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  1. Need some guidance on request for initial evidence
  2. EAD/AP card renewal filing address for pending I485 EB2 category after relocation
  3. Supplement J Self Filing
  4. 1099-K affect Green Card (I-485, G-325a)
  5. Ead renewal - new rule
  6. Fees & forms for sponsoring parents
  7. What to consider when EMIGRATING?
  8. Green card for Parents
  9. National Interest Waiver Filing advice
  10. Employer not offering employment
  11. I-485 application: Issues with Birth certificates
  12. File I 130 with pending I 1485 What is the USCISD status on the form?
  13. expired EAD
  14. No e-filing for EAD/AP
  15. Succesfully self-filed and got approved Derivative Spouse I-485
  16. Filing I-485 past I94 expiry and H1 Extension is in progress
  18. EB Based Derivative Spouse filing Address
  19. Filing Derivative 485 after PD current
  20. Do we have to submit the NABC original and how long it take RFE for initial evidence
  21. EB1B affidavit of support for the spouse and EVL questions
  22. Needs to travel outside US for my wedding
  23. Photos for EAD / AP combo card ??
  24. Please sign this Immigration petition
  25. I485 when spouse is in Canada and I am in the US
  26. EAD Card not delivered by USPS
  27. birth cirtificate and affidavit.
  28. Missing Birth registration and wrong birth date in school leaving certificate
  29. Suggested docs for filing I824 to add spouse to approved GC?
  30. GC not approved for derivatives
  31. Changing to married name while petitioning for husband
  32. Changed employer - Question on pending 485
  33. Birth Certificate Affidavit validity period
  34. Apply for I-485 while with other employer
  35. I485 & B2 Status
  36. EAD renewal question on DACA
  37. I-485 Material misrepresentation
  38. EB3-I approved...9+ years after 485 filed!
  39. I-485 denied; USCIS Status Error for 2 years
  40. Do i need to apply for EAD
  41. EAD/AP Renewal while I-485 Pending, traveled outside US and came back as on AP
  42. EAD/AP Renewal Detailed Guide
  43. EAD/AP Renewal Detailed Guide
  44. AP: Given Name mismatch - against PP
  45. Combo card not issued for 2 yrs - Please REPORT here.
  46. filed I-485 concurrently with I-140 but without birth certificate
  47. Acknowledgement of documents for e-filed EAD/AP
  48. Filing I-130 and I-485 concurrently with atleast 3 months gap for affidavit of suppor
  49. Filing I-485 atleast 3 months later than I-130
  50. Renew EAD while I485 pending
  51. Cleaningup- EAD/AP docs be retained?
  52. Urgent help - EAD renewal with only 8 weeks left
  53. EAD/AP Combo card for 2 years
  54. I-140: Native Language & Foreign Address in I-140
  55. EAD Renewal when H-1b extension is in Initial Review Status
  56. received RFE - 485 text alerts -texas service center
  57. Can I renew EAD/AP myself?
  58. Mailing address for 2 year combo(EAD and AP)
  59. Family based GC for Mother
  60. Renew EAD / AP Questions
  61. Obtain Copy of EAD and AP Approval Notices
  62. How to expedite Advance Parole
  63. Timeline of events before and after approval of I-485
  64. EAD / AP Paper filing
  65. Interfiling / Interlinking Process
  66. Is it possible to get an RFE during I-485 stage while the dates are not current ?
  67. EAD e-filing
  68. PA or NJ Learners Permit on OPT.
  69. EAD renewal e-file
  70. EAD Trouble
  71. EAD Expiring and I'm out of job
  72. Question about resubmitting rejected I485
  73. EAD expiring soon...
  74. EAD Wrong Class requested (Eligiblity Criteria)
  75. Responding RFE with copy of RFE.
  76. EAD renewal
  77. Strange interfiling RFE...
  78. EAD fees
  79. ASC biometrics appointment walk-in before scheduled date
  80. Please help, I'm stuck..father, mother and sister someone please...
  81. Get USPS tracking# for your EAD/Combo card
  82. So tell me if my lawyer beat the June Deadline
  83. Moving service
  84. Got EAD approved in 12 Days - eFiled
  85. eFiling AP without middle name
  86. Single card for EAD/AP
  87. H1 B Amendment or Work on EAD
  88. Your Case Status: Testing and Interview
  89. Incorrect Dates on EAD card
  90. Ported date on EB2-140:Texas for pending 485 Nebraska
  91. I485 - Initial Review - EB3 cat
  92. Open a LLC with expired EAD
  93. G-28 question (Eb3 to Eb2 with employer change)
  94. Third Finger printing notice
  95. Two Jobs EB3 to EB2
  96. Efile AP in March case status not found
  97. EAD renewal vs. expired visa
  98. Filling out I-485 (AOS)--> 3B --> "Applying with you" for Kids
  99. Help me about my priority date
  100. urgent advice on EAD RFE
  101. EAD for my spouse L2 visa which is expiring in 2 months
  102. i-485 Timelines Please Join!
  103. out of status f1 married us citizen & files i485
  104. GC finally approved, but wife's last name changed on the card
  105. Should i file I-485 again
  106. Help Regarding Copy of I-94 and other Please Help!
  107. Lost I-94
  108. Copy of I-94 ok?
  109. I-485 Pending and Job Change via H1 Transfer
  110. Employment based I485 denied, how long can I stay in the US?
  111. I-485 (AOS) Filed..I-94 issue
  112. My 485 Filing affecting my Marriage
  113. Wrong 140 filed by lawyer, how to correct it?
  114. Cross Apply - I-485
  115. Address change notificiation
  116. Where to mail I-131 application pending AOS
  117. Punjabi to English Translation - Birth Certificate
  118. Wrong PD on I140 Approval Notice, but filed 485
  119. File I-485 when H1B extension is pending.
  120. name fields in 485 forms
  121. EAP-AP self filed and did not receive Combo card...
  122. 485 mtr
  123. RFE response status
  124. RFE for Initials in Parents Name
  125. wife pregnant, 485 medical check up
  126. how would I reach TSC via phone?
  127. Affidavit in lieu of birth certificate - India
  128. I 485 filing without EAD (I 765)
  129. question on G325 biometric form
  130. I-485 RFE response mistake
  131. Wife's name change
  132. I -140 Upgrade to premium ?
  133. 485 - Adding new born name without SSN/Passport
  134. Incorrect PD for Spouse
  135. I485 dependent concerns
  136. Self filed 485 Approved - Steps for filing...
  137. Employment Verification Letter -- original vs photocopy
  138. PD mistake by USCIS
  139. 485 -- How long to cash the check
  140. Help Needed Regarding Paperwork
  141. Work for sponsoring employer
  142. Marriage certificate not available
  143. Filing 485, 131, 765
  144. Current pay higher than the one mentioned in PERM labor
  145. Applying for Passport renewal just received receipts
  146. EAD / Travel Document - RFE
  147. RFE on Birth Certificate
  148. Employment Verification Letter for AOS
  149. I-485 RFE notice
  150. EAD pending and AP approved.
  151. Advance Parole expedite steps
  152. Birth Certificate translation
  153. I-485 RFE on spouse to show bona fide marriage
  154. Father's Last Name Different on New and Expired Passport
  155. AR-11 Online Form question
  156. InfoPass appintment
  157. Filling I 485 Passport Expiring Soon
  158. I-485 Interlinking with I-140 app at different service centers
  159. Emergency Advance Parole - father is ill
  160. I-864
  161. Any issues with my 485?
  162. Primary approved derivative pending
  163. Can I apply I-485 while my wife is on H1B
  164. Wife's I-485 receipt PRIORITY DATE doubt
  165. Wrong Birth YEAR on I-485 receipt
  166. Filed 485 for Nov checks not cashed or no receipt notice
  167. Eligibility to e-file AP
  168. I-485 Interlinking with I-140 app at different service centers
  169. Question regarding EAD application.
  170. "Applying with you" question on spouse I-485 form
  171. Questions about I-485 application
  172. finally got green!!!!
  173. Approved EB3 - Starting EB2 Labor +I140
  174. how to find out where i applied for opt card?
  175. NEED HELP IN FILLING I-765 ( Surname, given name interchanged in VISA)
  176. EB3->EB2 porting (advice)
  177. Transfer pe transfer...
  178. Card Production ?
  179. Help ! Mistake(s) on concurrent filing EAD + AP
  180. what service center should employment letter for I485 be addressed to?
  181. Combined EAD/AP card for 2 years?
  182. EAD Application Help
  183. EAD renewal - Got 1 year instead of 2 :(
  184. Marriage Proof?
  185. Is I-140 required for family 485 filing?
  186. Need to obtain a Birth Certificate (from India) thru an agent. Any recommendations?
  187. letter template to congress member to EB3 --> EB2??
  188. What does pending Service consideration means?
  189. Ead Expediate
  190. birth certificate/affidavit for I485 query
  191. Wage Difference
  192. Who can help me with the employment letter?
  193. EB2 porting - I140 is approved - whats next?
  194. NVCAttorney request to pay fees
  195. Employment Letter Issue Date
  196. Got Advance parol after 2 years
  197. GREENED finally!!!
  198. I-485
  199. E-2 Visa and rennewal EAC
  200. EB3->EB2 porting (startup)
  201. Question on e-fileing AP
  202. Lock box
  203. Status update confusing! from Card/ Document Prod to Decision
  204. interfile RFE
  205. Changing classification from EB3 Primary to EB2 Dependent
  206. 485 Employment letter
  207. Spouse I485 process time after primary's green card
  208. Interfiling with multiple Service Centers
  209. AP e filing
  210. Current Immigration status for EAD Renewal -URGENT
  211. Is I-485a $1000 Penalty Required with long-standing prior I-130, I-817 & I-94 apprvl
  212. Renewing Advance Parole - Drivers Licence Question
  213. FOIA Request to get LCA copy
  214. Withdraw I-485
  215. FNU on visa...applying for 485...!!!!
  216. Different Alien Number on I485 receipt and EAD Receipt
  217. what is a gold sheet for RFE?
  218. Any risk involved with H1--> EAD
  219. How to place a SR
  220. EAD Cards to mailboxes
  221. I-485 and A numbers
  222. AP pending got india tickets soon, have to apply for transit visa
  223. Change of address while AP in process
  224. Adding Spouse to existing 485 application
  225. G-325A and photo question urgent
  226. Follow to join case
  227. I-765 ead question
  228. I-485 question
  229. arranging I-485 application
  230. Ead i-765
  231. Should I hire lawyer if my situation is like this?
  232. I-485 mailing address for wife
  233. Should I apply for AP
  234. I-485 mailing address - URGENT
  235. EAD expedite request denied
  236. Forgot to sign OPT i-20 when submitting application for the EAD card
  237. PD in 2008,2009,2010 & 2011 - Gather here
  238. Does Interim EAD exist?
  239. Query regarding I-765
  240. EAD Processing/Govt Shutdown
  241. EAD questions
  242. 04/30 DEADLINE for "I485 filing w/o current PD" initiative
  243. Got EAD Application Receipt, but status not available online
  244. EAD question
  245. How to efile for AP/EAD together
  246. EAD Processing time
  247. Update on I485 without current PD initiative
  248. Different PDs on I-140 and Initial Interview Notice for I-485
  249. Urgent - EAD valid just for 2 months
  250. Family Emergency-How to get an Advance Parole