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  1. Future sponsership after divorce..
  2. Issue in OPT stem extension
  3. [URGENT] Switching from Full time to Contract job (also H1 to EAD)
  4. Issue with New EB2 PERM
  5. H1B approved but No Placement in the JOB
  6. Divorce before the issuance of green card
  7. PERM denial and re-appeal
  8. Is it easier for married couples to get green card?
  9. Divorce before the green card arrives
  10. Employment issue between OPT post completion and OPT stem extension (pending)
  11. Divorce Between Conditional and Permanent Residency - No Citizenship
  12. In wife's absence from the country, will husband get his green card
  13. I-485 - Incorrect EB Category delays processing my case.
  14. Need Free Lawyer Conference call
  15. Claiming withdrawn I140
  16. Waiting for Filing I-485:- Need to know Information for dependent Wife
  17. Need help - emotionally drained
  18. divorce before file for remove
  19. Advice on PERM Processing
  20. Please advice on this case..
  21. Case reopened
  22. Please respond: h1b to h4
  23. Need help on how to proceed - I-485 denied
  24. duration between the citizenship test and the oath ceromany
  25. FAQs on recapturing I-140 priority dates
  26. Denial of H1B (2010) - I129
  27. Please advise how to resolve I-485 Case Status Discrepancy : Denied or Case Pending
  28. Sister petition of U.S. Citizen
  29. Changing from H1 to OPT Extension
  30. H1b to H4 or H1 B transfer: please let me know
  31. Better option: H1b to H4 or H1b transfer: please advice
  32. have H 1 B but never went to USA,,, now what to do?
  33. H1 Query..Please Help!!!
  34. I need to get a Revised I-797B Quickly
  35. EB2 and Job Zone O*net
  36. EB2 and Job Zone O*net
  37. EB-1 denied due to employer lacking of publications
  38. AC21 Continuity
  39. Employer charging for greencard legal or illegal?
  40. Difference between Adjudication and Pre-Adjudication of 485 petition
  41. Extension of Stay (I94) for few months beyound 6 months innitial time at entry
  42. Document other than card or travel document mailed to applicant
  43. AP vs EUROPE-- (Urgent)
  44. Ugent:Regarding travel to UK for Bussiness Visa
  45. Newsletter ideas requested
  46. should i change place for interview
  47. When to apply for Green Card?
  48. help please
  49. Applying I 140 with old employer
  50. H1B transfer through Normal process
  51. L1B-H1B COS Working on L1B
  52. Taking Time
  53. What if H1 Transfer is Denied? Can I go back to old employer?
  54. I-485 Cross Chargeability/FTJ
  55. Work experience with current sponsor while applying for EB2
  56. I-140 Denied-Lawyer's Error-HELP!
  57. complex case/I-751 waiver, please note below
  58. Green Card Through Marraige
  59. H1B from Non Profit Organization.
  60. Urgent: 6 years on H1b
  61. H1B married to GC
  62. Am I Eligible for I-140 Premium Processing?
  63. MAVNI H4 to ???
  64. Documents for H1 to H4
  65. Foreign Travel on H1B Visa with Advance Parole Pending
  66. expired EAD
  67. Adoption process
  68. Subject: Deportation of an overstayed non immigrant individual
  69. Can approved H1B be transfered?
  70. H1B time gap for a new job
  71. age limit for dependent to file for GC
  72. Received I485 Denied email
  73. help on NIW adjustment of status
  74. I-485 denied due to invalid status in past
  75. H1B Transfer without a new LCA
  76. Wrongful I-485 denial
  77. Status of 485 on leaving country
  78. H1 to H4 to H1
  79. H1 Denied, using EAD
  80. EAD activation
  81. Green Card Holder - Engaged to a Girl in INDIA
  82. H1B extension
  83. To Lawyer: Employer will revoke I140
  84. Approved H-1 revoked
  85. Using EB3 EAD and 485 status while converting to EB2
  86. Requesting more time to reply to I-485 medical RFE
  87. I-485
  88. RFE for Unable to verify Finger printsl need Police Clearance NOW
  89. RFE for wifes name change
  90. L1B-H1B COS Working on L1B
  91. H1-B complaint of employer?
  92. My wage in I140 - does it mean anything?
  93. running a LLC company under EAD/AP
  94. Question about my son legal status?
  95. Employee Agreement Breache/Terminate!
  96. Case Transfer to National Benefits Center
  97. GC Labor advertising requirements
  98. H1B sponsorship minimum pay.
  99. 1099 Question
  100. Employer not paying
  101. H1B2008 is still pending. Can I apply for another H1B in 2009?
  102. ETA Form 9089
  103. Leaving US for atleast 4 years, Checking Accounts in US Banks?
  104. I140 denied - please help
  105. Green Card Interview Rescheduling
  106. Green card interview and DUI
  107. I got a Lawyer notice because of not taking job offer
  108. After 7th year of H-1B‏
  109. Issues with going back to previous employeer
  110. On H1B - Project in Canada, Please suggest
  111. Employer not sending complete W-2
  112. H-1B or AP
  113. Information on lawyers needed
  114. Please advice employer harassment
  115. H1b - h4
  116. Not getting Job on H1B
  117. F1 to H1b, OPT expired, H1b pending
  118. Wife in India while H1B revoked
  119. PERM requirements
  120. Some advice please! urgent! change of status
  121. On H1B GC process started, can I start a company in India
  122. COS - Change of Status
  123. New Iv Feature : Weekly Attorney Chat
  124. Urgent help needed , please
  125. What is the Eligibility criteria for switching from EB3 to EB2
  126. Attorney Conference Call: SEPTEMBER 20th, 2008
  127. OPT, CPT H1b cap gap..
  128. H4-H1B visa needed for re-entry?
  129. Need your advice on dependent's case
  130. Joeglen
  131. Employer Asking H1B Transfer FEE
  132. L1B to H1B
  133. H1B Visa Stamping in Canada
  134. AC21 question..friends please suggest..
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  138. Explore Possibility of a class action lawsuit to remove per country EB GC visa quota
  139. Start new LLC with wife's EAD work on 1099/w2 :SERIOUS MARKET CRISIS:NO JOB FOR H1Bs
  140. H4 to H1 ammendment - urgent
  141. H1->f1->h1
  142. Can I switch jobs after I140 and I485 approvals?
  143. L-1A visa requirements
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  146. Entering US within 2 days of Visa expiration
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  150. Stuck in name check since Nov 04
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  157. Change of status from H4 to H1
  158. Starting and volunteering for a company
  159. I 485 filed; New position with the same employer?
  160. 485 and EAD limitations
  161. Docs for I 145 for H4 HELP!!
  162. Status of H4 if I140 gets rejected
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  164. Questions(131 through 154)
  165. H1 cap exempt organizations-all 501 non-profits?
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