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  1. Can I adjust my status if I-130 approved and I'm out of status F1 preference?
  2. Guidance Needed
  3. derivative applicant - I-485 RFE
  4. Can i retain PD, my I140 was approved 10 yrs ago
  5. Domestic violence & I-140
  6. H4 EAD transfer with H1B trasnsfer
  7. Multiple H1B Petition
  8. Wrongful Death
  9. LLC or C-Corp on H4 EAD
  10. AC21 Program Analyst to QA Analyst
  11. Applying for Citizenship
  12. Rfe: For h1b renewal : Work location rfe :please help
  13. I-485 Denied URGENT Please help
  14. About H-2B Visa process duration and Upgradation of it
  15. H-1B Validity Date Extension Issue
  16. Green card EB3 Cross Chargeability - Kuwait
  17. Mother Expired with pending medical bills in USA.
  18. Whistleblower Retaliation - Need help!!
  19. My friend's wife;s I 94 is expired a year ago but his I 797 is valid
  20. H1B Extension beyond 6 Years with Approved I-140, Priority date is current.
  21. Adjustment of Status using Advance Parole is a proper means of obtaining Lawful Perma
  22. parents sponsoring for green card
  23. H1B revoked
  24. H1B job change impact to Green Card and H4 EAD
  25. Need Help Please
  26. Hello All
  27. Need Help please
  28. h1 visa expiring
  29. need to change from software Engineer to product management. What happens to my I140?
  30. I40 - ead/ap
  31. Free Attorney Calls still going on?
  32. H1B (RFE) asking for all 6 month validation reports
  33. H1 B Petition based on previous approval
  34. Processing hold because the required security checks remain pending
  35. I-751 & Medical Conditions
  36. F1 Approved in India (Will it affect her Travelling Date before 30 days)
  37. One Paystub - My employer ran my payroll only once ( Need Urgent help)
  38. 130 current 485 pending from employer
  39. Very Complicated Situation
  40. May I stay back in the US for a week after quitting job - currently on H1B
  41. Reentry permit and travel
  42. Reentry permit and travel
  43. Not porting from EB3 to EB2
  44. Joining a company after 9 months of H1B
  45. Change of status when I-94 expired and extension in progress
  46. Is law an opinion?
  47. EAD Renewal before 120 days
  48. Impact on GC process with approved 140 : After Moving to Canada
  49. Changing job when dependent i-485 under EB1 is pending
  50. H1B amendment
  51. travel out us while in OPT
  52. Since my asylum Application is pending can i apply for canadian Visa?
  53. If you have secured AP, can you re-enter US on any other visa?
  54. H1B Visa extn/Renewal Clarification
  55. H1B Transfer & Extension with I-140 Approved
  56. RFE in I-131 & I-765
  57. OPT Fee waiver!
  58. Ds157 mistake
  59. Need experts help
  60. Need clarification regarding H1B Visa
  61. Opt work card lost in mail
  62. Urgent help please!
  63. Part time after I140-URGENT.
  64. H1B out of status, filing for renewal, marrying US citizen
  65. Son ageing out -EB3 -I
  66. LCA for WFH
  67. Student temporary absence last semester concern!
  68. Citizenship of my child
  69. Need suggestions - Can a child move to India permanantly if American Dad is abusive
  70. Flexibility on job changes while in PERM process
  71. Minor caught crossing the border.
  72. switching jobs while I485 pending & different job description
  73. Ac21
  74. Do I need to get stamped in India before start to work?
  75. H1 & H4 applications
  76. Naturalization 55/15 exemption
  77. Need help,urgent suggestion needed.
  78. ETA 9089 mistakes correction:
  79. Immigration Question
  80. W2 and 1099 on EAD...
  81. EAD OPT with I-485 pending
  82. Do I have to have my advanced degree before starting to work to be EB2 eligible?
  83. Exempt / H1B Worker
  84. multiple H1B's
  85. I-140 approved, 6yr H1B passed, can I get H1B again from F1
  86. laidoff with one month notice in H1B - can i apply business visa after that
  87. Can i go outside the country once H1B is approved
  88. Mistakenly entered wrong date in form N-400
  89. EB2 eligibility based on degree passed date or conferred date?
  90. Back Wages
  91. EB3 to EB2 Date was not ported
  92. Lost OPT Ext EAD Card & India Visit
  93. Change job in middle of EB3 to EB2 porting
  94. Continue on H1B or use EAD with current Employer - Not having Labor/I140 docs
  95. Visit to India after applying H1
  96. Assessing CAP subject H1b application for 1 Oct 2014 start date
  97. Form N-400
  98. K1visa
  99. Losing job while OPT extension is still pending
  100. help new born of lpr outside us
  101. Please help us figure this out :-(
  102. ask question about tax 2012
  103. can sponsor and husband claim me in tax return?
  104. Need help !!!
  105. Can I Return Home
  106. Employment Agreement with Liquidated damage clause - need advice
  107. Green Card No entry for 4 years
  108. Urgent : 485 Denied
  109. Second Interview-Please read
  110. Sponsorship
  111. Wrong information for H1 Transfer
  112. Renew EAD while I485 pending
  113. bring new born of LPR to us
  114. H1B Transfer Fees
  115. H1B premium processing. VISA status effective date
  116. is H-1B needed with EAD & AP
  117. Which Visa(I-94) is valid?
  118. Immigration question - illegal immigrant married to green card holder.
  119. I have a deportation question
  120. Legal Proceeding Notice from previous employer
  121. Acting while on H1B admissible?
  122. retain Green card status and re entry permit
  123. Retaining Green Card
  124. Permanent resident card expired
  125. Form I-539 Money Order (Urgent)
  126. first name problem
  127. Attaching a 485 to a different I140
  128. Traveling while my citizenship is processed
  129. Applying for UK Tourist visa while in H1b Extension
  130. B2 visa for parents
  131. Labor is still valid on I140 RFE ?????
  132. BIA appeal question
  133. *** Need Help Urgently - EAD / AP ***
  134. 7th Year Extension with Labor from other Company/MTR from 2nd Company
  135. PIO Card Application - EAD Not accepted
  136. EADP Expiring and out of job - Please Help !
  137. N-400
  138. L1 & l2
  139. Oath Ceremony Questions
  140. Green card and life please help
  141. what to file
  142. Changing job while EB3-EB2 porting.
  143. Impact of lower wage on GC
  144. L1 to H1
  145. Father's visitor Visa rejected 2 time, NEED HELP
  146. Can I enter US with 15 days of H1 validity and extension receipt.
  147. Not getting paid from my immediate vendor
  148. DS-160 form Present / previous employer
  149. Status revalidation H1b approved with no 1-94 4 months gap in employment
  150. child neglect case -affect US citizenship?
  151. EB3 Follow to Join Denied at Mumbai Embassy
  152. green card
  153. DREAM Policy Question that will be in effect August 15
  154. H1b Site Visit during vacation
  155. How much pay should we aim for after green card
  156. Full time (W2) and Part time (1099) possible?
  157. Urgent - H1B Extension - Job Description Change
  158. H1B investing on a S corp
  159. Breach of Legal Employee Bond
  160. Chances of getting OPT after conversion from H4 to F1 after 2 semesters in masters..
  161. H1B Transferred twice !! EX-EX-Employer Still Harrasing !!
  162. Lost H1 B Original Document
  163. Labor stuck in audit. Need advice on moving to another company but keeping old PD
  164. Passport renewal in Chicago
  165. PLEASE HELP!!!!! I-765 Q11 which USCIS OFFICE?
  166. Builders in Bangalore
  167. H1b Transfer: Ex employer harassing
  168. Urgent help/ advise
  169. Sponsoring for B2 Visitor's Visa
  170. L1 to H1
  171. Need suggestion
  172. EAD Renewal E-Filing - Weird Error Message
  173. I-94 Issue
  174. EB3 India - Current In AUG 2012 Bulletin.
  175. EB3-EB2 Porting
  176. Attorney's withdrawal as counsel
  177. Need help in switching AOS to Consular Processing
  178. need help with I-131, I-765 forms
  179. RFE Response Put Gold Sheet Under Cover Letter
  180. Advance Parole expires in two months, Can I travel to India without issues?
  181. Visitor Visa for Brother and his family
  182. most comfortable airlines chicago-delhi
  183. Prostitution and citizenship
  184. Daughter is planning to study engineering in India - Citizenship issues
  185. Layoff after 1 month of EAD and pending 485
  186. Selling property in India and the process
  187. Denis
  188. Multiple GC applications question (EB3 & EB2)
  189. GC Question
  190. H4 to H1B Transfer
  191. When to Write or Rewrite a Will
  192. First POE with valid H1B VISA with different Petitioner I-797
  193. Online Masters degree from India
  194. Buying & Renting Multiple homes During H1B
  195. After Green Card
  196. Double Masters F1 to H1 conversion
  197. Do I have a case?
  198. India passport renewal at NY
  199. I140 (EB-2) Approved, After 4 years Denied(REvoked)
  200. Family Attorney suggestions in Dallas, TX
  201. Can somebody tell me what my options are and if I have any??
  202. Marriage on EAD/AP with Valid H1 Petition but No VISA STAMPED
  203. Laid off on H1B
  204. H1 Extension on EAD
  205. Card production notification
  206. deported from us
  207. Approved I-140 - Visa Extension with new employer?
  208. Employer asking $$$ - tricky question!!
  209. EB3 - 485 Pending - Planning to file tax seperatly
  210. Any problem if my wife stays 8 months in a 12 month period outside the US?
  211. Speeding Ticket before Citizenship Interview
  212. U.S. citizenship for my baby dautgher
  213. possible consequences of withdrawing green card application
  214. Urgent!! -- 765&131 Aproved 3 weeks after 485 withdraw letter sent
  215. AP usage while away from the country
  216. Visa Advice
  217. 485 Stuck in background check
  218. Prevailing wages mess-up
  219. Changing Employer Group Company
  220. Received EAD with the start date from Aug 2012.
  221. Bankruptcy and Green Card sponsor
  222. Advance parole question
  223. EB1 - I140 cleared... Should I wait to file I485?
  224. COS from H4 to F1 denied-need to depart from USA!!!
  225. PERM in EB2 with Bachelors+8yrs( 4 yrs with current employer) - Risk of audit??
  226. H1B application with-drawl procedure from Mumbai Consulate
  227. Employment Agreement for GC
  228. Special abilities Green Card and N-400?
  229. Received EAD/AP Combo card
  230. Getting my wife leglized...........
  231. I am new ,PLz reply me .
  232. PERM Audit InProgress and H1-Expiring
  233. help please
  234. Eb3 to eb2 porting without ac21
  235. surname is missing - Indian passport, any issues?
  236. H1-B transfer approved . Want to go back to previous company !! Help !!
  237. Trapped by desi consultant
  238. H1 Transfer after 6 years with approved labor only which is less than 365 days old-Is
  239. Query regarding Passport renewal in CGNY
  240. Need Help
  241. Filing new GC in EB2 for spouse while my GC is pending
  242. Maintaining Green Card. Travel from India , permit to re-enter ?
  243. Using a Lawyer to Write a Will
  244. Urgent Help: OPT to H1B Transition, Laid Off
  245. H1 B Transfer--- PLEASE HELP
  246. H4 and H1 cap years
  247. H1b amendment
  248. birth certificate
  249. Moving with new employer on EAD in case of layoff
  250. Getting a green card