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  1. AP Question
  2. Can we use stamped AP for multiple entires?
  3. Travel & re-entry with EAD/AP/H1
  4. Travel on AP via Heathrow (London)
  5. How many APs we have show at POE?
  6. Any options for this situation? help!
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  8. Visiting India on AP when pregnant (In third trimester)
  9. Query on US-Ind flight via Frankfurt
  10. Transit thru Dubai in Emirates and AP
  11. Approved I-131 (AP) Soft-LUD?
  12. RFE on 485 while in India
  13. AP/Visitor/Citizen-Together or Separate at POE?
  14. Visiting my family
  15. Question regarding applying Canada visa while I-485 pending/AP in hand
  16. Pending AOS and Expiring I-94
  17. Good to carry documents for AP travelers
  18. Transit Visa to Germany for AP users...Any new requirement???
  19. Can I stay in India for 1 year while on EAD
  20. Help me please with advance parole
  21. AP filing out side US & councilor processing
  22. I-94 stamped just before I 485
  23. Travel on AP.. Shoplifting case
  24. Continue my pending GC while working in India for same employer
  25. Can I leave without Advance Parole while on I485
  26. travel on AP, H1B expired, changed employers
  27. AP lost in mail
  28. Questions on Advanced Parole
  29. Traveling AP without paystubs
  30. Paroled into US. SHould H1B amendment be filed?
  31. Husband might lose job can I continue using my EAD
  32. Travel to Canada on AP
  33. Canada PR - Can I move after 3 years?
  34. Traveling to Mexico. Pls help....
  35. AP Renewal
  36. Ead -> h1b
  37. How to cancel 485 approval when no GC received subsequently
  38. I-485 renewal
  39. I used AP, Can my spouse use H4 to travel
  40. I-20 expired, I-485 pending, travel on AP
  41. Urgent - Travel on AP; changed employer etc
  42. Urgent - has anyone requested uscis to send ap in fedex/ups?
  43. Travel to Mexico - AP expired & working on EAD
  44. Imp.Travel on AP - Experience at POE
  45. Traveled out of Country on h1 & h4, 485 approved for h1 holder but not for h4 holder
  46. Applied AP, CAN I GET H1 stamp without jeapardizing 485?
  47. AP document expired but stamp current - travel?
  48. Ap
  49. Dependent to stay out of USA while AOS is pending
  50. Travel on AP
  51. Travel while AP is pending
  52. Frequent travel to Montreal, Canada for work on AP
  53. AP Expedite proc. InfoPass
  54. Travel on EAD/AP please suggest (port of entry)
  55. what are the documents needed for travel to India on AP?
  56. Urgent need to travel
  57. Need urgent advise: Travel back to the US?
  58. Used Advance Parole and I-94 expired now
  59. Travel related question
  60. Urgent travel to India
  61. AP approval date vs. RFE date
  62. I-485 transferred to National Benefits Centre
  63. Boycott Swiss Airlines
  64. Visa for Entering Canada
  65. Can I travel outside the US on AP when no other status is applicable
  66. Documents required for Spouse travelling on EAD and AP
  67. Question on AP Filing...
  68. H4 Visa Vs Advance Parole for re-entry
  69. Travelling to India while AP is Pending.
  70. in AOS now lost job, should i travel on AP
  71. AP at NSC...
  72. Please Advise ( travel to outside when AP expired and approval pending )
  73. AP application documents?
  74. NIW, 485 pending, H1 visa, how to keep my status if stay outside of the US?
  75. H1B vs Adv Parole for Travel & implications of 485 rejection
  76. Please give suggestion to go on AP
  77. Spouse on H1B travelling with AP
  78. Minimum Passport validity period to enter US
  79. Urgent: How to receive additional AP Original documents?
  80. Name mistake in AP, should i get it corrected
  81. Question regarding AP Renewal , Fingerprinting and Travel
  82. AP Application I131
  83. Advance parole expiry date
  84. Should I travel or not?
  85. RFE on my 485. Proof for presence in india
  86. AP Backlog at NSC
  87. Port Entry at Europe - Problem for Immigrants
  88. Info: Travel with Old AP and Come with new AP !!!
  89. Travel with AP, Implications on H1
  90. Your opinions on my AP scenario please!!!
  91. Domestic Violence Issue
  92. Going to Puerto Rico and a cruise
  93. H4 - Travel outside US - Please help
  94. I-94 expired- AP renewed
  95. Travel out of country for an year
  96. Transit Visa- Air france?
  97. AP dates overlap..How to USE?
  98. AP Travelers Note This
  99. Re-entering with re-newed EAD?
  100. No valid H1-B visa, AP expiring in OCT 08, want to travel in DEC 08
  101. AP & EAD renewal
  102. Question About Travel to India-Please Help, Very Imp!!
  103. Entering US on AP if H1 visa attempt failed at chennai consulate!!!
  104. 8th year H1 restamping, is orig 485 receipt required?
  105. Moving to another country whileAOS is pending...
  106. primary applicant has GC in hand - dependant on AP - Is re-entry complicated ?
  107. Travel after "Card production ordered" but approval/card not received
  108. GC Approved - H1 Extension Pending - Planned on Flying to INDIA within a week
  109. What if GC approved before Travel and No card in Hand
  110. H1 stamping, could something be done about it through IV
  111. Question on Last Port of Entry
  112. Typo in Advance Parole
  113. Spouse going morethan 6 months on EAD/AP....?
  114. Travel while PD current
  115. I485 Pending and travel / stay abroad
  116. URGENT !! AP Travel and I-94
  117. Travel out of country while AP is pending (Have H1-B visa)
  118. AOS and currently out of country
  119. H4 reentry
  120. Urgent - Used AP with Valid H1B Stamping
  121. Planning to use AP on return - what docs to carry
  122. canadian visitor visa when on I-485 with advance parole
  123. Traveling on approved AP after Departure
  124. TRavelling after PD is current and EAD and AP validity
  125. Passport renewal after I-485 filed
  126. Traveling on H1b while priority date is current, is it ok?
  127. Came back on AP successfully
  128. Can I go for my H1 Renewal?
  129. Combined EAD and AP document!!
  130. H1 Stamp after AP
  131. Travelling to Niagara falls (Canada)
  132. Entering on AP which will expire after 12 days.
  133. AP e-file and receipt
  134. Question on h1b & AP - H1B extension got approved while out of US
  135. AP before travelling
  136. Advance Parole Middle name issue - Help
  137. Travel on AP when AP renewal in in process
  138. Is it OK to use AP for Extended vacation??
  139. AP - 1 or 2 years?
  140. Using AP, working on EAD and visiting Canada
  141. I-140 Approved, On H1, Travelling to India
  142. Using AP but not working for GC sponsored employer
  143. 2 AP's which one should i be using?
  144. Any law / memo on status revalidation on reentry ?
  145. 485 Filed, AP expired, H4 re-entry ?
  146. Travelling on AP
  147. Using AP when I-140 is pending.
  148. Wrong date of Birth in the Passport
  149. Finally approved
  150. Reasonable Travel Agency
  151. AP - Name change
  152. Strange Case Scenario - H1 status w/ AP
  153. Can we Travel when EAD renewal pending ??
  154. Cronin Memo
  155. Re-entry 1 week before expiry of AP
  156. re-enter on AP, expiring passport in 5 months
  157. Chennai Visa Appointment
  158. URGENT: Layoff while in INDIA on AP - can I come back? Please HELP
  159. Visa stamping(Form 156)
  160. Another question about Canada, different than previous, what are the risks of travel?
  161. Those who went to apply for Canadian Visa in USA, Where to get police certificate?
  162. Re-entry permit expiring - medical emergency
  163. Traveling using AP .... Changed employer
  164. Expedited AP - does it exist?
  165. When 485 pending, how long a dependent can out of US on AP?
  166. urgent trip to India
  167. H1 stamping after using AP
  168. India Travel during summer..High gas price effect
  169. Returned to LAX, on AP
  170. 485 Approval after being out of US for 1 year - Help!
  171. Returning to India for good
  172. LUDs on all 485, AP, EAD
  173. PIO form ques - SFO consulate
  174. I -94 while leaving USA
  175. Can I be out of this country for 2 yrs: On H1b, 485 pending
  176. Paroled after GC approval, what does it mean?
  177. EAD renewal within 2 months of expiry
  178. Expired H1 stamp, no AP, transit visa needed?
  179. Key West
  180. DHS Proposes Biometric Airport and Seaport Exit Procedures
  181. Relocating back to Asia
  182. Have AP, on EAD, need original I-485 Receipt Notice?
  183. Green Card approved when out of country
  184. Child travelling with a relative to US.
  185. Green Card just approved and now...
  186. Presence in person during EAD Filing
  187. Help needed Strange Situation. Divorce
  188. Living in Canada: need some advice on traveling to U.S
  189. AP vs H-1b stamping - Your valuable inputs are very much appreciated.
  190. 485 denied while travelling. What to do?
  191. Returned on AP
  192. Travel with AP, Pending H1 Extension
  193. Any suggestions.. Travel Document
  194. Travel Experience for H4 approved by Nunc Pro Tunc
  195. Blank passport and Advance Parole for travel
  196. Urgent help -- Travel with AP while H4 extension (and spouse's H1 extension) pending
  197. Passport with expired H1 stamping and expired I94 stolen - Now travelling out of US
  198. Damaged AP
  199. Deferred Inspection
  200. summary of airlines saftey record
  201. Forgot to Submit I-94 while leaving US
  202. I-140 and I-485 pending US JOB ask me to go in europe for 1 year. What do I do?
  203. Error on AP Document - Expiry Date incorrect
  204. travelling on AP/h1 not stamped (have extension)
  205. EAD renewal while outside US
  206. I-94 Form Details- while re-entering US on AP
  207. Travel to Mexico
  208. nikah over the phone
  209. Travelling to Canada: Need some advice
  210. I-485 Approval while traveling outside US
  211. I-485 Filing and travelling out of the country
  212. AP process changed
  213. Urgent :Travel on AP, While H1B transfer pending.
  214. Scheduling Visa Re-validation : Question
  216. Travel outside USA with out AP but with valid H4B visa
  217. Update: Biometric Changes For Re-entry Permits and Refugee Travel Documents
  218. travel to india with ap
  219. Travel to London While on AP
  220. this could be the best bet for anyone!
  221. AP experience on Feb.11.08 at Washington, D.C
  222. Can I travel out of USA on AP
  223. break journey in UK or Malysia
  224. name mismatch on AP
  225. Reentry with US Citizen child. What line to stand in ?
  226. Travel using AP
  227. what will happen if i come to USA on AP after filling for H1-B stamp
  228. Advance parole and I 485 receipt
  229. Jet or Delta - travel experience please?
  230. h1-b stamp pending due to name check using AP
  231. I-485 Approved While Abroad on AP
  232. Photos for Indian Passport
  233. Mexico Travel Visa needed for indian passports??
  234. Travel on AP to non-home country
  235. out of status travel AP (marriage based)
  236. travel on AP without original approval notice of last H1B
  237. H1B/H4 extension after 6 Years, while I485 is pending
  238. Travelling While AP renewal pending
  239. NOT ALLOWED??? transfer H1B after travelling using AP?
  240. Permanent residency permits to flow without all background checks
  241. Out of status - AP
  242. Wife's H1B valid stamped, currently working on EAD, No AP can she travel
  243. Forgot to Give I 94 when went to India
  244. Question on Advance Parole
  245. 485 Receipt for Travel on AP
  246. U.S Customs Seizing Electronics at U.S Borders
  247. Visiting India for 3months on AP
  248. Chicago - Delhi using AP
  249. Urgent - Left USA to India without AP
  250. L2 to H4 Traveling on AP