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  1. Biometrics waived for me?
  2. Eb3- I485 RFE
  3. I-485 Case status updated requesting for more evidence
  4. How many days for 140/485 processing
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  11. Bio metrics with Driving license
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  13. Boston ASC FP early walk in
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  15. Fingerprinting with Henna
  16. Fingerprinting appointment received for 1 1/2 yr old..
  17. FP notice after receiving green card
  18. Finger Printing Notice From NSC
  19. FP notice after 4 years ???
  20. FP Notice - How long
  21. FP question
  22. Got it
  23. i485 rfe for my wife. Please help!
  24. Finger Printing twice
  25. If I file I-140/485 now, then how much more
  26. when do I get fingerprinting notice?
  27. Experience with Early walk-in FP at Boston ASC
  28. NJ senators - any luck?
  29. Time to attend FP...
  30. 485 inventory??
  31. Walkin for fingerprinting
  32. 3rd FP Notice
  33. First time fingerprinting
  34. Fingerprint request when PD is current
  35. I-140 denied in EB2 485 OPen
  36. Time between fingerprint notice and 485 approval
  37. How do i know if my dependent is linked ?
  38. Got a mail from USCIS for my Biometrics
  39. Reason to celebrate.
  40. Finger printing/Biometrics appointments for one I-485 application ?
  41. FP to be done in Austin,TX
  42. Fingertip burned..it's impact on tarvel and GC process
  43. Will my boimetrics notice be on the online status of I-485?
  44. Got GC Cards 9/21, Received new Biometrics Request Today -HELP
  45. I-485 Status Notice
  46. This is how USCIS works?
  47. No 2nd fingerprint notice yet - July filer
  48. Biometrics for I-131 (Advance Parole)??
  49. Dependent received Fingerprint notice and not me
  50. Is this going to be a problem?
  51. 3 Questions about 485 - Fingerprinting, Medical and Soft LUD
  52. Interview? Is it a Standard Part?
  53. On EAD Card Finger Prints not available
  54. Almost didn't get biometrics done
  55. Insight into I-485 delay/approval process? TSC IO: Biometrics "not showing"?
  56. Biometrics process question
  57. I have another question regarding a work permit.
  58. FP Appt. Cancellation notice
  59. New and a bit unsure
  60. URGENT - Biometric Notice after being laid off
  61. Multiple A#s and Multiple 485s anyone?
  62. Biometric Apt.-Customer Service
  63. July 2007 filer soft LUD
  64. I-485 approved
  65. USCIS Biometrics notice
  66. FP Renewal for EB3
  67. RFE for change of address?
  68. Can I walkin for FP in Atlanta ASC
  69. Biometrics appointment.
  70. I-485 Timeline
  71. infopass experience San Jose CA finger printing related
  72. Pending for final decision.
  73. Mortgage/Home refinancing
  74. Card production ordered group: Share your news and details
  75. Case in National Benefits center: Share your experience
  76. Share your I 485 interview experiences
  77. walk in for Finger print
  78. EAD: No Fingerprint
  79. FP done and soft LUD
  80. Walk-in for FP in Boston?
  81. Can i postpone biometrics
  82. Fingerprint Notice ?
  83. New name check again?
  84. infopass appt
  85. How I got my FP? July '07 filer
  86. Fingerprint expiry at adjudication
  87. Sharing Info Pass Experience
  88. FP notice. Confused. Should I be going?
  89. FP Not received yet, PD current, Can I expect GC ?
  90. How often is finger printing
  91. I485 approved
  92. Should there be lud on i-485 if ead/ap appled?
  93. FP at Washington ASC - Can we go prior weekend?
  94. FP at ASC - Different procedures for me and my wife
  95. Infopass in Dallas TX for FP - need help
  96. Will FP notice come again? July '07 filer
  97. Need Suggestion for getting 485 FP during EAD FP
  98. No Finger prints done and dates are current
  99. FP .... WALK IN? Important ...
  100. USCIS reply to my "expedite" SR
  101. FP notice for EAD on a weekend ?
  102. No FP yet but PD is current
  103. Green card for my son
  104. July 2007 Filer, Still waiting for FP notice? Anyone else?
  105. Could well-meaning IV member take a look at my situation
  106. what if biometrics appointment received while abroad
  107. 485 approved , no biometrics done
  108. Second Complete Fingerprints
  109. got Interview Notice with PD March-2007,EB3 India
  110. what genearally happens after fingerprinting
  111. No Fp (tsc)
  112. I-485 Address change mess
  113. FP completed...What Next?
  114. Infopass Experience
  115. Atlanta ACS FP Experience
  116. any experience with"walk in" fingerprinting
  117. finger printing at the uscis dallas ASC
  118. Fingerprinting in the embassy
  119. Kid did not receive FP notice
  120. Unfortunately ..my spouse burnt her finger...FP coming up.
  121. Green Card -What is the waiting time for Adjudication once u are "current" ?
  122. spelling mistake on FP notice for Spouse
  123. Spouse received FP ...I did not ...I am the primary applicant
  124. help for my 90-year old grandmother....
  125. Encouraging news for people still waiting for FP's
  126. FP: out-of-turn processing success
  127. passport expiration and FP
  128. Finger Printing - can I take my kid along with me?
  129. FP Infopass Experience- Dallas
  130. LUD today after FP done yesterday, whats next? plz comment
  131. Infopass for FP
  132. Finger Printing for EAD and 485 seperately or one?
  133. Only spouse received the FP Notice
  134. No Finger Printing(FP)
  135. Spouse FP in a different city
  136. Any Non-transfer CA cases got FP
  137. response to SR
  138. FP Status please vote
  139. Need to reschedule FP one day before the appointment
  140. Missed my finger printing apointment, had to travel due to death in family
  141. Walk-in Bay Area for FP after a missed appointment
  142. USCIS correspondence returned as undeliverbale after AR11
  143. Rescheduling Biometrics appointment twice?
  144. What is the status of I-485 after finger printing?
  145. Fingerprinting Query - Taking Infants
  146. Process after fingerprinting
  147. How to Reschedule to a DIFFERENT city?
  148. What docs for fingerprints and how it will be at the Uscis office?
  149. San Jose Office on Charcot Avenue
  150. Received Appt. letter for FP second time
  151. how to reschedule Finger printing appointment?
  152. 2nd finger print notice
  153. FP for EAD & 485
  154. FP Appointment Question
  155. FP for NSC->CSC->NSC filers
  156. LUD updated without update????
  157. EAD FP Notice Issue
  158. FP - Biometric Appointment FAQ
  159. When is a visa number allocated ?
  160. No LUD since long || No case status over phone
  161. Is biometrics mandatory for EAD?
  162. LUD on 140
  163. 1-800- number not giving status for receipt
  164. How to locate the nearest ASC for FP?
  165. EB3 Bayarea FP pending/rcvd recently - Pls post here
  166. Walk in FP in a different location-how LATE is permissible?
  167. two different A# on two I-485
  168. July filers waiting for FP and did not file a Service Request (SR)
  169. FP not sent for those with no EAD or AP application
  170. Finger printing - cut fingers
  171. FP on day after thanksgiving?
  172. Two LUDs after FP
  173. FP - Change of ASC Location
  174. Just called USCIS Cut Serv and got FP SR confirmation
  175. I-485 status : Fingerprinting fee rejected
  176. Infopass Appointment?
  177. when to call USCIS for FP appointment
  178. Are FP notices delayed for Santa Clara County?
  179. Using Infopass...
  180. Fingerprinting prepone experience in Charlotte, NC
  181. FP notice/appointment mess due to wrong address
  182. Service Request (SR) for FP. Will it help?
  183. Required documents for FP of kids
  184. Let's track FP for July2nd - July 16,2007 filers
  185. Any post July filers successfully rescheduled FP appt??
  186. Finger Printing appointment missed. Is it game over for me!!
  187. FP Match Warning!
  188. FP Scheduled for same date but no FP Notice yet
  189. RFE on AP
  190. Henna/Mehndi on hand.. FP to do?? Please advice
  191. Early Fingerprinting in San Antonio
  192. Memphis ASC Phone #
  193. Finger printing in wrong city
  194. Experience - Finger Print Process
  195. No FP letter yet, Got EAD
  196. Where do you get FP Notice?
  197. I485 Document mailed to applicant
  198. FP notices lost?? (Chicago Area)
  199. FP Notice Not Received - RFE on I131
  200. Uscis will send 1 or 2 notices for finger printing?
  201. Rescheduling FP Appt (Pls help)
  202. EAD error, Country of Birth: USA
  203. Is there a way to find out the FP status from the USCIS?
  204. LUD after FP?
  205. Advise regd FP issue
  206. Any successful FP Walk-ins at Detroit?
  207. Name Typo on FP Notice - Urgent
  208. Fingerprint appointment prepone in Charlotte NC
  209. Change in Location for FP Test
  210. Question regarding FP without original FP notice
  211. Process clarification and some other questions
  212. No Lud Vs 1 Lud Vs 2 Lud after FP
  213. Question Related to finger Printing
  214. Fingerprinting Yesterday, Warning ...Matched
  215. Please need your help
  216. Billing Notice - Your application was received with out the necessary fingerprint fee
  217. Finger Prints - Address Change
  218. How long does it take to get AP after FP?
  219. middle name mispelled
  220. Got EAD But no FP Notice
  221. Request more transparency in 485 processing
  222. Fingerprinting in Buffalo, NY
  223. Fingerprinting at Dallas ASC ?
  224. No LUD update after Fingerprinting
  225. re-schedule the biometric appointment
  226. FP and Wife doesn't have SSN
  227. Fingerprint form
  228. FP done but I-485 LUD not updated
  229. Rescheduling Fingerprint
  230. FP before shcedule or without notice?
  231. Incorrect Last Name in Letter for finger printing
  232. Finger prints messed up! Suggestion : Moisturize your hands.
  233. FP in Charlotte,NC...Has anybody been to this office??
  234. FP at a different ASC from the one on the notice
  235. Fingerprint & Interview
  236. Numbers to call for Fingerprinting status check.
  237. Milwaukee USCIS number
  238. What is the Next step after FP in GC Process
  239. How many times can you reschedule FP appointment
  240. will they still take prints?
  241. First name misspelled on fp notice
  242. Is Newark NJ ASC too busy for fingerprinting appointments?
  243. Which copy of the FP notice should we take for the FP appointment?
  244. Can FP be done in any Indian consulate???
  245. Finger Printing at Detroit, MI Application Support Center
  246. Finger Printing Notice for wife !
  247. Where will the FP notice come
  248. A# different on FP notice and 485 receipt
  249. Spelling error in FP notice
  250. Alias name in FP