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  1. I-140 amendment SII pending at USCIS - can I use AC-21 now to change job ?
  2. I-485 RFE for Revoked I-140 - over 180 days
  3. Abandoning an I140 Appln (By Employee, NOT Employer)
  4. Job offer - AC21
  5. AC21 application for internal job transfers ?
  6. Request 485 To Use Older Priority Date From 2nd I140
  7. I485 pending, under 180 days, company spin off before 180 days
  8. Forgot to submit AC21 and now 4 years with new employer
  9. Please help: AC21 Filing Address for Texas Service Center
  10. URGENT: EAD approved but company being acquired
  11. Impact Of Salary On I-485 / Ac-21
  12. RFE on 485
  13. Approved 140 revoked by USCIS after 5 yrs
  14. Working on EAD and green card denied. Can I go back on H1, that I still have 3 years
  15. Current date
  16. Attorney fee -- RFE Response
  17. W2 and 1099 on EAD...
  18. AC21 relevance?
  19. Using AC21 for same company, different jobs
  20. Starting business on EAD
  21. Moving from Computer software Engineers,Applications to Applications Developer
  22. EB3 to EB2: Different location, same employer
  23. AC21 - Sample EVL Template - W2 Hourly Contract
  24. Pre-Adjustification & RFE chances
  25. AC21 Questions
  26. AC21 Questions
  27. can I apply for B1 VISA to entry the US? Do I have bad record forever?
  28. What consulting firms offer employment on EAD?
  29. Job change when EAD renewal is pending..
  30. Urgent, Help needed for H1B and AC21 issue after losing job pre 180 days limit
  31. Job Change on EAD
  32. Need Offer Letter for AC21
  33. Apply under EB3 to get I485 or wait till EB2 ?
  34. Acquisition , 485 and H1
  35. Moving from Software Engineer to Product Manager position
  36. New job on EAD after 180 days of filing..
  37. AC21. what if no job offer when get RFE
  38. I485 RFE and now PD Unavailable. Process? AC21 possible?
  39. Complex Situation !!!!
  40. EAD & Sponsorship
  41. <Employer Agreement>Can AC21 Be invoked ?
  42. Mutilple jobs before 180 days of I485 filing
  43. Change of job with new position
  44. AC21 before 180 days of filling I485
  45. AC-21 Company/DHS obligations -potentially?
  46. AC21 and SIC i140 pending
  47. Filing AC-21 multiple times?
  48. AC21 portability for derivative AOS ? (Primary applicant has greencard)
  49. EB2-I No EAD still join here
  50. I485 Pending , EAD Approved Promotion/Title change with same employer
  51. < 180 days of I-485. Got EAD. Employer closing down the site
  52. I 485 Interview -- Denied Options
  53. can 485 be applied with old employer
  54. NOID on I-485
  55. Trying to find a good attorney
  56. Need advice
  57. Any chance of relocation while filing i485?
  58. I140 reaffirmed
  59. I-485 approval
  60. Filed AC 21 after 180 days, previous employer out of Business
  61. Not filing AC21 - Implications?
  62. Switched employer after 180 days of I-485 filing
  63. PD current, joined new employer on AC21
  64. Multiple GC tracks, None with I-485....H1B transfers beyond 6 years??
  65. Job Change - Impact on Spouse's EAD
  66. "Stay with employer after GC" question
  67. PD around the corner and new job
  68. I-485 denied, reason unlawful, please help
  69. I-485 deniel notice - Need AC21
  70. Need advice on AC 21 - typical scenario
  71. PD current, have a new similar(better) job opertunity, on H1, Can i change jobs ?
  72. NOID after RFE response
  73. EB3 India - ?
  74. Switching Job using EAD
  75. Urgent:EAD delays.. opened a customer req
  76. AC-21 Filing
  77. EB3 to EB2 Port (Substitue Labor - PD - APRIL 2004)
  78. Can 5 days gap in job change be a problem?
  79. How does this work?
  80. Job Change on EAD when PD is 4 months away
  81. Changing jobs in <180 days after I485
  82. EB-3 to EB-2 Interfiling: List of documents
  83. I-140 Withdrawn by former employer - AC21 not done
  84. RFE on I-485
  85. question on I-140 portability.
  86. AC-21 Job promotion with different title
  87. Returning on AP after using AC21 two times; travelling first time after 11 years
  88. Invoking AC21 to Original employer
  89. Need Advice on EAD, AC21
  90. Same or similar job for AC21
  91. AC21..GC filed as future employee
  92. Pre-adjudicated; awaiting visa number
  93. New Contract job on W2 & Spouse with original Employer
  94. Moving from H1B to EAD with a new company
  95. Need advice on AC21
  96. Porting JOB on EAD - What is "similar role and responsibility"
  97. Porting on EAD - stringent conditions imposed by the potential employer
  98. AC-21 Need to Inform USCIS..Any Forms?.
  99. Porting on EAD
  100. Changed GC employer with EAD
  101. About to get laid off, Need some advice ..
  102. I-140 approved, 485 filed in July 2007, GC sponsring compnay closing down
  103. NOID for 140 withdrawn cases ? AC21 Filed.
  104. Can one file AC21 say today and then another one after two days because of new job
  105. AC 21 and H1b Extension
  106. Question on G28
  107. How to find DOT/SOC code for AC21
  108. What is national Benefits Center?
  109. recommendation attorney - Florida
  110. input- filing Fed Case aganist USCIS
  111. Need attorney references for I485 take over
  112. Want to change job with EAD
  113. AC21 & H1-B transfer
  114. Worth going back to original employer ?
  115. Good attorney in Boston with AC21/MTR experience
  116. Moving after applying for I-140 and 485?
  117. I-129 Status Update
  118. File AC21 with G28 ?
  119. AC21 Advice
  120. Forms/Docs required for AC-21
  121. Is it safe to move to new job using H1-B transfer or EAD ? AC21 submissiom is MUST?
  122. I-140 approved- Can I get promoted into new position in the same company?
  123. PD current/Job Change/AC21 not yet?
  124. EB3 to EB2... gurus please help!!! urgent!!
  125. can PD be ported?
  126. Expert Advise needed EB3 to EB2
  127. any approval for cases where I-140 was withdrawn?
  128. change job/company
  129. EB3 to EB2 Porting (with pending EB3 485)
  130. Missed the July 2007 I-485 filing opportunity. Could I expect a remedy?
  131. what in the world is "temp W2"? Why has my new employer denied to file AC21?
  132. Traveling on Advance Parole but did not file AC21
  133. List of questions for Infopass (for case where date current - EB2-I)
  134. Tricky Situation..Need Urgent Advice!!
  135. Partial ownership in startup / LLC on H1B
  136. AC21 portability - Engineer to Program Manager?
  137. H1b vs EAD, new job offer, optional choice from HR
  138. About to invoke AC21 - last date to renew H1B ?
  139. After filing 485, Is AC21 emp chang is legal only for EAD or H1B as well?
  140. AC21 - W2 Contract
  141. AC21 - Self Employment
  142. Travelling on AP
  143. RFE for Employment Verification
  144. AC 21 - Travelling on AP
  145. Attorney: "REQUIRED to maintain H1"
  146. AC21 - Future Employment
  147. How to get Indian Passport Officer on phone in Washington DC
  148. Received RFE letter in the mail after 3 weeks :(
  149. Suggestions on my case ...
  150. RFE on I-485 while Porting EB3 to EB2
  151. FedEx as an employer for Ac21/EAD/GC or H-1B
  152. Impact of AC 21 Portability filing due to company name change
  153. Major company "EAD" not acceptable
  154. AC-21 Job Change within IT
  155. AC-21 question.
  156. Invoked AC 21- My former employer is notifying USCIS about my resignation
  157. AC21 sent, no LUD so far!
  158. Need your advice
  159. Using AC-21 -R&D Engineer to Technical Marketing Engineer?
  160. Leaving job after updating existing 485 filing with new (EB2) I-140 approval
  161. How to find out minimum experience requirement for already approved labor
  162. Approved I140 and NOIR
  163. Company name changed...will it affect travelling with AP/H4?
  164. What are the options if you lose job while I485 is pending
  165. AC21-Working on W2-Hourly rate-EVL
  166. Anyone noticed LUDs on their I-140 lately?
  167. I485 denied email - with LUD on I140
  168. Lost jobs on H1 with EAD/140 approved and 485 pending since 2007 - my options?
  169. Deloitte - Joining using AC21/EAD
  170. AC21-Anybody from Cisco?
  171. USCIS Update 20100120: I-140, AC21, SuccessorInInterest SII
  172. Switching to EAD - multiple jobs (same field)
  173. Purpose AC21 portability
  174. dependent EAD vs principal AOS
  175. LLC -Business Insurance
  176. AC21 h1 transfer RFE, quit old company - please help
  177. I-140 Approved, EAD renewal requirements
  178. E-Verify & EAD
  179. Applied AP renewal and got Case reopened on old employer H1B
  180. Urgent !!! H4 using EAD, invalidates it?
  181. laid-off, want to enjoy life a little bit, but....
  182. AC21 - Employment Letter
  183. Labor certificate with new tobe employer
  184. is this a good sign?
  185. New Employment on EAD
  186. Confused - use EAD or not ....
  187. Replacing I-140 from a different employer for filed I-485
  188. Visa recapture
  189. Company attorney vs own attorney
  190. Thank CIS Ombudsman for help
  191. AC21 - possible EVL RFE questions
  192. What is Pre Decision Unit?
  193. Invoking AC21??
  194. Ac21
  195. AC21 - Systems Analyst - DBA
  196. Herrera v. USCIS Rules That Revocation Of I-140 Petition Trumps Portability
  197. Promotion/job change during pending I485
  198. Is hourly rate ok on Employment Letter
  199. 485 RFE- Urgent Help needed
  200. AC 21 vs Labor substitution-- urgent
  201. Urgent !!! AC21 Job Title and Description
  202. PD current & Address and Job change
  203. Urgent!! Please help!! AC21 & amend H1B
  204. question about soc job code for AC21
  205. AC21 - H1 to EAD - Travel to India..
  206. RFE Response time window
  207. Need some serious advice
  208. Anyone attended 485 interview in fairfax/Washington field office
  209. document for AC 21
  210. AC-21 and promotion
  211. Porting Eb3 to Eb2
  212. Address change
  213. Lawyer Recommendation - NYC Area
  214. EB3 to EB2 after job change on EAD
  215. EAD job Change
  216. Effects of H1b Transfers during AOS
  217. 485 initial interview,AC21 not filed-Any one similar situation
  218. what if ac21 job requires fewer qualifications
  219. Career growth and AC21
  220. Jobless on EAD
  221. Can one not use EAD for primary job any more?
  222. Change the type of job on EAD
  223. Need expert advice AC21 portability
  224. Does AR11 change of Address trigger RFE for EVL?
  225. AC21 timing
  226. 1099 on EAD
  227. I-485 EVL RFE and response options
  228. Please help! how can I convince the hiring manager
  229. received '485 intent to deny letter' for revoking i140 that never happned.
  230. AC21 Job Chnage
  231. Concurrent filing- was pending forpast 180 days- lost job, unapproved I-140 withdrawn
  232. I-140 unapproved, past 180 days withdrawn and I-485 denied- Concurrent filing- AC21
  233. Switch back from EAD to H1B
  234. I-485 Denied just before I-140 Approved (Appeal)
  235. Changing employers multiple times on EAD
  236. Please suggest an Attorney
  237. Address Change ....
  238. Advice needed: AC21 and travel on Advanced Parole (AP)
  239. GC Approved
  240. Previous Employer not providing document required in RFE
  241. I-485 rfe
  242. Working from Home
  243. Changing Company
  244. How to change Attorneys or self represent after filing 485?
  245. I-485 Transferred to NSC - Issues in the case
  246. Starting a letter campaign ..going Solo
  247. Writ of Mandamus and improper I-485 Denials
  248. USCIS change of address process
  249. Please explain meaning of 'preadjudication' in GC processing
  250. New Improvements in MOTION TO REOPEN OR RECONSIDER