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  1. Should I terminate my J1 to use my EAD while AOS is pending?
  2. NOIR on H1...Can I shift to EAD before USCIS decision
  3. Advance Parole renewal Dec, 2015
  4. EAD expired since Feb-2004
  5. I-485 pending and new H1B?? - Urgent help needed
  6. Re-entry on AP after a possible name change of employer
  7. Job change after EAD approval / H1B past 6yr Renewal
  8. Client Change - LCA only or with H-1B Amendment or Use EAD instead
  9. Husband on L1 and wife on EAD.
  10. How does H1B from University work?
  11. Next step after I140
  12. the new EAD/AP and new H1B through OFC
  13. URGENT-Working on EAD for less than 40 hrs per week
  14. NIW declined- out of status - EAD gone? H1-B visa?
  15. EAD renewal under processing -taking leave at work to avoid termination
  16. personal branding and success
  17. Fradulent companies
  18. on H1B - need help in using ead
  19. Multiple Jobs One on H1B and 1 on EAD
  20. Using derivative EAD now and applying for green card under EB2
  21. EAD expiring sep 03-12. Biometrics on aug 28
  22. EAD renewal after ac21 : Which lockbox
  23. Laid off from work H1 but have EAD - Question on gap in employment
  24. URGENT: H1B Extension - Job Description Change
  25. Waiting for EAD. A question about volunteering.
  26. EAD card and address change
  27. my birthdate is wrong in birth certificate.....
  28. Travelling on expired US visa and AP to Philippines and China
  29. H4 Stamp Expired, EAD/AP (I-512), Lufthansa, Munich , Mumbai - SOLVED
  30. Receipts I-485 and I-765
  31. Have H1B, travelling to India via JFK
  32. EAD approved 485 pending, Promotino/Job title change with same employer
  33. Google Adsense on Blog using EAD
  34. I 485 Case status update and options
  35. EAD online filing supporting Docs
  36. Anyone getting i-485 RFEs for prior LCA violations?
  37. POE in AP
  38. After 485 apply steps
  39. I-485 for spouse with FNU in visa
  40. part time job on EAD through a different employer
  41. Shall I renew AP or not? Advice Please
  42. Advance Parole Renewal - why delay in processing even for renewal
  43. Transit Through Europe with GC by British Airways?
  44. Stopover at Dubai- Visa question
  45. Travel Documents & H1-B Related Question
  46. Received GC - Family traveling through Washington Dulles airport
  47. Can I travel while AP is still pending?
  48. H1B Extension after EAD
  49. Should we Renew H1B after filing 485
  50. Vermont Service center Fax no.
  51. Advance Parole renewal and travelling dates
  52. Is Salary on Perm applicable on EAD or after 485 approval?
  53. Changing jobs in <180 days after I485
  54. Any one got an Emergency AP recently?
  55. LUDS on Approved AP
  56. I485 current for 18 months soft LUD on EAD & AP
  57. Relocating / On EAD / Options discussion
  58. USCIS Combines EAD and AP Card Since February 11, 2011
  59. EAD/AP Renewal fee. Receipt date Aug 2007
  60. H1b stamping in canada/Immigration/AP
  61. went out of country- No ap - what to do ?
  62. How soon Advance Parole be filed?
  63. Is it possible to convert EAD to H1?
  64. Visiting canada on AP/H4
  65. H1B extn after Layoff..Currently on H1B(have EAD)
  67. Do I need Advance Parole to Canada and re-enter to the US?
  68. Do I need AP?
  69. Cronins Memo 2000 & Murthy
  70. EAD and 1099
  71. Eb3 Issues
  72. More Troubles for Legal Immigrants with DMV
  73. Transit visa for Switzerland (Swiss), using AP, expired visa in passport.
  74. Going to India. GC process at risk??
  75. Work permit for High School Student
  76. Help Guys!! some travel/reenter related questions
  77. Hyderabad stamping precautions
  78. Issue of Advance Parole at the local office
  79. Infopass appoinmnt/walkin in LA
  80. Motion to open I-485
  81. Wife working on EAD, by extending her H4, did I create any issues?
  82. awaiting for EAD after H1b approval without I-94
  83. Travel via Washington Dulles Airport with AP
  84. Parole question based on Murthy.com
  85. Sharing Experience: H1 Stamping in India while 485 pending
  86. necessary to renew EAD?
  87. House Loan on EAD?
  88. Infopass Apt for EAD pending more than 90 days
  89. I have EAD, but family on H4, what should I use?
  90. Career Shift. Impact on GC
  91. Traveling on EAD+AP, but without job
  92. Working From Home - New Angle, New issue
  93. URGENT:Waiting on AP ( 180 days passed )
  94. Changing Jobs on EAD
  95. IMP: Unlawful Status vs Unlawful Presence..
  96. Wrong Validity Date on EAD
  97. Should I come back on AP or H1
  98. wife missed to extend her H1 and EAD also expiring in a month.
  99. Can 485 be cancelled?
  100. EAD renewal at MSC
  101. EAD renewal information
  102. What is your status called when on EAD?
  103. can i convert from H1 to B1?
  104. job
  105. AP Approval in 2 weeks
  106. Lawful Permanent resident alien??
  107. H1 Extension
  108. H1b Cancellation when moving from H1b to EAD
  109. Without work when I-485 pending
  110. Transit Visa and Luftansa
  111. I485 Denied. What now?
  112. Spouse's H1-B extension based on husband's I-140/I485 app.
  113. On a lighter note
  114. Regarding EAD/AP Travelling Issue
  115. EAD RECEIPT Not Received?
  116. Regarding AP question
  117. EAD renewal
  118. Application for new H1B while I485 is pending
  119. Urgent - Getting Visa Stamped after travelling on AP
  120. Travel before Advance parole approval?
  121. Did not renew EAD
  122. URGENT! Need help
  123. I-140 denial reason not USA enterprise- help!
  124. Paid on a Expired EAD
  125. Question about EAD
  126. H1 to EAD.. Now AP? Status?
  127. G-28
  128. Sept 2009 - Recent EAD and AP experience
  129. Pay Cut vs Severance
  130. Use AP to make trip and re-enter after H1B transfer approved
  131. Maintaining salary above Prevailing wage when on EAD
  132. dependent E-1 with current EAD, filing I-140, i-485
  133. Petition USCIS to remove filing fees for EAD & AP
  134. September EB2 (Waiting for Approval Poll)
  135. Attorney says approved; Online status -not approved
  136. Why we need gc
  137. EAD Approved for only 1 year
  138. AP: How to expedite by phone
  139. Please help -self filing I-485 for spouse.
  140. Travelling job in Canada on EAD
  141. Confusion while accepting job offer
  142. FINRA Exam for H4 Holder
  143. FINRA Exam and Immigration Status
  144. Employer Legally liable for expired EAD of Employee?
  145. AP Renewal - Doc in lieu of I-485 Receipt
  146. michigan attorneys
  147. Is Maintaining a valid AP mandatory?
  148. H1 extension based on pending I485
  149. Using Adavance Parole thru Frankfurt
  150. moving from h4 to ead i 94 expiring on july27
  151. US Resident classification
  152. Reinstating H1/H4
  153. Please help! how can I convince the hiring manager
  154. Business in EAD
  155. 9th year of h1B ending, I-485 still pending, pls advise
  156. Imp : Multiple Jobs on EAD
  157. Overtime for Full time employee
  158. Urgent - Laid off on AOS - Shall i work hourly job(same job desc) using EAD
  159. Clasification EB 2 or 3
  160. With AP, do I need enter and exit US everytime before I travel to adifferent country?
  161. Starting Business with H1
  162. from EAD to GC PL HELP
  163. Appliying for FAFSA while on H4 but having EAD
  164. H1B visa renewal while having EAD
  165. Employment Letter for EAD extension
  166. Advance Parole and Transit thru Dunai in Emirates Airlines
  167. Opening Consulting Co. on EAD: Advice Needed
  168. going to school on EAD
  169. 10th Year H-1B extension while I-485 pending
  170. Urgent help needed- In case of a layoff which is better H1B or EAD
  171. RFE on AP - Help Needed
  172. Filing H1 Transfer and going india
  173. H1-B Transfer Urgent, Is it possible??
  174. Temporary EAD
  175. Work in Canada while 485 is pending and got a approved EAD
  176. Spouse Working on EAD?
  177. EAD to H1b
  178. H1B or EAD
  179. Help me please with advance parole
  180. Continue to work on H1B or Switch to EAD?
  181. I-485 Part 2
  182. Healthcare Informatics
  183. EB1 route
  184. Primary applicant on EAD - Taking 6 month vacation
  185. Can I run a small business with EAD?
  186. Working for state of california
  187. Is it right time to travel in AP?
  188. Traveling during H1B Extension process
  189. Bringing new born kid to US while AOS is pending
  190. Please advise! Complex question on current status of my spouse!
  191. Buying house on 485
  192. Can one use AP as backup to H1 VISA?
  193. incorrect prority date on 140 , GC approved and has correct prority date on 485
  194. July '07 filer | Moving after 485
  195. i-94 expiring on AOS/EAD
  196. 485 approved and H1 B extension pending
  197. request your advise.
  198. Entered on AP wife going for H4 Stamping
  199. On EAD : 1099 or W2
  200. Can I work on H-1B for one company and EAD for another
  201. EAD renewal or brand new
  202. Worked after EAD expired - Options
  203. Future GC and AC21
  204. Help : Travel plans from 23rd & RFE mail today
  205. AP filing instructions
  206. Pls Help - EAD CPO, No physical card yet -ok to work ?
  207. Travel to Puerto Rico
  208. I-94 Question
  209. Attended 485 Interview yesterday
  210. Immigration check: Driving license denied(H4 --> EAD)
  211. Replacement EAD - Different Validity
  212. Used Ead for 5 days H4 status in question
  213. Options in case of job loss on AC21
  214. Can I apply for H1 extension while I-485 is pending?
  215. H4 Validity when EAD already used.
  216. Any body got 2 year Advance Parole from NSC?
  217. Travelling on AP via Dubai: Advice
  218. Going back to school on AOS/EAD after layoff from job
  219. AP renewal pending and I-94 about to expire
  220. EAD to H1B
  221. EAD extension not yet received. Can I still work on H1
  222. Company Closing in about a month
  223. Anyone traveled via Brussels with AP recently
  224. H4 extension & AOS
  225. What are the effects of going on vacation when finding a job is difficult?
  226. H1-B Transfer vs EAD
  227. Travelling to India while AP is Pending.
  228. Ead or H1
  229. Entered on H4, Working on EAD, Reentry on H4, use EAD ?
  230. H1b will expire and no stampin, EAD not yet applied, can one come back using AP alone
  231. Travel to home without AP ???
  232. Lost job before enter US with AP? H1B renewal invalidates AP?
  233. AP travelling
  234. H1B renewal beyond 6yrs? 140 approved, 485 pending, EAD
  235. travel through uk
  236. EAD or H1b
  237. Can anyone get H1 after EAD
  238. EAD - Contract Position ..
  239. USICS status online - AP/EAD
  240. H1 and EAD
  241. student loan for 3 yr MBA with EAD/AP or 797
  242. In a Limbo....any hope ?
  243. Possible layoff-looking for a job
  244. Freelance / Individual Contractor on EAD
  245. Delay in processing AP and Travel
  246. "Approved" EAD not yet received - What should I do?
  247. RFE on advance parole
  248. I485 Pending with EAD and AP
  249. I-485 pending, Advanced education options
  250. H1 or EAD, New baby, Stress at work