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  1. Need some clarifications - I485 denied
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  14. Green Card Received in the US while I'm in India
  15. Planning to travel in the 1st week of Oct, while 485 dates are current
  16. Travel on AP while I-140 withdrawn
  17. Leaving U.S.
  18. Travel between jobs - AP/H1B
  19. recent experience via Brussels to India using AP
  20. Infopass Experience at Newark to obtain emergency AP
  21. Priority Dates on I-797C notice of action
  22. Travelling through Frankfurt on AP
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  24. Airpot transit VISA requirement for SWISS AIRPORT
  25. Recent Experiences on AP/EAD Combo Card at POE(Newark NJ)
  26. Approved EAD/AP for I-485 while I was abroad to get H1B stamp with 221g Admin Process
  27. Stamping on AP combo card while entering US
  28. Please help - strange situation when re-entered US using AP
  29. Traveling on AP for 2.5 months
  30. Denied entry on AP
  31. Traveling on Advance Parole (AP) through Frankfurt
  32. Transit thru Moscow with AP
  33. Is EB3 I485 based AP different than EB2 485 based AP?
  34. Advance Parole experience at Phoenix Airport
  35. Follow to Join (on 485)
  36. Re-entry with new employer
  37. AP Renewal in Embassy(India- Chennai)?
  38. Travel to Dominican Republic on AP
  39. AP Renewal Expediate - How to create a SR#
  40. Travel within the us past ICE check point
  41. Travel preparation to India self on AP, Kids on H4
  42. Green card approved for my wife while she is india
  43. Travel back to the country when AP is pending
  44. Travelling through AMASTERDAM & ATV
  45. Datv
  46. I-485 rejected - what to do next?
  47. Travelling when i485 pending
  48. I485 Pending & Urgent Travel to INDIA
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  50. EAD/AP card without finger print
  51. EAD/AP card without finger print
  52. Travelling through London Heathrow
  53. Traveling on AP First Time - need advice
  54. Travelling Qatar Airways on AP
  55. Re-using stamped AP
  56. Out of US, 485 approved, Valid AP
  57. Travel Outside USA before getting AP
  58. Advance Parole - Chennai to Chicago Via Abu Dhabi - Etihad
  59. priority date while in india due to h1b restamping rejection
  60. Kid travelling to India with New US Passport but OCI is on Expired US Passport.
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  65. Applying AP from India
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  67. PD current - wife travelling out of country
  68. AP travel? Can I
  69. Please share your recent AP experience at IAD
  70. Using AP & H4 together for travel
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  72. Re-entry permit, FP rejected, traveling soon
  73. I-94 Validity during 485/EAD and Advance Parole
  74. Applied EAD - Need to Travel before Biometrics
  75. Gave up, left US, but AoS Approved
  76. conflicting parole dates on AP
  77. Travel after filing I-485.
  78. Travel experience through Frankfurt with AP
  79. How long UK transit visa takes after sending documents?
  80. Emergency Travel -- Havenot received Physical card yet
  81. Need Travel Advise for Visa stamping
  82. Travel on AP When H1B Extension is Pending
  83. Travel while passport expiry date close
  84. Travelling on AP while in between jobs
  85. Traveling on Emergency AP
  86. Canadian PR, I485 Pending in US, AP/H1B
  87. Experiences: Travel to Canada on AP
  88. Travel advice for EB2 PD of Jan 2007
  89. travel with AP while h1b extension pending
  90. H4 dependet travelling while primary applicants I485 PD becomes current
  91. Urgent : AP Approved but not received
  92. Returning on AP after using AC21 two times; travelling first time after 11 years
  93. AP (I-131) approved but not received
  94. In EAD - Baby Born in India
  95. AP Renewal Please Help
  96. AP Delays at TSC
  97. Cancun Travel on AP
  98. Re-Enter USA with Advance Parole expiring in 2 Days
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  100. AP question
  101. Transit Visa need to Travel Via-Germany
  102. My (+ve) experience using AP at CLT- Dec 31
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  106. URGENT! Emergemcy AP denied! USCIS officer says approved. Online doesn't show!!
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  108. AP Background Check
  109. AP Experience at Newark Airport (Nov 17)
  110. What are the Airline restrictions for EAD/AP travel?
  111. Incorrect A# on AP, applied at NSC
  112. Emergency AP @ Irving, TX office
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  114. EAD Renewal RFE - On vacation outside country
  115. Question -San Francisco Indian passport Renewal Proof of Residence and Notary
  116. travelling on AP via london (LHR airport)
  117. Owning a house after GC application is abandoned?
  118. Passport Validity requirements with Advance Parole
  119. Transit visa for Germany - weired situation
  120. AP's Date Issued is Nov. 21, 2010
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  123. URGENT: Experts pl. help… approved but outside US and AP expiring too…
  124. Need Parole stamp on I-94
  125. Left my job and the US 11 months ago, now approved
  126. Travel on AP - experience at Minneapolis
  127. Can H1 with EAD work in Canada?
  128. AP Multiple Entry Question
  129. Travel on AP
  130. Business Visa vs Tourist Visa
  131. Spouse AP RFE - Self Filed (e-Filed) - Please Suggest
  132. I-485 approved and wife's not linked/filed
  133. Can I travel on old AP while new AP is pending
  134. Urgent help - expediting AP (Medical Emergency)
  135. Urgent help
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  140. Urgent travel, AP expiring 30-Aug-2010
  141. Need help
  142. Entering on AP for first time
  143. Can you enter on H1 when green card approved
  144. AP and EAD Processing Time
  145. My Advance Parole Expired before travelling to India and return with Locale Parole
  146. H1B Transfer & Start date
  147. AP expired, got Paroled under "Deferred Inspection"
  148. Is transit visa required for Frankfurt OR Amsterdam ?
  149. Outside US when PD current
  150. Urgent info needed please help
  151. Travelling outside US on EAD / AP
  152. Recent travel experiences on AP
  153. Help-weird AP issue date
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  156. Advance Parole (AP / I-131) fee or no fee?
  157. Expired AP
  158. AP (I131) should be filed at Vermont Service center Starting March 19th 2010
  159. Schengen visa and AP
  160. HELP PLEASE - Unique AP and K1 problem
  161. I-485 Denied. Need help with I-290B
  162. I-485 filing as a Parolee
  163. Maximun period of stay outside US travelling as Legal Permanent Resident
  164. Traveling on AP. Do you need original EAD/ 797 approval notice at entry
  165. Travel while AP and EAD are in process
  166. H4 to EAD can it be done or what else is the work-around
  167. Re enter on AP through road from Vancouver(BC)
  168. Rentry using AP while unemployed
  169. AP Receipt: Name with one extra space???what to do?
  170. Returning to India
  171. Changed the company, re-entering using Advance Parole
  172. Using AP when unemployed
  173. Any experience with EWR POE with AP
  174. Lost EAD
  175. H4 for our kid - We are on AP
  176. applying for AP from out of country
  177. How long is AP renewal taking these days?
  178. AP renewal in Nebraska.Please advise!!
  179. help on reentry permit
  180. Passport expiry when returning on AP to US
  181. Valid AP, but out of country for long time and unemployed
  182. Documents needed while travelling with AP
  183. Travelling on AP to Canada by Car
  184. Advance Parole Validity
  185. AP Question - Urgent.
  186. Travelling with AP with
  187. HOWTO: Emergency Advance Parole
  188. emergency advance parole procedure
  189. Used AP to Re-enter. Do I need to use EAD?
  190. AP travel and more than one stopover in EU
  191. Limit on number of trips on a partcular AP approval ?
  192. Need help regarding transit visa
  193. Cushion for AP Validity when entering US
  194. Dec approval
  195. Time it takes the receive the AP document on Hand?
  196. HELP, PLEASE...Travel without AP
  197. Going On Carribean Cruise with EAD/AP: Do I need transit Visa for british IslandS?
  198. AP experience at Chicago POE
  199. company bought over
  200. Tavelling on AP, Documents to carry
  201. When living outside US, how to maintain I-485 application
  202. Left US ..Will be using APon return but no EAD applied
  203. Using AP for entry at Houston (IAH) for the first time
  204. Need to go out of country on valid AP
  205. I-131 - How do I talk to I/O - HELP !!!
  206. can anyone share AP experience at BOSTON
  207. VERY URGENT:Travelling using AP while GC Current
  208. travel with AP while H1B extension is pending
  209. Urgent issue with Advance parole...pls help!!!
  210. Travel on AP after changing Employer, not filled AC21
  211. Travel While AP is pending
  212. using AP for India and canada PR is in process
  213. Very Urgent-how many days before ap expiry we can enter into usa
  214. Days Before Advance Parole Expiry
  215. Travel using AP
  216. AP-Given on plain paper w/h USCIS stamp at local office
  217. How frequent one can travel on AP, while AOS pending
  218. Advance Parole
  219. Used AP at San Francisco?
  220. Strange situation with AP renewal at TSC
  221. How long is AP renewal taking these days?
  222. Soft LUD at Port of Entry using Advance Parole
  223. Stop over at Abudhabi while traveling on AP
  224. H1 revoked, AC21 not filed and travel in 2weeks
  225. Advance parole and H4
  226. Have anyone traveled with Etihad Arilines?
  227. Travel on AP via Dubai from Emirates
  228. Did anyone successfully travel/reenter after AC21/Addresschange?
  229. How long one can be out of US on AP?
  230. Travelling to Canada
  231. EVL format to show at POE
  232. Use AP for multiple entries
  233. How to renew AP while in India?
  234. AP Rejected
  235. AP Lost when outside the country
  236. Travelling via Amsterdam when I485 pending, with AP
  237. can anyone share AP experience at SFO
  238. traveling out when AP is in process
  239. AP question
  240. Long term stay in India while on AP
  241. Skip the AP renewal
  242. Documents needed for travel along with AP
  243. On EAD - dependent 485 I-94 expring 07/16/2009, AP expiring 08/12/2009, questions !!
  244. long stay out of US, GC application active?
  245. Travelling with AP while on bench
  246. H1B visa stamping while I-485 pending
  247. Using Ap while I-485 pending_H-1b status
  248. Travel on AP (EAD) through Doha, Qatar
  249. Validity date on Renewed AP
  250. AP Question