H4 COS at Vancouver border
  121. F1 & F2 Reinstatement of Status with DUI
  122. 6th year of h1b
  123. H4 visa, I94 expired >180 days.
  124. H1B Transfer - Question
  125. H-1B Transfer got RFE and finally received Denial Notice
  126. Urgent Help- L1 to H1
  127. Can a J-1 travel outside the US while I-485 is in process
  128. H1b opt
  129. !!! urgent help !!! - h1-b gap
  130. h1b refund
  131. Urgent Help Needed
  132. Urgent HELP and Views
  133. Employer not paying up please help
  134. h4 COS RFE
  135. Indian Passport Renewal
  136. I-94 Correction
  137. Urgent Help
  138. Urgent!! Please help..H1 to H4 to H1 Dilemma!!
  139. Visa Cancelled when Taking Care Of Child in Coma
  140. Laid off
  141. gap of status during H1B transfer
  142. L1B to H1B to filing GC now......(Need your help)
  143. Non Compete Clause
  144. post completion EAD expired
  145. I94 expired H1 Visa Valid..Out of status
  146. Have I overstayed the time period authorized on my I-94 form ?
  147. Urgent: OPT to H1B Transition, Laid Off
  148. How to Refile H1 after H1 Denied, I-140 Approved?
  149. H1b denied need help.
  150. Changing from H1B to Visa waiver
  151. Employer wants to start new company
  152. L1 to H1 Visa conversion - Last Action rule
  153. passport renewal denied due to out-of-status at SFO
  154. H1 Visa
  155. Notice of intent to revoke previous petition(expired I94) but H1 extn approved
  156. H4 stamping valid, H1 under cancellation
  157. H4 to F1 COS pending and H4 expiring on Sep 30 2011
  158. H1b transfer from Industrial to academic H1b from India
  159. H1 approval without I94 - what are my options?
  160. H1B, No Job and married to GC
  161. L1 to H4
  162. H4 to F1 (Student)
  163. URGENT - L2 to H1 Applied but need to Retain L2 status now.
  164. H1-B Almost 11 months after visa expiration
  165. Job Cahnge on 7th year H1B...
  166. H1B Transfer Gap between Jobs-Urgent Help needed Please
  167. Maintaining Visa Status - F1 to H1
  168. Health Insurance and SSN
  169. F1 to H4 conversion
  170. Need Help!! Was out of status for H1B but I-94 never expired
  171. Layoff and H1 Transfer & Extension of Stay
  172. H4 out of status with valid visa until Sep 2012
  173. H4 Extension - I94 Expired
  174. Yet another case of unintentional Out of Status due to expired I-94
  175. H1B hire and fire
  176. Out of status and H1 stamping
  177. H1b Re-Instantiation
  178. Work on CPT
  179. Lost H4 visa and I-94
  180. H4 to H1-b visa conversion
  181. Urgent Help Needed!!! H1B Visa extension!!
  182. H1b Visa stamping apptment dt for Hyd consulate
  183. Will past H1B out of status infraction sabotage my EB2
  184. Pls HELP = H1B visa stamp: OOS for 9 mths but I have 9 mths paystubs
  185. a person living in USA for last 2 and 1/2 yrs can book a visa appointment anywhere?
  186. "unauthorized" work on OPT
  187. finding out if h1b petition revoked
  188. Urgent! H1b approved only for 1 day (Im out of status)
  189. Urgent: new job starts after 90 days on OPT
  190. Laid off on H1b - 6 month question - advice needed asap
  191. Middle Vendor Non Compete a problem?
  192. can I do this: H1(6 yr) --> EAD --> H1
  193. Employer neither paying me nor sending paystubs
  194. Re-entering US using H1B after 6 months of vacation outside the country
  195. Revoke H1B
  196. F1 No Work Permit working off the books?
  197. H1B>> RFE>>H1B Denial>>Appeal
  198. Tekforce in San Ramon, CA
  199. Complaint against the H1B Employer
  200. H1 B Status question
  201. I-140 Approved, possible lay off, I-485 not filed...can I go onto E3 dependent?
  202. Urgent Help : L1 to H1 cos.
  203. H1B denied
  204. Quitting work on H1B, need a month cap
  205. Project completed. Employer threatening
  206. Information about H1b Cap-Gap
  207. Multiple H1b transfer reentry-- urgent
  208. Overlap with 2 companies while changing jobs
  209. Out of Status Multiple H1 Transfer
  210. Please help on this H1 Issue
  211. Being laid off, H1B transfer question.
  212. H1B strange situation. Help needed
  213. Filed H1B extension late (12 days late)
  214. If H1-B Renewal gets rejected, can apply for a H1-B transfer?
  215. I-140 approve out of status, I-485 not filled
  216. Sixth year Labor approved
  217. H1B Transfer/Extension - Is Re Stamping Required ?
  218. H1b - consular processing - where to go for i-94
  219. Expired H1 B - Renewal/Application
  220. F1-OPT Expired- H1 Pending.
  221. F1 Visa--Out Of status- reinstatement
  222. 6th Year H1 - Help with suggestion
  223. H1-B transfer
  224. Student at Tri Valley university
  225. worked out of status while on F1/CPT
  226. L1 to H1B approval before 6 years but extension & stamping after 6th year
  227. 485 pending and leave of absence
  228. H1b Transfer after reentering US no pay stubs.
  229. i-140approved,i-485not accepted.
  230. RFE -H1B Transfer - Can I start with the new Employer?
  231. H1B approved, but Have not started on the Job
  232. H1 extension processing time (after 6 years)
  233. Employment Gap with H1 (on bench)
  234. H1 Transfer and Got RFE based on W2
  235. Out of status, I140 approved, H1 revoked by employer
  236. PLS HELP!I didn't apply for OPT.It's a year after my graduation ROP
  237. H1B -> Out Of Status -> New H1B Approved -> Now what?
  238. First extension for 3 more years H1-B process (Urgent)
  239. Project cancelled, employer revoking my H1
  240. H1 visa in use, has EAD/AP, India break
  241. Overstaying doing research
  242. H1 revoked by mistake
  243. Legal battle
  244. Layoff with 485 pending
  245. Can somebody work on 2 H1Bs
  246. H1B Extension Issues
  247. Possibility of Site Visit during H1b transfer.What questions to expect? I-140 apprvd
  248. h4 extension while h1b extension is pending
  249. Out of status and CP process
  250. Will extending my H1B have an affect on my I-485?