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  1. H1 Transfer issue
  2. Came tourist visa ovestayed plan to get H-1 visa, help.
  3. Getting H1B after changing to F-1 from prior H1B status
  4. Haven't started yet!!!?
  5. H1 LUD after layoff
  6. Employer not paying ..H1b in trouble
  7. Doubts about J1 visa/OPT for Clinical research..
  8. OPT problem
  9. urgent questions....
  10. Problem for 485 due to ex employer...Pl help
  11. OMB Approved OPT 17-Month Extension Rule!!
  12. Not for Profit H1....
  13. EAD expiring.. help
  14. Spouse change to F1 with H4 expiring soon AND me transferring H1
  15. indian passport renewal being out of status
  16. h1 B transfer without paystub
  17. How much trouble is she in?
  18. H1B Transfer Gap
  19. H1, EAD and Lay off
  20. H1-H4 transfer queries
  21. h4 exempt from cap .. am i reading it right ??
  22. H1 to H4 Conversion
  23. Leave of absence Evidence
  24. I'm confused - which of these statements are true? Can anyone please clarify?
  25. Returning back to U.S with just 2 days left on Visa, safe/Unsafe
  26. TCS in America
  27. H4 to H1 - H4 Validity and re-entering on H4 to USA after applying for H1
  28. Travelling on H1-B
  29. Work option - What does it mean?
  30. H1 - H4 - Back on the same H1
  31. New H1B increase Bill HR 5652
  32. J1 Out of status in one week. I need your help now!
  33. Multiple issues...Please advice me ASAP
  34. Getting laid off - Can't find new job, please advice
  35. H4 to H1B entering back without stamping
  36. laid off on H1, travel plans in April
  37. L2 to H1
  38. h1 transfer based on Case number
  39. Worked for Job not on OPT
  40. Please advise about Employer's contract term
  41. Lost I797 Form
  42. ...another question
  43. Ead
  44. forbes list..hmm
  45. didn't get L1 renewed in time then i lost my job!
  46. fee for H1B termination?
  47. Employer Not giving H1B/I-94 for me and H4/i-94 for dependent
  48. OPT situation
  49. Passport, SSN, Birthcertificate for a newborn
  50. Section 245K
  51. H4 Status - Issue with I94 at POE
  52. H1B entension - I129 - RFE
  53. H1 Extn and using EAD issue.
  54. H1B to EAD
  55. with advanced parole travel to india via HONG KONG and bangkok,thailand
  56. H4 to EAD then H1-is it possible?
  57. H1/L1 - Unusual case
  58. Without Status
  59. H4 to H1B
  60. No paystubs
  61. Very critical situation (Gurus, please help)
  62. No Paystubs or W2
  63. Urgent H1B transfer question!!!
  64. In need of Advice, afraid to be out of status
  65. L1-H1COS;L1X denied;H1B wl be canceled
  66. Regarding the H1 B Visa Renewal.
  67. Question about joining a client of a consulting company
  68. L1B extension denied
  69. One day or three days out of status?
  70. H1B Extension - Grace period ending in 5 weeks
  71. Got Laid off...
  72. Urgent...Need Help
  73. consular processing + employment gap
  74. not interested in GC, would like to change the employer
  75. H-1B extension while its valid
  76. Confused about H1 expiration dates
  77. I 797 B - Extension of H1
  78. How to re-instantiate L1 status --- Urgent
  79. H1B transfer i have RFE
  80. staus is AOS?
  81. L1X denied and GC is in progress
  82. Is it considered out of status?
  83. India Income Tax Question.
  84. L1 to H1 status issue Urgent !!!
  85. Switch Back From EAD to H1B
  86. H-1 transfer time gap
  87. H1B visa accounting firms
  88. Friend lost job and has mild mania. Need Help!
  89. Time off on H1
  90. OPT to H1, Employment Gap
  91. Moving to EAD H1 is expiring
  92. Need help for H1 stamping in Canada
  93. out of status, OPT DENIED
  94. Travel on AP
  95. Questions on I-94 status expiration.
  96. Urgent help required- regarding F1 reinstament
  97. H4-H1 applied 485
  98. H1-b checked for hospital debt
  99. POE experience - travel on AP - 221g pending process
  100. L1 to H1, H1 stamping Canada/Mexico
  101. Expired visa on passport, current status: On H1 but also received EAD
  102. Pending - Change of Status
  103. Out of Status
  104. Need help regarding H1b filing and GAP period.
  105. H1b transfer after being layed off
  106. H4 to F1 and Green Card Processing
  107. Urgent!! possible H1B out of status issue!!!
  108. Expences for H1B
  109. Might get laid off. Bored of IT.
  110. H1-B1 renewal
  111. Contract to FullTime - should I take it?
  112. Out Of Status- Don't kow what to do
  113. please suggest
  114. Company closed down, H1 status - urgent, please help.
  115. Changing employer in H1
  116. RFE for paystubs
  117. Family Based 485 filed through spouse & F1 expired
  118. I got 221g yellow notice in H1b visa interview, what that implies?
  119. H1B extension after expiry
  120. H1B transfer for a time gap.
  121. Can I enter the US with my previous I-94, without visa interview?
  122. Do I need the original I-129 petition From for visa interview???
  123. Out of status for paid 30 days, will have visa interview soon. Please Help!
  124. I 140 issues
  125. Complex H-1 issues , need advice
  126. Job title is different, any problem in visa interview?
  127. DS-156, question 38, please help!!!
  128. H1 Petition from Company A and EAD/AP from Company B
  129. DS 156 immigrant petition question
  130. H1B extension beyond 6th yr(I-140 pending)
  131. Can the emailed approval notice be used for H1-b visa interview in US consulate?
  132. H1-b is invalidated by USCIS. Will it hurt my current H1-b?
  133. H1-b was revoked by USCIS, does it hurt my current H1-b?
  134. Risk at consultate for visa stamping with 485 pending
  135. Pims!
  136. Approval notice has not arrived. Does anybody have the same issue?
  137. H1 quota
  138. DS-156 question, Please help!
  139. Geting Driver's license after wife's surname changed to married name
  140. H1 Change of employer, Last Working day
  141. I-94 Date Error
  142. Totally confused by USCIS about H1-b petition status!!!
  143. Still have not received the approval notice! Is it normal???
  144. Consular Processing
  145. H-1B extension after 6 years
  146. H1 Transfer Revalidation
  147. Questions about DS-156, Please Help!!!
  148. H1B extension applied-Can i work on Receipt Notice?
  149. Employer Did not pay the Fees for H1-B or GC Processing
  150. NEW RULE: H1B Visa Renewal at Toronto
  151. OPT/H1B gap -how not to loose the job?
  152. H1B Transfer Dilemma
  153. H1b transfer without paystubs or Use my EAD?
  154. H1 B Stamping Query
  155. H-4 to H-1, H-4 expired, H-4 renewal pending, with EAD
  156. H1B and H4 stamping India 3 months before expiration of present I-797
  157. H4 Visa
  158. Training in SAP question
  159. Please suggest SAP training/Desi consultant in Atlanta/Huston Area
  160. Have an H-3 but in the country on a green I-94w ... help?
  161. Out Of Status And Consular Proceeding
  162. H4 Visa, Lottery system in H1 Visa
  163. Confused - H1/4 Visa Renewal Fee structure
  164. H1B Tranfer after losing job
  165. H1B renewal in Canada
  166. Advice on restamping
  167. Out Of Status ? - Complicated Case!
  168. Beating 3-month gap between the end of OPT and the beginning of H1
  169. H1-B Extension 9th year, Orig labor I-140 appeal & pending, Sub LC I-140/I485 Pending
  170. Leaving Country without H1B approval
  171. H1-b interview V.S. expired visa, please help!
  172. complicated issue of OPT and F-1 continuation
  173. USCIS Error on H1-Extension Validity -Tickets have been postponed. Need advice
  174. Should I return the wages immediately?
  175. Prevailing wages for H1-B application
  176. Help! H1B laidoff + 485pending<180days
  177. Very Concern About H1B, SSN, I-94 and I-797
  178. New H1B - Out of status question
  179. H4 extension(nunc pro tunc) approved with future I94 effective date--- Please help
  180. H4 to H1 , I 94 Lost
  181. H4 to H1 to H4 to H1 again?
  182. L1 to H1 while L1 extension is under process
  183. Canceled H1B: Re-entry with visa stamp of previous employer
  184. COS from H4 to H1 and EAD
  185. HIB Portability
  186. Very complicated Case in H1-B transfer, Please help Me!
  187. Spuose on H1. Laid Off with 5 days notice. EAD not guaranteed
  188. H1B Problem Vs I-485
  189. I-94 Out of status when H1 is pending
  190. I94 extension
  191. H1B stamping while the current H1b expires and before the new
  192. Travelling again in transferred H1B
  193. Is H1B valid after EAD?
  194. H1b status
  195. L2 EAD to GC Processing
  196. A question On I-94 EAD relationship
  197. irony
  198. H1B Stamping Experience - Tijuana, Mexico
  199. H1-B transfer with just ONE pay-stub
  200. New H1 B Transfer without working for the co?
  201. H1 renewal with expired passport
  202. Possible out of status situation?
  203. Help: Please advise
  204. H1-B cancelled can I still transfer
  205. H1B Transfer and Status
  206. H1B transfer - going back to home country
  207. Stamping in Canada-?
  208. how to find if employer cancelled my H1 B visa
  209. lost job on H1-b , how much time do I have
  210. H1B (non profit) lost job before starting
  211. OPT to H1B stamping
  212. What will happen to my H4 when my husbands I485 is approved
  213. H1: 30 day employment gap
  214. OPT ended and I-797B issued instead of I-797A
  215. J1 Out of status, employment gap
  216. Ecuador: H1B Stamping
  217. H-1 stamping and No degree
  218. Will F1 Reinstatement effect H1 Stamping in Canada
  219. H1 Approved . Delay in H4 Extension
  220. Need a job
  221. I-485 being processed, but lost job.
  222. Presidential Exec Order for Recapturing GC Numbers - An Option Worth Pursuing
  223. Can I transfer a new approved H1B without having I-94 and paystubs to another company
  224. Is H4 automatically extended along with H1
  225. F1 > H4 - 485
  226. New H1- Q abt vacation and hours
  227. extension of H1/H4
  228. H1 out of status, H4 approved, can use EAD?
  229. H4 to h1 but employer not giving I-797
  230. Out of status F-1 to H1-B
  231. H4 to H1 visa stamping...Please Advice
  232. Status Help
  233. H4 Visa Out of status for 2 months..
  234. H1B (non-profit) out of status and J-1 visa
  235. Am I out of Status? Got EAD but My H1 got denied!!! Need Help...
  236. H1b or EAD card cost
  237. Help!!! I lost my I-94 card
  238. H1-H4-h1 issues
  239. H-1B Stamping and travel to India from Canada
  240. About H1B PP
  241. H1B Transfer Suggestion Needed
  242. Out of status in the past?
  243. H1B employer change: Non-competition clause in offer letter
  244. Out of Status
  245. Am I out of Status?
  246. H1B transfer gap
  247. H1B revalidaiton in Mexico
  248. H1B stamping mumbai (out of status < 180 days)
  249. H1 Doubt Please Help..
  250. Regarding H1-B Stamping