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  1. Job Location on Labor Cert
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  8. RFE on G-325A
  9. RFE on 485
  10. Porting Old PD - Old Labor Approved/140 Denied - New Labor/140 approved
  11. Name Change RFE
  12. Born in Srinagar India, RFE for i485 filed by husband (sponsor), missing birth record
  13. I 485 RFE, Intent to use I-140
  14. Priority Date Port
  15. Multiple Jobs on EAD - Port to EB2
  16. I-485 RFE for child turning 14
  17. I 140 RFE on EB1
  18. What can I do.l am going nuts?
  19. Renewal of Passport at Indian Embassy Washington DC (Delayed)
  20. Indian passport renewal
  21. Awaiting PWD from August 2011
  22. Transfer h1b while RFE is still pending
  23. H1B RFE Status
  24. PWD Still taking lot of time ??
  25. RFE with name mismatch in birth certificate
  26. Received 2nd RFE for H4 to H1B Transfer !
  27. H1 RFE - Can my wife stay with a h1B RFE in US and without a H4
  28. sticky situation. Indian Passport renewal. counsel needed
  29. I485 rfe...
  30. New GC application after RFE
  31. How to respond to eb2 485 RFE
  32. USCIS did not reply to the RFE
  33. 140 status changed from Post Decision Activity to 1st stage (Acceptance)
  34. I-140 RFE: EB3 to EB2 porting with different employer..
  35. Current I-94, H1 valid
  36. JOB Porting on EAD from programmer analyst to lead architect
  37. Renewal of Passport at Indian Embassy Washington DC
  38. All Indian Consulates SUCK!!!
  39. Labor Certification
  40. Indian passport renewal. File Number question
  41. RFE question
  42. RFE for paystubs...?
  43. Can labour be denied after approval?
  44. EB3 to EB2 question
  45. Passport renewal in DC
  46. EB 2 - More RFEs than EB 3?
  47. Any chances of RFE?
  48. EB3 to EB2 change
  49. H1B extension RFE for a direct employee
  50. Perm Denied 6th of H1 B
  51. Labor Stuck - Next steps?
  52. Approved I140 is revoked. I485 is in trouble.
  53. RFE H1B Petition - Paystubs
  54. H1B Transfer Filing while on RFE
  55. question on employement letters
  56. India Passport Renewal for My son
  57. Urgent! Reqeust for initial evidence I-485
  58. Confusing correspondence from the USCIS
  59. Good attorney in bay area
  60. EB2 Software Jobs
  62. RFE totally ridiculous, I need help
  63. Discrepency in Alien education. and experience.
  64. Urgent, Please help!!! amend H1B & AC21
  65. Rfe (i-485)
  66. RFE on 325A For Marital status change.
  67. Dependent RFE
  68. RFE response time
  69. Buy more time from USCIS !!!
  70. 4 RFEs issued but 3 got missing?
  71. I 485 EB3 RFE Company Closed - Need Advice
  72. REF's for I-485 apps pending long
  73. RFE on H1B Extn...timeline?
  74. 485 RFE - EB3 PD April 2003
  75. complex question for RFE
  76. Laid off and then 485 RFE
  77. I- 485 status after divorce
  78. Renewal of indian passport in Washington DC
  79. Filing LCA - Multiple resumes/skillset.
  80. Sent response to RFE
  81. I485 RFE Out of nowhere?
  82. TBtest and Xray RFE
  83. URGENT- I485 RFE after Address Change
  84. In the midst of GC and H1 .. urgent pls
  85. POLL: Those who sent AC21 notification
  86. Response to FOIA/PA request sent during IV drive
  87. employer not filing labor
  88. Is I-140 portable when it has an RFE?
  89. Passport renewal after expiry(issued for 5 years)
  90. Why only Dependent applicant received RFE on I-693 (Medical Examination)
  91. I485 RFE - Form G-325A
  92. RFE Medicals
  93. Who receives I-485 RFE?
  94. Finger print issue
  95. Help Needed - Extension with less than one year on PERM
  96. a lot of us got RFE's even if our PD's where not current
  97. 5 years exp requirement?
  98. Confusion fot Degree Requirment for filing into EB2
  99. RFE on I 131 no letter received so far
  100. RFE for I-485 Application - Affidavit Template
  101. National Interest Waiver possible while PERM is pending??
  102. Office closure: Impact on H1/GCs
  103. Passoport Renewal CGU Houston
  104. RFE on H1B extension at 4th year of H1B. Att.Showed intend of employment beyond 6 yrs
  105. I-485 RFE Location of work and residence
  106. LUD recieved 10/6 (RFE) for July 2007 Filer
  107. I140/I485 Which RFE?
  108. RFE on EAD renewal
  109. RFE/NOID case status message
  110. I-485 - RFE about immunization records
  111. Help please: RFE about TB
  112. Passport Renewal @ CGI - NY
  113. RFE Responded on Sept 12th-PD is current in September month
  114. RFE on I-485 for Incomplete Medicals
  115. Birth Certificate RFE
  116. Need Help...
  117. Possible Spouse RFE..Please Help
  118. RFE on 485 but 140 untouched
  119. RFE for Photos
  120. Employer cheated - LC process
  121. EB1-EA REF? Do I have chance?
  122. LCA wage Vs. Labor(PERM) wage
  123. Tough and tricky RFE on i 485.
  124. How long for system update after RFE response received
  125. Masters after employment - EB2 or EB3 ?
  126. RFE Response envelope too small
  127. AC21 - Job title which one to use?
  128. Canadian PR & US Greencard
  129. I-485 Rfe
  130. Labor (EB@) process is very slow
  131. RFE reply
  132. EB2 Maters in Mechanical Enginnering working as System Analyst
  133. RFE received on 485
  134. Forgot Address Change and RFE sent to old address
  135. on average how much time after RFE USCIS takes before making a decision???
  136. Equity in another company being on h1
  137. Worried about Potential RFE during I-485
  138. Paystubs missing for 5 months
  139. H1B Extension And GC Processing
  140. Strange I-140 status change after approval
  141. This case has been received from the State Department with a request we review it
  142. Double RFE - 8th year h1b extension
  143. RFE about last date of entry
  144. I140 RFE for future employment
  145. Perm Audit- Need Help Please
  146. Labor Cert Question
  147. Travel on AP with a criminal charge
  148. Filing new labor after filing 485
  149. AC21 and 180 days portability
  150. Case transffered. Implications ??
  151. RFEs in I485 stage in future employment
  152. Lost Passport and Notices.
  153. Indian passport renewal in NY
  154. I-140 RFE: experience on CPT and OPT valid?
  155. Renewal of Indian Passport from CGI Houston TX
  156. I-140 filed in May 07, no update yet
  157. Couples applying for green Cards
  158. To know whether we got any RFE or not?
  159. Need Info On Ability To Pay
  160. Labor Certification Fraud
  161. What does 80 - 20 split rate mean?
  162. RFE deadline
  163. Where for EAD RFE go?
  164. Labor application status says closed.
  165. Will I get copy of RFP after I-485 filing?
  166. Typo (incorrect dates) in Labor application
  167. RIR got denied !
  168. NEWS: End of Labor substitution ?
  169. All Labor substitution questions and discussions here