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  1. Cruel & Illegal Actions by the Customs & Border Patrol Gestapo Squad
  2. Look at this and comment they need to hear us
  3. Comments for OPT extension for F1 students
  4. Introduction
  5. Please help me - Derivate applicant stay period
  6. Another Green card Process as EAD holder
  7. EAD for H4 visa holders
  8. Donations do not show up on bar on top
  9. Obama Campaign for Immigration Reform
  10. IV Action item: Advocacy day support
  11. Legalís given the same rights as Illegals
  12. opinon
  13. Please vote YES on CNBC poll: Does the U.S. Have a Shortage of High-Skilled Workers?
  14. Pledge
  15. How Antis manipulate voting on washingtonwatch.com from same machine?
  16. Action item: HR 3012: April 2012
  17. Draft letter to send to friends reg. HR3012
  18. Report your action items here
  19. HR 3012 by CBO
  20. enate Version (S.1857) of the House H.R. 3012 Bill Introduced in the Senate
  21. Action item: Next step:H.R.3012 passed Judiciary Committee
  22. Thank you for H.R. 3012.
  23. Please STOP making phone phone calls to House Judiciary committee members
  24. HR 3012: Action Items for the week of Oct 24
  25. Simple Action Item for Oct 20 and Oct 21
  26. HR 3012 action items for the week of oct 17
  27. How does HR3012 impact Philippines & other backlogged countries
  28. H.R. 3012 - Urgent Action Items: Letters + Phone calls and Fundraising
  29. High profile help
  30. Post your question for September 22nd Fox News/Google GOP debate
  31. Do you guys know abt this ongoing ?
  32. 'Conditional' Green card for buying Foreclosed property - An initiative
  33. Contacting help desk for EB2 PERM labor status check
  34. Free Attorney Conference Call - 7th July 2011..
  35. Media opportunity for immigrant entrepreneurs
  36. Immigration reform unlikely until after 2012 election
  37. 485 Denial and Reopening: Another success story of an IV member
  38. Are class action suits going overboard now?
  39. Advice required : Green Card Process for My Parents by a lawful permanent resident?
  40. Bill to introduce Time Bound Path
  41. Frequently Asked Questions - do YOU have a question?
  42. You will not get access to donor forum even if you donate
  43. Fight for yourselves
  44. Twitter Tag for IV Advocay Days 2011 #IV11?
  45. Don't be a Drop-out, I-We need you!
  46. Cricket ....Indo-Pak Semi-final
  47. Seriously....what is going on here??
  48. Proud to be a part of Immigration Voice in Texas
  49. Do we deserve additional 50000 EB numbers for high-skilled immigrants
  50. 5 reasons why you should not participate in the advocacy event this year....
  51. Is you airmiles worth more than a GC?
  52. Read this story of an old man...
  53. How do I get employees to take action?
  54. Are you nuts? This is absurd...
  55. "Advise the advisors" Whitehouse event
  56. Need Creative people for Advocacy day poster creation
  57. Advocacy day: Air miles, carpooling and hosting members in DC
  58. Action item: Advocacy day contributions
  59. Action Item: Advocacy days in Washington DC in April 2011
  60. what we are up against!
  61. Take a survey
  62. Why dream act and not legal immigration?
  63. CIS Ombudsman teleconference
  64. whitehouse: 3:00 EST (Today) Live video chat on DREAM Act
  65. Action Alert2: To the President
  66. Action Alert: DREAM ACT
  67. SKIL bil:Discussion by AILA and prominent immi lawyers
  68. To those who say "Nothing much can be done for EB3"
  69. Cannot drive outside SC for up to 60 days!
  70. Unapproved Derivative (Spouse/Child) I-485.
  71. Letter to John Campbell, congressman, 48th District, CA
  72. PD Current - Second FP Notice
  73. Immigration Live Chat
  74. Letter campaign : LA Times
  75. No citizenship to children born here
  76. Action Alert: Vote NO Sanders amendment S.A. 4319 to pass H.R.4213.
  77. Urgent Action Item if you are unable to come to DC
  78. USCIS Fee Increase Proposed Rule Clears White House OMB Approval
  79. Contact your lawyers: Seek their support and participation
  80. Conference call today for DC Advocacy day participants
  81. Advocacy Days Frequently Asked Questions
  82. DC/MD/VA Members - Are We Ready?
  83. Reach out to GOP thru website
  84. GEORGIA State: Members gather here!
  85. Don't ignore Scott Brown
  86. New England Members
  87. Funding drive: IV needs your support for Advocacy events in DC
  88. Action Alert: Crank it Up a notch!
  89. Everybody pls call Senator Bob Mendez atleast once
  90. IV announcement: Advocacy Days in Washington DC: 7th & 8th June
  91. CIR - National phone campaign Ė 29th April, 2010 to 14th May, 2010
  92. Nationwide March for Immigration reform
  93. Wrote an email to the president. Contributed $100 to Immigration voice
  94. USCIS Policy Review Survey
  95. Rally?
  96. Is your PD current for over 2 years after filing I485 ? IV can help.
  97. Must see - very funny video from our friend!
  98. Immigration reform March! on Sunday, March 21 in Washington, D.C
  99. Please sign petition: Keep the American Dream Alive
  100. What's next??
  101. Question regardng IV's current efforts
  102. March 2010 Visa Buletin is Out!!!!!!
  103. write to president
  104. BarackObama.com Survey.
  105. Something to post on anti-immigrant sites
  106. CIR: Get this done for our family and future, only we can do it.
  107. Reenergize. Organize. Participate
  108. This is it!
  109. IV action item: Survey on Value added by immigrants
  110. No Diwali in Google or anywhere?
  111. Tell CNN to drop Dobbs
  112. Good News ! Small ray of hope visa recapture
  113. Homeland Security wants to hear from you
  114. Advocacy Action Item August 2009 - update
  115. why FOIA update only in donor forum
  116. What happened to all the DONORS??
  117. IV Action item: Advocacy month August 2009
  118. URGENT: Need a temp Job in 9 days!
  119. Options other than Paypal?
  120. must watch... ethics..
  121. IV Action Item : Stories needed on issues with USCIS service errors
  122. IV Action Item : Stories needed on issues with USCIS service errors
  123. NC state Chapter...
  124. Does somebody holding H1B can work as volunteer for other job?
  125. ACTION ITEM: For Bill S. 1085
  126. Jon Stewart to create documentary on Immigration
  127. Obama administration jumps into Twitterverse
  128. Immigration and International Employment Conference on May 20th
  129. Flower Campaign for Sen Dick Durbin & Chuck Grassley
  130. Georgia State Senator Chip Rogers talks sense on NPR
  131. Organizations willing to donate?
  132. Think Big!!
  133. President to answer most popular questions on Thursday - Ask yours or vote for others
  134. can we try for this grant
  135. IV action item: Vermont State members
  136. Fundraising Plan
  137. Discrimination
  138. Flower campaign this week (1st of many)
  139. Help needed to create a resource on protecting the rights of future Americans
  140. Contribtuion Campaign - 2009
  141. America working to halt the H1B based economy
  142. Post on DHS Blog- Sec. Janet is reading it
  143. New Stimulus Bill Seeks to bar ITIN families AGAIN
  144. CIS Ombudsman - Send Your Recommendations on systemic process changes
  145. Document on change.gov
  146. Lets vote on our issues @ CHANGE.gov
  147. Your chance to vote positively.. again
  148. We report @ IReport
  149. Satyam Chairman Resigns After Falsifying Accounts
  150. Change.org is voting for top 10 ideas until Jan 15
  151. Barack Obama's Change.gov is open for questions - Round 2
  152. Vote on Change.gov
  153. immigrants -> housing
  154. Message on Change.gov
  155. To all members : HAPPY THANKSGIVING
  156. Non-participants please pledge/contribute for the DC Rally
  157. Email the Invite your Friends to join the March 2009 DC Rally
  159. AC21 Denial victims contact PD_Recapturing immediately
  160. I want you to spend $1.26
  161. Meeting Michelle Obama
  162. How about meeting Obama before he becomes too busy as president?
  163. Send your message to Obama
  164. Trick or Treat?
  165. Ask Sen. Obama a question
  166. IV ACTION ITEM: Write to USCIS on recent spate of I485 denials in AC21 cases.
  167. After obama Win...
  168. IV Action Item: File FOIA request with USCIS
  169. Class Action LawSuit Against the USCIS
  170. Funding Drive: for IV by Legal Permanent Resident members of IV
  171. Our priority now should be...
  172. Washington State Chapter Conference Call on Sunday, Sep 28th at 7:00 pm
  173. Contribution promise on posts?
  174. US Housing Crisis and Employment based Green Card issues
  175. Funds from Successful Immigrants for IV
  176. Thoughts on call campaigns and our approach
  177. A picture is worth a thousand words
  178. Call Compaign For HR 5882
  179. Let's Complain about NSC : It worked in the past
  180. Happy Independence Day - Indian friends
  181. USCIS delays in issuing EADs - Action Thread
  182. 485 RFE. but my case is not current
  183. All GC Approvals with dependent pending
  184. After GC Approval... don't forget your brothers!
  185. Celebrating my joy with IV by contributing $100
  186. Non Co-operation Movement
  187. Amazing response
  188. A Gift for IV
  189. Let us start building AC21 resources
  190. self-filler help contibution
  191. Can we do flowers campaign again?
  192. Help..to file complain on Employer..
  193. Give me a HIGH FIVE.
  194. Just Focus on H.R.5921?
  195. How about "IV Annual Meet" !?
  196. Online petetion to eliminate per country limits
  197. Donating our time?
  198. Please enable $10,$15,$20,$25 recurring contributions
  199. Citizenship wait of extra 5 years for people already stucked in backlog
  200. Fast track EB Greencard?
  201. Name correction on H1b approval
  202. Long Wait for H1b Extension
  203. The absurdity of calling the lawmakers
  204. Funding Drive: Let us step up IV(I+We)'ans
  205. ACT NOW - Visa Number Recapture Amendment Voting Soon!!!
  206. H1B extention question
  207. Let's do it again IV(I+We)'ans
  208. Don't forget your brothers!!
  209. Cis Not Processing Eb3's
  210. Email Norman Matloff
  211. Immigration Day!!!
  212. All Problems faced by Non-Immigrant Visa Holders
  213. How about organizing a fund raiser ?
  214. Can you re-enable 20$/ month feature?
  215. New York Times wants to hear your immigration story
  216. Directory Phone Numbers
  217. IV Tracker
  218. Summer is here...lets increase IV memmbership to 100k
  219. Announcing the Launch of Team IV
  220. Northern California state chapter conference call
  221. Extended OPT - call for students/OPT to unite under IV
  222. Listen NOW!: IV on WAMU 88.5 radio
  223. Rally in DC and Fasting till 5PM in front of the capitol
  224. My 2 cents
  225. Writing to Bernake and news papers
  226. Calling members from Nebraska
  227. Contribute to IVÖ.
  228. Wikipedia entry on H1B
  230. All technical terms on Immigration
  231. How to post a question? How to start a new thread? etc
  232. Submit your immigration reform proposals to Obama
  233. coining a different name for action items
  234. Looking for entrepreneurs
  235. Whom do you vote for 2008 elections
  236. Team IV - name recognition and fundraising
  242. GoodSearch
  243. GC Question in Democratic Debate on CNN tonight
  244. Vote for this immgration question for the 31jan08 Dem Debate
  245. where did Google Ads go?
  246. Members of Southern California - We need your help!!!
  247. Why I gave up my Green Card...
  248. Carrying Passport and Immigration docs is mandatory at all times - US Law
  249. Cutting Citizenship Backlogs- how about PR Backlogs
  250. EB Immigrant Bill of Protections