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  1. H1 Status
  2. H4 issue
  3. Leaving without approved H1-B extension
  4. H1 Extension and Virginia Driver's License
  5. EAD expiring - 9/21/2010
  6. Still in H1B pending, can I transfer to M-1 visa?
  7. Gap between EAD renewal -- urgent
  8. COS from L2 to H1B with H4 to be effective near future
  9. H1 to H4 Visa issues
  10. H1 Extension - Urgent advice please!
  11. H1 Extension
  12. Change from H1B to TN, when exactly H1B becomes invalid?
  13. F1 to H1B without completion of course
  14. Gap between H1b transfer
  15. US raises H-1B, L1 visa fee by $2000
  16. h4 denial regarding
  17. Out of Status on E2 depandant visa.. Help!
  18. Can we let our house for Rent
  19. Get back in status - H1B
  20. Need urgent help H1B filed but no receipt of notice and now I-94 EXPIRED
  21. H1 getting expired..need ur expert advice asap
  22. Can I file a new L1A after being in the USA for 5 years?
  23. Crime commited by illegal juvenile, what happens?
  24. F1 to H1b and leaving masters degree midway
  25. From F-1 to H1-B!?
  26. Lying on a DOL complaint form : Will it create legal issues?
  27. Expired I-94 and my experience getting it fixed
  28. H1 stamping in Toronto -voicemail from US consulate
  29. H1 extension pending to F1
  30. please help me, H1-b extension
  31. please help me, H1-b extension
  32. H4 extension - travel
  33. Can I go for Transfer of I -797 without Stamping ?
  34. Gap between previous H1 visa expiry and new H1 extension
  35. Gap between previous H1 visa expiry and new H1 extension
  36. H1B Admin Processing, H4 Travel to US
  37. H1 visa stamping while out of status
  38. h1 transfer with new employer
  39. H1 - Tax filing for only one month - any problem?
  40. Need urgent suggestions
  41. Urgent J1 expired soon, H1B pending...
  42. I-94 for family members(i.e. with H4) expired more than 2 years back.
  43. F1 + Self Employment = i-485 denial?
  44. to take FT oppurtunity with 140 approved OR corp to corp
  45. H1B extension delay -Background Check
  46. H1B expired last year and used EAD, can you go back to H1 agian
  47. Potential gap in 8th year H1B, I140 approved.
  48. Parents consecutive trips in 1 year
  49. H4 to H1 with a gap in employment
  50. Multiple H1
  51. H4 Visa - studying MS - have EAD - Student Internship?
  52. Help!!!! My company messed up
  53. H1 laidoff - spot check - COS F2 - future H1 transfer
  54. H4 Vis Question
  55. 180 Days BAR - COMPUTATION
  56. Gap between two projects while H1B with a Consulting firm
  57. missing pay stub in past
  58. EAD expired last year
  59. H1B Layoff Please Advice!
  60. Out of Status -- Very Urgent!!!!
  61. H1 Transfer Question-little urgent
  62. H1 Rejected Out of OPT
  63. H1B out of status and applying for GC
  64. H1 - Out of US for 1 year - will re-entry affect?
  65. Urgent - Please HELP !!
  66. Re-Entry to US on previously valid B1
  67. Has anyone gone through a case like mine?
  68. H1B Visa: While on Bench
  69. Need help in making decision on stay - Little priority
  70. L1 Visa Blanket Permit Info Needed
  71. H1B transfer approved, extension of status denied??
  72. COS from H1B to F2 or F1?
  73. H1 Renewal Question
  74. Strange rejection from lawyer for h1 3y extenion(H1B approaching 6y, 485 pending 2y)
  75. 797B issue....plz help
  76. Going to India for H1B stamping-Do Ineed 2 travel my direct flight from US to India?
  77. H1B stamping and gap between 2 employers
  78. H4 worked with ITIN - Consequences 4 GC
  79. Urgent help required: Laid of on H1, still studying but not left with many courses.
  80. Is it out of status without w2? Urgent
  81. Question on Applying for H1B stamping in Hyderabad consulate with new passport
  82. OPT: travel abroad on contract employment
  83. Need suggestion Urgent please
  84. How do ex-employer know about non-compete violation
  85. non compete agreement
  86. H1B Transfer
  87. H1B Stamping and passport expiry
  88. Need to Ammend H1b ?
  89. H1 ext denied and I94 expired
  90. H1B to B1 for travelling
  91. h1-b ext, is this true
  92. which service center
  93. Applied for Reinstatement (I-539) need ncessary documents...what to do?
  94. Expired Green Card With The Wrong Birthday
  95. Visa Renewal v/s. New Visa
  96. Whether she was out of status
  97. H1 to F1 questions
  98. H1b to H$ or H1 B transfer: please let me know
  99. H1 to H4 Change status
  100. without a project & expecting a full time offer
  101. Father's H1B visa expired, Son's H4 invalid, currently on overstay, options?
  102. 29 Month OPT: Appeals court affirms lower court decision, cites lack of 'standing'
  103. Renewing Passport in New York
  104. Unlawful Presence: Myths and Realities by Ron Gotcher
  105. AOS to VISA
  106. H1 cancelled - urgent help
  107. H1-b
  108. Do i need a new f1 visa for masters after bachelors in US?
  109. Indian passport renewal with expired visa
  110. H4 for infant - Please advice
  111. How many months Valid H1B Visa required to Travel to US.?
  112. Filing I-485 - Lost I-94 - help
  113. Lost Passport/I-94 13 years ago - now married
  114. What is my legal status H1 or H4
  115. H1 to F1 conversion
  116. Urgent: H1 transfer or EAD?
  117. Quitting H1B Job, have EAD/AP based on I-485
  118. H1B Approved without I-94, Appeal for I-290B
  119. urgent help needed
  120. Urgent question on H1-Transfer
  121. Is this the right time for H1 Transfer? Pls advice
  122. I-539 COS request denied
  123. Employment gap and want to return to US
  124. Pending project leaving country
  125. Delayed pay for H1-B holder
  126. H1B transfer to H4
  127. Please enlighten me on this problem
  128. Urgent help-- H1B to B1 (change of status due to employment terminated)
  129. H1B Lost Job (2 weeks), Started H4 (decision still pending), Applying new H1B
  130. IMM 0008 Schedule 4: Economic Classes: Provincial Nominees form
  131. OPT Denied H1B approved
  132. analog/mixed signal engineer -candidate
  133. H1b visa to L2 visa conversion(urgent plzz help)
  134. H1 visa transfer without loosing pay
  135. On F-1, H-1b Approved still out of status
  136. Annoying VFS website appointment issue please help
  137. H1 to H4 COS travel related question
  138. laid off with EAD application pending
  139. Temporary Leave on H1B enforced by employer
  140. Regarding Job Openings
  141. H1B without job - DOL complaint
  142. H1B transfer denied---pls help
  143. H1 EXtension denied- options
  144. How to Complaint to DOL
  145. I have complaint to DOL
  146. Urgent help required regarding my H1B status
  147. visa change....help please!!
  148. Laid off and have questions
  149. Change jobs while H1B still in process
  150. Need to transfer H1B ASAP
  151. H1 to H4
  152. h1 revoked, h4 conversion
  153. WH-4 ... Important for All H-1B Victims
  154. H1-B Transfer (Urgent) Is it possible??
  155. H1B Transfer Issues
  156. DOL complaint
  157. If H1B extension is rejected does it effect my I140 application.
  158. Wants to report to DOL, what is needed. Urgent
  159. Immigration advice required
  160. Australian Immigration
  161. New H1B Enforcement of address change
  162. URGENT HELP NEEDED : Layoff on OPT, but H1 approved
  163. I-94 etxn denied for visitor visa - please help
  164. Reg. status change - confused and please help
  165. Is Promissory Note Legal for H1b Fees.
  166. H1-B to H4 without pay slips for 1 yr
  167. Alberta Nomination Program - NOC 2141 - Mfg and Industrial Engineer
  168. Travelling to India with Old employer's Visa Stamp
  169. Transfer of H1B
  170. change of status...please reply
  171. Urgent: Current H1 denied and previous H1/I94 expired
  172. out of status
  173. Healthcare IT / Bioinformatics Pros gather here
  174. H1B tranfer approved without I-94, can he enter to USA with previous visa stamping ?
  175. H1B denied... what are my options.. Please help me out
  176. H1 to H4 transfer?????
  177. How to fill DS-156, 38? Need your Help!!!
  178. I-94 issue.Please Reply
  179. H1 or L1 from AOS
  180. If applied for COS H1->H4,cudnt provide paystubs-gets denied-any effects in future??
  181. Increasing H-1B Quota = More Tax Income to US
  182. What is my Status?
  183. h1b - salary reduction - urgent help! PLEASE!
  184. was on H1B for a brief time
  185. Laid off, have both H1B and EAD, what are my options?
  186. COS from H1B to H4
  187. H-1B Benefit Fraud & Compliance Assessment
  188. H1b and Green Card Fees
  189. H1B-H4, NO Job-please help
  190. I am in OPT and waiting for 2010 H-1b. GAP?
  191. H1 extension and Transfer - query
  192. H1 Transfer and H4 Status?
  193. filing H1-B extension .. 10 yrs already on H1B
  194. H-1B visa question - URGENT - PLEASE HELP
  195. Help ? On bench for 2months & employer is planning to cancel H1
  196. MTR acceptance
  197. Valid visa, ext rejected, I94 expired...can i transfer visa.
  198. ungent, need help....221(g) blue form issued at chennai
  199. H1B visa cancellation by March 15th, what are my options?
  200. out of status married to H-1B?
  201. worked for company that got raided last week
  202. am i out of status yet ?????
  203. How to file complaint with DOL
  204. H1 Transfer Query- URGENT
  205. H1b Cancellation...Pls Help Me
  206. On H-1B, No Job, came to US in Oct-08
  207. H1 visa without job
  208. 6th year on H1B expiring, employer asking to use use EAD
  209. Many things going on against H1B
  210. Need urgent attention
  211. H1-B Extension
  212. AINP and PR application: Step By Step Guide
  213. AINP= Can I look for job in Alberta before AINP?
  214. Want to apply AINP, H1 in PENDING Status
  215. Transfer H1B to H4
  216. Necessary documents to USCIS for COS from H1-H4
  217. Can my H1-B tranfer get approved with new I-94? Need your advice!
  218. How about Vermont Service Center?
  219. Cos h4-h1
  220. Switching to H1B from H4
  221. H1-B Approval and Dependents
  222. switch to b1/b2 and back to H1
  223. Extend H1B or use EAD?
  224. H1B Extension Denied - But H1 Transfer Before or After Appeal?
  225. Incorrect date on H1B and H4 notices
  226. H1B Working from India
  227. H1B extension pending from April2008
  228. H1 to H4 transfer Query URGENT
  229. Change status from H1B to AOS
  230. F1 to H1b, OPT expired, H1b pending
  231. Wll there be any problem to approved h1?
  232. Need H1-B transfer again? Please Help!
  233. H1B 7th yr extension +transfer, no paystubs for last 6 months
  234. H1 to H4
  235. L2 Expired while change of status to H4 is in processing
  236. h1B renewal
  237. laid off ....multiple h1b transfers-HELP GURUS
  238. Payroll Gap/ Overlap
  239. Temp
  240. h4-h1-h4 : Using SSN for tax purposes
  241. H1B Extension and Job change
  242. Expired OPT with valid visa, I-94
  243. Travel OPT and visa change
  244. Earliest we can apply for H-1b extension
  245. Gap in pay stubs.....trouble during H1 stamping?
  246. EAD used though H1B approval received
  247. Yahoo Article on Job Loss
  248. H1 B transfer / Out of status / Please help
  249. Desi employer trouble_H1B (HELP)
  250. URGENT : H1B Revoked for past 6 months