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  1. Am I still eligible for H1B extension?
  2. Can I change job with EAD while wating for my I485
  3. USing EAD while I-140 and I-485 pending
  4. Travel & EAD
  5. Travel to India - Advisable or not
  6. Send Reminder to USCIS.
  7. Work abroad after 485 filing - AOS pending more than 180 days
  8. Going back on H1B after expiry
  9. Indian Passport renewal at Houston
  10. Without employment after filing I-485
  11. Name Spelling in Birth Cert and Security Check
  12. H4 invalidated
  13. Emergency AP ?
  14. Any IV members living in Windsor working in Detroit ?
  15. Work in India after 485 filing
  16. Better Hourly Rates after EAD. Possible??
  17. Incorporating a company
  18. Bad AP Entry experience
  19. After getting GC...
  20. H1B transfer - travel - go? or no go?
  21. AP (vs) H1B - Hidden Danger
  22. Can we work on K1 Tax
  23. EAD/ work on 1099
  24. Working for Own Company on EAD - EB3I-06
  25. Travel Question...Please help
  26. H1B to EAD
  27. driver licence renewal
  28. DL renewal with EAD
  29. EAD - Social Security Tax
  30. Can using an AP invalidate the H4 status ?
  31. EAD and job responsibilities for dependent
  32. Changing Employer H1b transfer not filing AC21
  33. EAD, Awaiting 485 approval, Laid-off
  34. Card production ordered and traveling tomorrow
  35. Will I abandon my H1 if I travel using EAD?
  36. Question on receipt date/notice date
  37. EAD expiring do i need to leave my current job
  38. How soon can I leave the employer after I get my GC
  39. EB2 2004 PD - got 2 yr EAD extn - FYI
  40. Got engaged - Now PD gets current
  41. EAD Applied and Travelling on AP
  42. E-mail Sequence notifying GC Approvals
  43. NJ Driving licence renewal on EAD
  44. Location Constraints Using EAD
  45. Security clearance
  46. Full time study after GC
  47. Job Change
  48. Kansas court upholds noncompete clause enforceability
  49. OPT and I-485
  50. Two H1-B during WARN period
  51. I-485/ EAD for Spouse on H1-B doing Waiver
  52. EAD and Domestic Travel within USA
  53. Using AC21 and Refiling EB AOS
  54. H1 Vs. EAD
  55. Used AP
  56. Traveling after amending H1 - Have old stamping
  57. Can work on EAD while holding H4 Visa??
  58. H1 to EAD impact!
  59. I have a EAD.Can I Study Full Time
  60. Would I 94 extension be required?
  61. Can i work if EAD is not renewed within time
  62. EAD fiasco 2008!
  63. Best way to switch employers after EAD
  64. Travel at H1-B renewal time
  65. FNU issue
  66. Fellowship in EAD
  67. Changing jobs or promotion with same employer
  68. Can children travel alone on AP?
  69. Job title to work on EAD different from Labor cert. job title
  70. Switching Employer based on EAD
  71. EAD Job change Questions- Please advise
  72. Travel after I-485, apply for AP (and EAD) or not?
  73. Renewal of EAD applied 122 days earlier
  74. AP approved but not recieved
  75. I94 validity
  76. EAD renewal Q15 for person on H4 using EAD
  77. Can I Apply for AP only when needed ?
  78. How to travel on AP when online status for I-485 is approved
  79. AOS to Consular Processing - options and implications
  80. Working in both H1 & EAD
  81. Switching from H4 to EAD
  82. UK Transit Visa
  83. 485/EAD/AP applied while on F1. Finished Master and Now What?
  84. EAD and Remote Part-time job
  85. Can enter again in H4 after using EAD
  86. Query about foreign degree evaluation services
  87. Longer stay on AP?
  88. Sending 11 Yr old child to India on AP
  89. H1B Vs. EAD/AP
  90. does applying for advance parole revoke H4B Visa
  91. Advance Parole Renewal When out of USA
  92. Possible RFE in spouse's H1 ext and 485 applied.Complicated case
  93. No FP yet.July Filer Renewing EAD
  94. Guidelines for H1 transfer while 485 pending
  95. Working with EAD on 1099
  96. working in india while on EAD
  97. Can I claim unemployment compensation while I485 pending?
  98. Please help!!!
  99. URGENT: Applying for H-4 Extension after using EAD
  100. Can dependent on EAD apply for new H1-B?
  101. Switching between H1 and EAD
  102. Job change on EAD
  103. increase in salary while waiting for AOS
  104. CPA references in SoCal
  105. EAD - Unrestricted?
  106. WFH - any ideas
  107. EAD Vs H4 Extension
  108. while h1b extension is pending...some questions......
  109. Can EAD spouse do permanent job + freelancing
  110. Part time H1 and full time on EAD
  111. Working/attending school for H4 while on EAD
  112. Need suggestions on career change.
  113. H1B Re-Stamping in India after 485 filed
  114. Work Independently on EAD
  115. How long is the line for EAD renewal
  116. Best Options to come back to US ( H1b, AP , H4)
  117. can i practice on EAD?
  118. residency training on EAD and have H1b approved aside??
  119. Security Clearance for Job on EAD
  120. Mrs. Murthy Advise: Travel While in H1B status and Pending I-485
  121. medical residency on H1 after being on AOS ?
  122. Moving ...
  123. H1B I-94 and AP I-94
  124. Travelling on AP with an Approved H1-B
  125. received EAD but working on OPT, should I apply H1B?
  126. Travel on AP while H1B ext pending
  127. Any benefit if wife works on H1 instead of EAD?
  128. One job in H1B and another using EAD at the same time
  129. AP for dependent recd but Primary Apppending
  130. Wife on H-1b - beenficiary of I485/EAD/AP -Can she quit and still maintain status?
  131. EAD and future i485 adjucation
  132. EAD - and STRESS level:
  133. EAD to H4
  134. EAD to H4 some questions please
  135. Can I leave my H1B expire and rely soley on EAD/AP?
  136. Traveling on AP while H1 Pending
  137. AP Experience on Feb 22nd
  138. has anyone used automatic visa revalidation?
  139. Starting a company on EAD ?
  140. H4 working on EAD -travel issues -URGENT
  141. Enter on AP with H stamp on passport
  142. Can 485 be invalidated on use of H1B
  143. Question abt AC21
  144. Marriage after I-485 Filing
  145. Is EAD renewal 180 or 120 days prior to expiry date ?
  146. Should Apply for SSN or ITIN for 3 year kid ?
  147. New position in the same company... Is EAD needed
  148. automatic visa revalidation
  149. H-1B Traveling With Advance Parole
  150. Acuisition by another company
  151. i am on H1 status,485 pending, got EAD/AP but not using it.
  152. H1 pharmacist with EAD
  153. Ead Vs H1-b
  154. H1B extension and AP
  155. I485 and EAD submitted - what next?
  156. H1 after using AP
  157. need help to get visit visa for canada,appointment for H-1b stamping
  158. Forgot to give I 94 when I went to India
  159. advantages of staying in HIB ( and not using EAD)
  160. I140 NIW EB2 approved. Can i work anywhere?
  161. want to stamp H1-B in canada on pp, need help with procedure
  162. AP approved want to visit pakistan but scared
  163. EAD question
  164. Necessary to renew EAD?
  165. L1 petetion, visa I-94 expiring. H1 visa dilemma
  166. Am I out of status ? Cancelled H1 on EAD
  167. I-485 reciepts issue.
  168. EAD Question
  169. H1B transfer & pay stubs
  170. L1B to New H1-B conversion
  171. EAD - H1 .. Subject to cap?
  172. H1-B no paystubs and travelling on AP
  173. About to use EAD - Backup H1
  174. H4 visa reject if husband's name has a hit?
  175. H1 visa stamping in mexico
  176. EAD and USCIS
  177. EAD, AP Do i need h1-b visa
  178. Can I stop working ??
  179. 140 pending - Depedant applying SSN based on EAD
  180. Now that we are clear abt H1-B and AP travel there arises one discussion
  181. Chennai consulate - H4 Visa practice for AP used husbands
  182. EAD use and wife's status
  183. Use EAD for first time as independent contractor
  184. EAD Card question-
  185. Experts please help !
  186. AOS to H1 transfer
  187. International airlines experience in this thread...please share experience
  188. Travelling on AP and Singapore Airlines
  189. Reg working on EAD and EAD Renewal
  190. OPT->485->h1b
  191. POLL: starting own company
  192. what to bring to appointment for AP?
  193. Used Old I-94 while leaving US - what are the Consequences???
  194. H1B Extension after travelling on Advance Parole
  195. Using husband's AP -- Will it affect my H1B
  196. What is the diff. between Working on W2 vs Full time employment (using EAD) ?
  197. How about converting AOS to Consular processing
  198. emergency AP?
  199. Best reasons for AP
  200. Bringing wife after using Advance Parole
  201. Filed 485 as dependent, if spouse quits GC process, is my 485 app still valid?
  202. Independent company on EAD
  203. Working part-time on EAD
  204. Need clarification while dependent working on EAD
  205. advice needed
  206. Tax benefits on EAD
  207. Scenario while re-entering on AP
  208. Case Transfered I485
  209. dependent using EAD can apply for a new H1b?
  210. H1-B after 6 yrs
  211. H4-F1- AP ( Planning to Travel to India)
  212. LUD on I-485
  213. Planning to live in Windsor, Canada while I-485 is pending and work in detroit
  214. H1B visa, advance parole
  215. I-140 Not Approved, Travel Advised / Not, H1b not Stamped
  216. Using AP as dependant and working on my H1
  217. AC21 portability
  218. I-94 after 485 filing
  219. New information for AP and H1 combination
  220. Getting Married After Filing I-485
  221. Wife on H1, pending 140/485/EAD/AP but not yet working
  222. Work from abroad when I-485 is pending
  223. Use of AP or H1b Stamp
  224. spouse on H4 can work on EAD when I-140/485 IS pending?
  225. My I-94 Expired on Feb2007
  226. Extending H1-B 9th yr/2 pending I-140's
  227. Reentry with A/P while H1 is still valid
  228. better travel option?
  229. No stamp on AP
  230. Starting a business
  231. what's my status?
  232. Travel without AP and want to comeback on H1/H4 visa
  233. Recived EAD waiting for Fingerprinting and Travel Document
  234. AP Approved not received yet
  235. Ap - how many times can it be used?
  236. How many are considering moving to EAD ?
  237. Can spouse retain H4 status after working on EAD in case 485 is rejected
  238. H1 to EAD to H1...my head hurts
  239. H1B Stamping after applying for EAD and AP
  240. 150 days and still no EAD
  241. i-131 - traveling with pending application
  242. 1099 or S-Corp on EAD
  243. Different Statuses on I-131
  244. Duplicate copy of h1b -- pls advice
  245. Marrying a non-US citizen after getting Green Card
  246. Moving to India within same company- Please help.
  247. Can i file H1b after working on EAD for 1 years
  248. EAD Still Waiting for Approval
  249. Visa Stamping after EAD but moved company on H1
  250. Using AP...