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  1. EAD not filed but I-485 and AP filed
  2. LUD on AP, Finally
  3. Have EAD, Can I study fulltime?
  4. EAD and HOT IT Technologies in Job Market
  5. part time job options with EAD
  6. How to start a LLC?
  7. Have h1b and EAD and want to change job
  8. Travelling with my AP and H4 for son
  9. AP approved for my wife and but not me
  10. Employer wont accept EAD.
  11. Is there any known issues if I use misspelled EAD to work
  12. H-1 and EAD question
  13. Infopass Appointment?
  15. H1-ead-h1
  16. Using Infopass...
  17. Applying SSN means using EAD ?
  18. EAD and profile change
  19. Name mis-spelled on EAD: Planning to use it for work
  20. traveling using AP
  21. Please Update AP approvals from NSC
  22. H4 - H1 (in-process) - EAD
  23. AP approvals from NSC in August filing?
  24. Rescind ITIN after getting SSN
  25. EAD and Impact on H-1B Status for EB-485 Applicants in H-1B Nonimmigrant Status
  26. a suggestion to IV core for EAD
  27. H4-ead
  28. Issues: Spouse using EAD before I-140 approval
  29. Using EAD when staus is Card Production Ordered
  30. Various lawyer's opinions on using both H1b and EAD together
  31. EAD H1 and SSN
  32. OPT EAD or i-485 EAD
  33. Marriage after filing 485
  34. H1 forego for EAD and then reinstate
  35. When to renew EAD, if you are not using it and keeping H1.
  36. EAD & Driving License (CA)
  37. What if - H1 Stamping denied but have AP
  38. Corin Memo 05/16/00, Use AP Continue H1
  39. Moonlighting on EAD. Part-time projects on top of fulltime
  40. Problems associated in using Advance Parole for re-entry (instead of a visa stamp)
  41. Problems associated in using Advance Parole for re-entry (instead of a visa stamp)
  42. EAD related Questions
  43. Interim EAD
  44. Can H4 with EAD apply for jobs that requires PR?
  45. SSN EAD & Credit History
  46. Can I-485 filed dependents attend full time college?
  47. Summary of EAD and SSN relationship
  48. Will Job Type change within the same employer affect/break filed I485 and GC case?
  49. SSN based on EAD card.
  50. Questions????
  51. Re-entering US using Advance Parole with expired H1B visa
  52. Incorrect birth date on EAD card
  53. AP Denied for Spouse
  54. Valid H1B, Got EAD?
  55. H1 extension beyond 6th year- for secondary applicant of 485
  56. Direct Air Transit visa (DATV) requirments with AP?
  57. AP document
  58. Start your own business on EAD or start a business owned by dependents on EAD, risks
  59. Ead
  60. Can second Labor app be filed after filing I-485?
  61. Starting a new corporation on EAD
  62. AP processing times at TSC
  63. Individual contracting on EAD - Tax payment
  64. EAD Received. What now?
  65. Marriage after 485 filing
  66. Pending SSN while AOS
  67. EAD / Salary on a Percentage basis
  68. Am I out of Status? Got EAD but My H1 got denied!!! Need Help...
  69. Student status after AOS application
  70. EAD question
  71. Filing 485 and EAD for a wife on H4
  72. Things to do after EAD
  73. H1-vacation-EAD.. Out of Status??
  74. 8th year H1B Extension?
  75. EAD , can spouse use EAD and primary applicant still maintain H1B status
  76. H-1B extension after 6 yrs OR Use EAD
  77. EAD Usability
  78. AP -Filing questions
  79. Can AP be used for travel even with no job?
  80. Leaving US after applying for SSN
  81. H-1 to H-4 after getting EAD??
  82. Urgent Advice needed: Pls help
  83. H1 expiring in few days, 485/ap/ead filed, no receipt ! ** * HELP * **
  84. H4 to H1 and back to H4 question
  85. Interim EAD
  86. Full time + Part time job/Self Employment after 180 days
  87. Ap received, H1 expired, do i need to renew my h1 visa to get a h4 if i marry ?
  88. Waittime for SSN application after EAD?
  89. H1 and EAD
  90. I-9 ???
  91. Who get I131 Approval and RFE?
  92. changing clients
  93. AP approval received, H1 expired August, Do I need a transit visa ?
  94. Is H1 counted in the quota upon approval or when its validity begins
  95. EAD & Tax - Spouse Work Related Question
  96. wife's H1 is on the way and also filed for EAD
  97. Work after filing 485 without extending H1 or without EAD..
  98. EAD to work for the same employer
  99. Change to Consular Processing after filing 485?
  100. EAD received along with receipt notice?
  101. EAD, SSN and H4 status
  102. Receipt Notice after travelling
  103. After Filing 485
  104. Travel after 485 is filed
  105. H4 extension for spouse after filing 485
  106. Physicians- EAD vs H1, J1
  107. can i have AP mailed to me if I am out of country
  108. Applying SSN with EAD
  109. Is EAD a status like H1 and H4?
  110. F1 using AP, EAD and apply H1
  111. Can one transfer from J1 to EAD?
  112. Starting a corporation on H1
  113. H1 extension criteria after filing of 485?
  114. EAD after 90 Days?
  115. 485, 131, 765 Applied - Can we travel
  116. Out-of State Learner's permit
  117. Expediting EAD for H-4 spouse
  118. EAD and AP filed, employer confusing with 8th year extension of H1 and H4
  119. Once 485 filed, does priority date matter ?
  120. What can and can't be done with EAD?
  121. EAD used! Can I get a new H1B?
  122. Urgent Help needed
  123. SSN after receiving EAD
  124. Work in Canada after filing I-485
  125. Attending full time school on a pending I-485
  126. H-1B Extension & I-485 Different Employers
  127. H1B or EAD when on H4 with I-485 pending?
  128. what is the advantage/disadvantage of applying for EAD
  129. EAD and H1
  130. EAD Benefits Thread: