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  1. I-94 expired - Please help me with this.
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  16. please help me out of my case! Thanks!!!
  17. Conspiracy against foreign medical graduates
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  19. Planning to take a break on H1
  20. Can I travel to Puerto Rico with expired H1 stamp in passport?
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  22. H1-ead-h1-ead-h1
  23. Another Part Time H1-b Visa
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  25. Visa Appt in HYD
  26. Visa Stamping at Nassau?
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  29. Urgent: Lay-off related advice needed
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  31. H4(extension pending) to H1b (not under 65000 visa cap)
  32. Consulting Companies
  33. H4 visa question
  34. Howz the job market so far?
  35. H1-B stay period question.
  36. change in status from L1- H1, required docs
  37. Traveling outside US without H1 stamp
  38. Out of Job on H1
  39. Terminated h1b waiting for EAD
  40. H1B transfer for new H1B starting from Oct
  41. H1 related urgent
  42. Lawyer Messed up H1-B Extension
  43. Combined pre and post 6h year extension filing
  44. H1 B renewal
  45. 6th Year H1 -Out of work - Options?
  46. How to Hire Someone with H1B
  47. Feds considering changes to H-1B application process in wake of report
  48. H1B Transfer RFE ..please respond
  49. Urgent.... laid-off on H1B
  50. High rate of H-1B visa fraud
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  52. Change of Status - H4 to H-1B
  53. H1B Pending for more than 6 months
  54. H-1B Stamping in India (Consular Processing)
  55. F-1 or H-1B Status?
  56. H1B Visa - Company being acquired
  57. H1B , Desi Employer & Virginia Labor laws
  58. H1b Visa .. Lehman Brothers
  59. H1 Visa stamping experience at Chennai Consulate
  60. a
  61. SSN for H1B
  62. Need legal advice for H1 to H4 Transfer
  63. H1 to H4 Transfer
  64. H-1 b transfer approved; extention denied
  65. H1B transfer -Help needed.-Urgent
  66. administrative processing
  67. fired on an h1 b visa last year, but now I found a new company. Urgent! Please help m
  68. How to find a job ??
  69. H1B transfer and effect on future 3 year extensions
  70. H1B Transfer(India visit)
  71. Urgent!! Am I out of status??
  72. Wife on H1 but gone to India for 4 months.
  73. Out-of-status to H4
  74. Sap-hr
  75. H4 to H1 transfer and no I-94: what is the status
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  77. H1B extension using future employer I-140
  78. H1-B transfer, Starting work date too early, Please help!!!
  79. H1B Extn Approved in approx 45 days at VSC
  80. H1 Extension/Renewal RFE Need help
  81. H4 VISA stamping
  82. An emergency Question
  83. 221g white in Tijuana for H1B Etension.
  84. Renewing H1B after expiration ?
  85. H1B to H4
  86. H1-B Extension or EAD?! please help
  87. H1 Tranfer(urgent)
  88. Credit card debt, and advice needed
  89. OPT expired / Grace Period / Change status
  90. H1B Transfer questions please, need advice
  91. Seek advise: H4 non-renewal consequences
  92. h1 transfer but on OPT
  93. Please Help!!! H1B to H4 While Staying in U.S.
  94. AR-11 Question
  95. PLEASE somebody PLEASE help...h1b renew travel - go or no go?
  96. Need advise
  97. h1b stamp pending.....Can apply from another co?
  98. H1b Renewal
  99. H1B transfer, RFE, Denial and Options
  100. Need Help - Am I out of status?
  101. employment terminated during 221(g) admin processing
  102. "Present status in US" document for AP
  103. Need Help - H1 Stamping
  104. H1B - H4 Pending Period - Can I Travel Overseas?
  105. Out of status question
  106. I 94 Query
  107. Lost I-94
  108. H1 question
  109. received L1A Denial Notice and I94 expired
  110. H4 - visited india when h1b filed - amendment question
  111. H1B transfr approved for B pending for C & now RFE
  112. Please help! How to keep status!
  113. Two H1-b transfers at the same time, is it legal?
  114. H1B Visa extension after expiry (Never been to USA)
  115. Working from India
  116. Tough time ahead for immigration community
  117. Employer threatning to sue me
  118. Is OPT to H1 transfer automatic or mandatory..?
  119. 12th Year H1-B approved while GC pending!
  120. Two jobs on GC
  121. H1B Transfer out of staus issue
  122. L1 to H1 Please Help
  123. what happens to my H1 if I get fired
  124. H1B Transfer + Travel ???
  125. complain against Old employer who didnt pay me
  126. CAP GAP Question
  127. EAD renewal
  128. life insurance and the employer is not responding
  129. H1b to H4
  130. H1 transfer and extension
  131. H1B to EAD transition while I-140 has a RFE and pending approval
  132. Do I still have 365+ days left on my H1B or not?
  133. OPT filing doubt
  134. F1 to OPT to H1
  135. L1 to H1B question
  136. Visa apperance at Vancouver
  137. Non-IT to IT shift...risky?
  138. Passport Lost
  139. Out of Status H4-H1
  140. H1b extention question
  141. Bogus Swami
  142. Advice needed
  143. Possibility of travelling after laid-off
  144. H-1B expiring 2009 May, I-140 still pending.
  145. Denied L1b extension -> Can I change to H1B?
  146. Company change with 6 months old pay stuff possible ??
  147. Using approved H1 after 2 years
  148. new Visa transfer petition while one is pending
  149. h1b violations. H1b rights
  150. L1 & H1 -- Pls Help
  151. when do you get H1?
  152. H1 chances for Graduate students.
  153. H1 transfer with consular notification
  154. L1 to H1 Pl. help
  155. Urgent: F1 status while when 485 pending and EAD approved
  156. <Apologize for the duplicate postings>
  157. H1B transfer after emp gap of 20 months
  158. H1B transfer after emp gap of 20 months
  159. H1B transfer after emp gap of 20 months
  160. H1B transfer after emp gap of 20 months
  161. H1B transfer after emp gap of 20 months
  162. H1B transfer after emp gap of 20 months
  163. H1B transfer after emp gap of 20 months
  164. Out of status-H4-H1B
  165. getting married to visa overstay
  166. Got 221g and seeking to travel on ex-employer’s H1B stamp.
  167. H1 B Transfer ..Please Respond Fast..
  168. Need Help. Status Question H4 to H1
  169. Very strange situation in H1-b , Please help!!!
  170. L1 to H1 B -Out of Staus
  171. H1B... No project for 8 months
  172. OPT to H1-B
  173. Visa Status
  174. I94- Stamping Date Issue
  175. H4 /I94 card expired Out Of Status stamping in Canada
  176. H4 Overstay
  177. A sudden case status mail from CRIS
  178. L1 or I-485/EAD? please advice.
  179. H1 expiring Pl. Help
  180. H1B Documents required at Port of Entry
  181. H1B sponsorship transfer: is it still possible to pursue after layoff
  182. how much Senior software Developer salary should be in San Diego, CA ( full time)
  183. H1 to EAD without paystubs
  184. H1-B -> L1-B, I-94 expired
  185. I539 - H4
  186. how much Senior software Developer salary should be in Massachusetts ( full time)
  187. Visa revalidation date and status
  188. H1B transfer - payroll gap
  189. H1B Transfer
  190. H4 Out of status - 3 weeks
  191. Question about my status based on I-140
  192. Will H1B out of status for less than 30 days compromise F1 visa app?
  193. Urgent: Employer asking money for Salary Over-payment
  194. Travel during H-1B/OPT cap-gap
  195. RE admission with fulltime CPT/F2 to F1/H4 to F1/any?
  196. Transition from L2 EAD to H1B
  197. Non compete letter through email
  198. Wife Status
  199. Documents required?
  200. RFE on W2
  201. I94 Expired please advice
  202. Am I Out Of Status
  203. Question about W2
  204. going back to previous employer - old H1B still valid?
  205. stuck between gc , h1b`s , opt pls help
  206. Employer No Generate Pay Slip
  207. Non-compete Contracts - California - validity
  208. EAD to H1
  209. critical situation
  210. H1B got denied - What are my options??
  211. Switched L1A to H1B but H1 not stamped in passport - entering US by AP
  212. Re-entry into the U.S on H1B - Suggestions please
  213. lelica
  214. Employer Sued me
  215. H1B Visa - out of status
  216. H1B stamping
  217. Need Advice with I94
  218. Landing experience by road Ottawa and H1b stamping
  219. Can I join the New Company ? or does it complicate things ?
  220. 221(g) Pink Slip..help..help..
  221. F1 renewal in canada
  222. Paychecks in the form of cashiers check
  223. Need Advice! Laid Off H1-B! Can I apply to B1/B2 and then transfer H1B?
  224. Stuck In Montreal-FINALLY WE ARE APPROVED
  225. Urgent H1B Transfer Issue!!!
  226. H1 stamp on passport expired, extn filed, whats my status?
  227. urgent help request regarding H1B-F2-H1B
  228. Visa expiring on May, Out-of-status?
  229. Cap gap extension issue
  230. Am I out of status?
  231. HELP ASAP!!! F1 Co-op to internship
  232. Alberta Welcomes H-1B Visa Holders and Their Families
  233. OPT and H1
  234. Employer holding certificates and pay stubs
  235. I-20 Expires, and no visitor's visa
  236. H1B Satmping in New Delhi, India
  237. H1b Laid Off Worker - Accepted Offer From New Employer
  238. H1 application while on L1
  239. H-1B transfer, vacation possible in between?
  240. H1B Laid off worker - Accepted offer from new employer
  241. H1B transfer--quota to non quota
  242. Question about H1 extension and AP
  243. Employer not paying!!! Please Help!!! URGENT!!
  244. B1 -> H4 -> H1. Critical. Your advice requested
  245. H1B Cap Gap
  246. Can my 485 be denied?
  247. OPT question
  248. Can I get an RFE or a NOID on a retrogressed I-485 application?
  249. Layoff, Unapproved I-140, H-1 six years up, July 2 filer
  250. Stuck in Montreal-Section (221g)