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  1. Urgent - Father Passed away - Question on AP and situation
  2. Hi everyone newbie here!
  3. No BC or NABC - Other options
  4. Successor-in-interest Question
  5. EB2 NIW Approved, Filing I-485 using earlier EB3 PD
  6. EB3->EB2 PD porting + I485 concurrent filing
  7. I-485
  8. Moving to India with I485 AOS still pending
  9. Eb3 to Eb2 Porting, Please help me.
  10. GC next steps from out of country
  11. How does promotion affect existing H1B??
  12. H1B VISA Stamping and Port of Entry while pregnant
  13. I-130
  14. PD Nearing current, Family in India - Options?
  15. Priority date current but family is in india
  16. using 245(k)
  17. Help getting green card
  18. Any conference calls scheduled for October 2011?
  19. H1B Approved - Need to Withdraw the application and go for OPT extension
  20. Training breach letter from Employer Lawyer
  21. Reg EB 1 filing
  22. How to get spouse in US?
  23. GC holder married to a US Citizen
  24. I-485 interview while I-130 pending
  25. Family needs help to leave the violence in Mexico
  26. H1B withdrawn by mistake
  27. H1b - lca
  28. I-131 Refugee Travel Document exemption?
  29. Travel on OPT (passport lost)
  30. H1-B expires Sep 2011, EAD expected Oct 2011
  31. Lost EAD and Passport
  32. L2 EAD to H1B
  33. FREE Attorney conference call this Thursday Aug 04
  34. EAD, apply H1B again?
  35. H1B Validity
  36. Work from home for India on H4
  37. I-485 Dependent Application
  38. FREE Attorney conference call this Thursday July 21
  39. Filling out Form I-765 along with Form I-485 and I-130
  40. H1B petition for home office based company
  41. Urgent - trying to get back into country
  42. Someone withdrew my case and I need to reinstate it
  43. Priority Date - Moving Out of Country
  44. EB2 Education qualification
  45. Free Attorney Conference Call - 7th July 2011
  46. Can I enter US with 1 month left on my H1B
  47. F1 to H4 and again to F1 ....Changing University
  48. J1 Visa waiver
  49. Am I able interfile or something else
  50. Re dentry permit
  51. I-485
  52. interfile/porting and 485 questions
  53. Notary Public Brampton
  54. Credit card debt
  55. Got new priority date again!!!
  56. I-485 dependent filing. Principal applicant filed I-485 when single.
  57. I140 transfer
  58. Need help for H1-B to F1 visa status
  59. Please advise me...on pending I-129 petition
  60. How long is the Prevailing Wage determination taking these days?
  61. 485 Denial and Reopening: Another success story of an IV member
  62. Parole/EAD Renewal together
  63. PERM Audit Forward Movement
  64. Visitor VISA question
  65. URGENT: help regarding parents' affidavits for spouse's birth certificate
  66. Can I upgrade my I-140 to premium processing?
  67. What is the procedure
  68. Help help help
  69. GA Code 31-10-9 Naming your child regardin
  70. cross chargebility
  71. Online Degrees and EB2
  72. new H1-B term
  73. Can GC be filed for my case as explained below?
  74. Can we start working immediatley if H1 is approved before october
  75. When to apply for H1 from OPT
  77. Help urgently needed
  78. Implications of working illegally (during F1) on I -485 application
  79. H1-b
  80. Travelling to India for Visa Stamping and Vacation ,need travel tips.
  81. H1b renewal stamping in New Delhi
  82. 13 years old criminal record now....
  83. Change of status from B1 to H1 - Pls Help !!!
  84. H4 to F1 Change of Status
  85. Applying for GreenCard after 14yrs
  86. need i-94 from 12 years ago
  87. Paysub gaps, visa renewal
  88. Can anyone give me some advice plsss?
  89. Lawsuit (Summons) from previous Employer
  90. Help! Can an accountant get a H1B without CPA
  91. Free attorney conference calls
  92. Prevailing Wage
  93. Can A Conditional Permanent Resident Change His/Her Employment?
  94. Unknowingly Registered to Vote - Never Voted
  95. I-140 approved, 485 filed in July 2007, GC sponsring compnay closing down
  96. NJ driving license is exparing.
  97. Cap Exempt H1B to cap subjected H1B
  98. H1B transfer
  99. removal and re-entry
  100. Dec 2: Free Attrny Conference Call with Raj
  101. Letter from USCIS - Urgent Please
  102. Lawyer needed to sue the company
  103. Ask questions for free using nov 11 free attorney call
  104. Looking for Lawyer to Process Case from B2- F1
  105. Hi, any immigration lawyer can help me?
  106. Urgent (Student) - Attorney's Please Respond.
  107. Public drinking in NJ
  108. Lost opportunities and lost hope :(
  109. Company Change after GC approval....
  110. Help, can I change jobs now? What's the impact?
  111. EAD Renewal Fees
  112. Non-Compete & Conflict of Interest Agreement
  113. Employer not running payroll working on state
  114. L1 A to Green Card Query
  115. H1B start date
  116. Need Help dont know where to go
  117. EAD(I-765) denied, further course of action
  118. Drivers License
  119. GC process for Physicians
  120. accepting FTE offer from client - EAD expired
  121. Problem with old employer
  122. NIW/EB2,I-140 approved, I-485 pending, Questions on Employment and Travel,thanks
  123. Illegal Spouse married to a US citizen ...got a question
  124. Employment based Green Card Labor Cert. Approved
  125. Regarding Labor Process
  126. Perm Labor Process
  127. travel during OPT year
  128. Naturalized U.S citizen; Canadian passport
  129. Visa Cancelled and denied for next 5 years
  130. H4 to F1 stamping while on OPT
  131. I-94 and EAD question
  132. EAD renew gap
  133. Is being paroled a valid prrof of legal status for another I485
  134. security clearance on EAD
  135. security clearance on EAD
  136. 140/485 denied with USCIS mistake.
  137. PD current/Job Change/AC21 not yet?
  138. Conditional green card question
  139. help on extending beyond 6 yrs
  140. Help needed for F1 /OPT/Travel scenario
  141. Eb1 petition while being on AOS as dependent
  142. Need professional advise on changing nonimmigration status
  143. Delaying possible GC approval/adjudication
  144. HELP: Lawer filed H1 with wrong DOB
  145. URGENT: H4 is expired; Need to apply for F1 before getting the H4 extension
  146. Help ! I feel threatened !
  147. Been on EAD for 3 years
  148. Indian Citizenship for minor if parents acquire foriegn citizenship
  149. LCA Newspaper Ad
  150. Missed the July 2007 I-485 filing opportunity. Could I expect a remedy?
  151. I140 Experience Letter without signature
  152. Immigiration experts - please help.
  153. Expediting EAD Renewal, EAD renewal delay impact
  154. Need help and suggestions
  155. Tricky situation...Need solution ASAP: Full time student but H1 was approved with COS
  156. F1 to H1B (after previous 6 years on H1B)
  157. EB2 derivative status to EB2 employment based
  158. EAD Expiry Impact On Pending I-485
  159. I dont get experience or relieving letter from company what to do ?
  160. L1 Blanket - GC process
  161. H1b Transfer Risks
  162. I130 interview waiting time question
  163. Qerry regarding missing LCA
  164. I-485 Rejected but I-130 Approved + Deportation?
  165. Is German airport transit visa required for travelling through Frankfurt with AP
  166. EAD Renewal period
  167. H1B to H4
  168. Minor child - status change from H4 to F1
  169. Filing an I-130 and using the grandfather law, please help.
  170. h1b refused under 221g...what are other options i have please suggest
  171. Middle vendor not paying.
  172. Help on I-130
  173. Help! J visa H-1B waiver clarification
  174. H1B Salary Issues
  175. I 140 approved - moving to Canada.
  176. Going home with a gap in status
  177. attorney conference calls
  178. I-485 Erroneous Update and PD is not Current
  179. RFE in I-485, please help!
  180. I140 Issue -- Please help
  181. Urgent help -H1B extension with date issues
  182. Got offer with Client, Employer saying I should not Join
  183. Asylee travel home
  184. Need help/clarification on columns in EAD form (I-765) electronically
  185. Is it possible to transfer Labor/I-140 to New Employer
  186. I 140/perm denial
  187. Been away and no re-entry permit
  188. Need husband back in the U.S
  189. Advance Parole - Duplicate filing due to USCIS error
  190. Need Urgent HELP with Ex-employer
  191. Activating the old H1B beyond 7th year based on Labor Application
  192. H1-H4-H1 Very urgent
  193. Illegal immigrant question
  194. B1 to H1 amenment
  195. from H4 to EAD
  196. Sick US Citizen child - need help with options
  197. Ex employer harassing sending collection notice...
  198. PERM interview salary question
  199. Some Advice Needed Please
  200. Deportation. is it possible for me?
  201. EB3 to Eb2 conversion
  202. Work experience with current employer for EB2
  203. How to complaint against employer to USCIS?
  204. Question on overstay of 7 days on Visitior visa concerns on re-entry
  205. Can apply for H1 after using EAD?
  206. Owning Franchise on EAD
  207. Renewal EAD
  208. Legal status during AOS - Which section of the Law?
  209. greencard through marriage
  210. Re-entry to US
  211. 485 pending (140 approval over 1.5 years): Transfer to TARP company
  212. EAD vs H1B
  213. Divorce and EAD status
  214. NO Case update found on USCIS online
  215. need urzent help
  216. Filed 140--change to F1?
  217. PERM and 7th Yr Ext question
  218. Please respond ... seniors and lawyers...
  219. US Citizenship Application
  220. Please Help.... Attorney
  221. Validity of this employee-employer relationship for existing H1b for POE
  222. L1 to H1B Denial
  223. Sponser Company Closed AC21
  224. transfer of h4 to h1b
  225. Urgent query regarding COS H4-H1-H4
  226. H1B Transfer from IT to Non IT job
  227. Move to new city with current employer (while pending 485)?
  228. Non-Compete with my employer
  229. EB2 Job classification requirement
  230. ead delays
  231. how can i obtain permanent status
  232. Soc code for technical lead
  233. Currently AOS but want to study abroad
  234. Visitor visa for parents: H1B which is going to expire
  235. <<Urgent>> Need H1B stamped in UK
  236. Urgent help pls!
  237. H1 B EXT NOID urgent help
  238. Employer Cancelled Insurance back dated
  239. Got Green Card when on vacation...
  240. Issue with I 797 B
  241. H1B visa
  242. 212(a)(3)(B)
  243. Waiver visa change
  244. Immigration/Divorce: Green card conditions removed when I can't prove the abuse?
  245. question about 485, and 401K future...
  246. Labor Applied, Possibility of getting new H1B after completing the 6 years
  247. Company Name changed after applying for Labor
  248. Renegade ICE Field Officer?
  249. I-140 approved I-485 denied. HELP!!!!
  250. I485 rfe