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  1. Company got acquired. How does it affect my green card processing?
  2. RE: Noncompliant ex-spouse
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  10. How long is too long for Lawyers???
  11. Tell Lawyer of Revoked I140?
  12. Copy of I140 approval petition
  13. Document showing my experience to file EB2
  14. Change employers , group co after i-140 approval
  15. how long it will take to get 140 in POST once online status shows approved
  16. Pending I-140 transfer h1b
  17. Spouse as beneficiary
  18. H1 and H4 simultaneously
  19. Does everyone get assigned an Alien # by the USCIS...
  20. Whats going on DOL prevailing wage determination
  21. anybody else's I-140 moved from TSC to NSC
  22. USCIS online address change - not updated
  23. How long is I-140 approval taking these days
  24. EB3 to EB2 Porting - Opinion / Advise please
  25. Requirements for EB2 Classification
  26. I-140 Employment Dates Problem
  27. Employment verification - a must?
  28. ETA750B for EB2-NIW
  29. EAD i765 withdraw procedure
  30. To I140 or not to I140
  31. Passport renewal at New York Indian Embassy
  32. EB3 Professional or Skilled Worker
  33. EB1 Application and Publications
  34. I-140
  35. PERM extension after 180 days
  36. I140 rejected with reason of Education Equivalency
  37. I-140 receipt notice delay
  38. I-140 Courtesy Copy
  39. if my i140 get denied....
  40. Change My Address (AR-11)
  41. Can I add old experience in my resume that was given for labor
  42. Including name in Birth certificate: Urgent
  43. change of adderss
  44. AP filing fee and stuff
  45. Copy of I-140 and FOIA
  46. I-140 transferred to National Benefit Center
  47. Priority Date Transfer, need help with Lawyer advice
  48. Filing I-140 without attorney
  49. Eb2 - niw
  50. I - 140 Evaluation and Representation Questions
  51. I-140 amendment file, please suggest good attorney.
  52. I-140 status with applicant name
  53. How to get duplicate or copy of approved I-140?
  54. Does having break in job affect GC processing?
  55. Strange: Approved 140 transferred
  56. I-140 filed Feb 2008 and No Reply till now- please reply
  57. Employer not filing I-140, Contractor/Full Time , 6th Yr H1
  58. EB3 instead of EB2 on I140
  59. I140 with 3 Year Degree URGENT!
  60. Seeking Guidance for the next step
  61. A Number and its significance ???
  62. Processing times for I140 filed in first quarter of 2009
  63. Dates of employment on Labor Question
  64. Do I have to go through my lawyer for EAD renewal?
  65. USCIS mailroom lost my AOS
  66. LC approved in 2006, can I still apply for I-140?
  67. 140 approval date
  68. Has anyone here *SUCCESSFULLY* filed an H1B extention without a lawyer?
  69. Can there be 2 GC application in process?
  70. Disability benefits
  71. spouse on F1 visa and my I-140
  72. Important -Travel without AP
  73. Can I legally wait for my green card in the US
  74. EAD - name spelled wrong.
  75. I-140 Approval Notice not received
  76. Driver license problem - Ohio to Maryland
  77. I just got my LC (ETA 9089) ...I-140 next steps?
  78. I-140 denial notice not received - How to file MTR/Appeal?
  79. I-140 RFE- preparing to file AOS
  80. I-140 applied after company sale/name change
  81. validity of medical exam and finger print for aos
  82. Format of affidavit from Supervisor
  83. USCIS Webisite & Unauthorized access Q
  84. I140 Application question
  85. Question about Drivers licence renewal in Pennsylvania
  86. I-140 Processing delays (Letter to Ombudsman)
  87. I-140 delays
  88. I-140 Processing Delays at TSC (Letter to Ombudsman's Office)
  89. EAD paper filing question.
  90. AP/EAD renewal Questions
  91. Renewed AP starting dates
  92. Has ANYONE received a 2 year EAD?
  93. EAD approved in 20 days
  94. Template for experience affidavits from colleagues
  95. Validity of AP - Renewal question.
  96. Filing I-140 today
  97. EAD Renewal to wrong address;
  98. EAD application send to nebraska
  99. Did USICS cancel the concurrent filing of I-40 and I-485
  100. Photo Size for Passport Renewal
  101. Please Help -- eFiled EAD and First Name, Last Name Interchanged
  102. Topic: adjudicator field manual
  103. Education Evaluation for I-140 with 3 Years BCS
  104. Social Security benefits to non working spouse
  105. Misprint Name in Passport
  106. NIW: help needed
  107. I-140 Part 3 - Which I-94# to use?
  108. I140 Approved. H1B Extn - How many years
  109. What is 'DA' on I-94
  110. An excellent EAD E-filling resource
  111. self filing ead
  112. How to find out LUD on I 140
  113. Filing I-140 - Should check CP or AOS on part 4?
  114. I-140 approval processes w/o original PERM approved notification letter
  115. ITIN and IRS stimulus package
  116. 9th year H1 extension with appeal pending in AAO office
  117. Executive MBA and I-140
  118. I-140 issue
  119. Concurrent filing 140 + AOS
  120. Soft Lud on I-140
  121. H1-B Transfer fee
  122. Do you have a Successor in Interest I-140 petition?
  123. Few questions about filing green card
  124. Question about AR-11 form confusion on Port of entry
  125. EAD and AP Renewal ...
  126. file 140 while outside of USA
  127. H1 Visa Extension while I-140 appeal pending
  128. I am so confused-EAD renewal address
  129. I-140 DOB Mistake
  130. Visiting visa query
  131. Concurrent filing of I-140 and I-485 - help!
  132. I-140 typo
  133. Experience Letter
  134. I-140 filing
  135. I 140 Filed without Permanent address in India
  136. I-140 Processing Time at TSC
  137. I140 document
  138. Receipt Number
  139. Two I-485 , Two A # and One I-40 : July Fiasco
  140. Is it possible to Track 140 without the Receipt Copy
  141. Does Labor expire if 140 not applied
  142. Old pending I-140 & concurrent new I-140 & I-1485 filled
  143. Two I-140s
  144. I-140 Filing (e-Filing Vs Paper Filing)
  145. sdf
  146. Lost wife's Passport along with I-94
  147. help filing EAD AND AP after rejection
  148. How much detail in emp letters for 140 EB2
  149. Important 485 receipt Trackers Poll
  150. Is address change required during I-140 stage
  151. can I apply I-140 with h1 extention pending
  152. Signature on 485 for daughter...
  153. I-140 fee - based on date sent or based on date received?
  154. Signing for a minor
  155. I am in India - how can I file I140/I485 ??
  156. Lost I-94 card at the New Jersey airport on 8th August 2007
  157. Filed 485 in vermont service center
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