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  1. Question on PERM
  2. PERM processing ,had layoff's in my company
  3. NPWC request status online
  4. Starting new GC/Eb2 - Any risk to pending EB3 I485?
  5. Offer State - Is possible to determing EB2 eligibility?
  6. Do I have chances for GC filing ?
  7. Can overlapping end date and start dates in employments
  8. PERM Pending and Laid off
  9. Help - H1B transfer while waiting for LCA decision
  10. Help * Perm Not approved - Ad issue
  11. Previous Company not willing to give Expe letter for GC
  12. PERM pending -based H1b extension 8th year extension question
  13. PERM DENIED -7th year H1 extension running and new PERM from NEW EMPLOYER
  14. Job Description for PERM process
  15. H1B 6 years stay ending , I-797,I-94 still valid for another 11 months
  16. PERM approved. But job grade and location changed
  17. Changing companies with Labor approved in EB3
  18. Please advice. PERM and I-140/I-485
  19. Perm denied and appealed - want to change employer
  20. PWD expire & apply perm no later than 180d of any recruit ad?
  21. PERM Filing question
  22. unofficial iCert mirror
  23. H1B expiring Nov 2013, May 2013 PERM pending, Can't go out
  24. PERM labor pending. H1B expiring November.
  25. Indian CA's (Chartered Accountants) can get EB2!
  26. H1B transfer and immediate PERM application
  27. PERM and H1B 3 years extension are pending
  28. PERM is pending, 3 years H1B is going to expire soon. Options?
  29. moving to a senior level in same department with different title
  30. Same position - Got Masters - EB2 instead of EB3 Green card filing
  31. H1B expiring in 1 year.
  32. Labor Certification failed, what next?
  33. How much time is taking for EB2 as of May/2013?
  34. PERM is pending and H1B 6 years expiring in 2 months
  35. EB2 in case where FLC Job Description does not have Masters
  36. Extension of H1B after 6yrs and AC21
  37. PERM pending for over 1 year
  38. PWD question: ERP System Administrator
  39. H1b -> f2 -> h1b
  40. EB2 for level 2 job or EB 3 , please suggest ?
  41. PERM Application - Random Audit
  42. PERM Denied...next steps?
  43. eb2 or eb3 ?
  44. Do I need an attorney to fill out eta 9089
  45. Need help with PERM and I-140
  46. PERM ETA 9089 labor cert form - H.12. Are job opportunity's requirement normal for th
  47. PERM denied.BALCA advisable?
  48. Labor waiting time
  49. Labor is still valid on I140 RFE ?????
  50. H-1B extension after 6 years(and Perm Labor Processing).
  51. Pwd
  52. simultaneous 9089 form
  53. Second PERM with same employer or different employer?
  54. Roving and Telecommuting Help needed
  55. Kforce -Eb3 to Eb2 Porting
  56. PERM on behalf
  57. Transfer during H-1 7th year extension and responded PERM audit
  58. Transfering within the same company perm status
  59. PERM got audited
  60. Are the job requirements normal for the occupation? - Help
  61. Jan 2012 PERM applicants
  62. Audit/Supervised recruitment for folks in finance
  63. Multiple Perms from different Employers
  64. Requirement for EB3 to EB2 porting
  65. Tricky question for EB-2 eligibility
  66. Is DOL assigning prevailing wages ,after sept 2011 hold?
  67. Perm status with 11/2011 priority date
  68. EB3 to EB2 porting Ad
  69. Succesfully ported from EB3-I to EB2-I, waiting for 485 approval
  70. HELP !!! - PERM Audit in H1B 6th Year
  71. Labour certification timeline
  72. Am I EB2 eligible
  73. Dec 2011 PERM approvals?
  74. Eb3 to EB2 Upgrade, Same Employer or Change Job?
  75. PERM : Kellogg Language H-14
  76. Minimum requirement selection in PWD for BS + 12 yr exp candidate
  77. any Nov 2011 approvals?
  78. Advertisement for EB2 PERM
  79. H1 Transfer after 6 years with approved labor only which is less than 365 days old
  80. hatís the success rate of moving to EB2 PERM with BS+5 years?
  81. Switching to EB2 from Eb3
  82. PERM Stuck at August 2011
  83. Employer Required Experience Level exceeds SVP - Chances of Audit?
  84. Changing job role within company. Hoping to switch to EB2
  85. Offered wage vs real wage in Perm process
  86. Experience Letters
  87. PWD approval
  88. Labor- Job Posting Reqs
  89. Having trouble with my immigration attorney attemping to file PERM twice...
  90. PERM prevailing wage
  91. Prevailing wage status
  92. GC/PERM experience and education in parallel
  93. EB3 to EB2 porting
  94. EB2 Audit Risk
  95. PERM tracking?
  96. EB2 or EB3 ?
  97. What stage are reference letters required?
  98. Companies who process GC in time
  99. Perm Using Existing Job Recruitment Process
  100. Any idea about Wage Determination Dept. delays?
  101. Mocked by Fragomen For asking to port to EB2
  102. Can I apply for Labor in EB2 while using EAD?
  103. Docs Required for PERM
  104. Temporary suspension of Prevailing wage (ETA 9141)
  105. Prevailing wage determination: Need exp letters?
  106. Perm Filed online ETA 9089
  107. Urgent: HR/Immigration department not filing in EB2. Need advice please!
  108. PERM got denied.. What should I do now?
  109. Advice on PERM and applying for date Recapture for H1B validity extension
  110. How long does it take to get the hard copy of certified PERM
  111. Comments about The Chugh Law firm
  112. Does change of address to different city, same state, same company affect GC process?
  113. Urgent: Days for Prevailing wage determination
  114. PERM Audit
  115. How long does it take to post a SWA order after requesting it?
  116. EB2 Perm Labor for Part Time
  117. Status of PERM application
  118. PERM 365 day rule question
  119. Eb3 - Eb2 GC approved
  120. EB2 PERM -> audit -> denied -> appealed ->approved
  121. PERM Processing slowed down?
  122. Wife and Husband Apply GC with same employer
  123. Job Posting for PERM
  124. Has anyone ever heard of this attorney
  125. Perm
  126. Can the job description for EB2 be almost the same as EB3?
  127. PERM approval Hard Copy
  128. EB2 Labor Audit
  129. Chugh Law Firm
  130. How to prove Project manager is not CIS Manager!
  131. Please help me with some EB2 questions
  132. New GC filing - ads
  133. PERM got denied after filing 7th year H1B extension
  134. ap question
  135. EB 2-NIW : Basic /Research Background non-PHD
  136. IS EB2 Possible with these options...
  137. PERM: Experience with the same employer?
  138. EB2 Filing - Postion title
  139. PERM: Prevailing Wage Determination
  140. Perm approved in less than a month
  141. GC filing without H1B transfer
  142. What is employee referral program?
  143. PERM processing date released (as of 10/31/2010). Any november approvals seen?
  144. Questions Regarding EB3 To EB2 Porting
  145. EB-2 : Same Job Title in Previous Experience?
  146. EB2 or EB3
  147. Is PERM Experience, Education, and Training Conjunctive or Disjunctive?
  148. 5.1/2 year on H1b & EB2 Question
  149. Complications: PERM Approval Not Signed
  150. EB3- to EB2 Same Employer- Confusion b/w attorneys
  151. Can USCIS help in porting Eb3 to Eb2 ?
  152. Eb2 Perm Labor Approved
  153. Labor Audit (Correction of ETA 9089 after submision)
  154. Recruitment process for labor certification
  155. PERM on mark
  156. New Perm approvals in current economy
  157. PERM re-apply
  158. Prevailing Wage Determination
  159. PERM and Priority Dates
  160. Please Help And Suggest
  161. Port EB3 to EB2 - Need suggestions/advice please
  162. PERM re-filing under EB2 (family relationship in the company)
  163. How to check the status of my Perm application for Green Card Processing?
  164. PERM Through BIG Companies
  165. Jobzone5, Level 1 PWD Clarification
  166. List of companies who promises to do green card but would not do it
  167. randomly seleted for audit
  168. How many years of employment required before Deloitte sponsor your GC?
  169. Letter from HR regarding Green Card sponsoring
  170. Does Labor approval Expire?
  171. PERM Audit cases
  172. Question over Job Requirements for EB2
  173. Urgent (Ad. placement before labor)
  174. Is B.S + 2.5 years above 'normal' per SVP?
  175. EB3 Processing Time
  176. EB3 to EB2 - Advertisement question
  177. Removing some experience
  178. Lawyer's mistake in Filing PERM
  179. Port EB3 (Software Engr) -> EB2 (Principal Software Engr) with the same company
  180. 7th Year H1B PERM Pending. Can I change employer?
  181. PERM question - completing 6 years
  182. new application
  183. Eb2 ms+0
  184. Icert processing of PWD.
  185. How can I correct my mis-spelled name in PERM
  186. How long will it take to get the PERM Approval notice?
  187. LCA for different States?
  188. US Labor Department unveils new tool to help employees and small businesses
  189. Last name misspelled on perm labor application
  190. How to calculate 5 years completion?
  191. New EB-3 PERM - Question about Prof/Skilled worker classification
  192. computational finance
  193. Attorney Lavi Soloway in NY
  194. Labor Deneid in 6th Year
  195. Prevailing wage request confusion with DOL/SWA
  196. Great News! Looks like PERM is now taking 7 months!
  197. sub-account for PERM status check
  198. will i really have to wait for another year?
  199. Anyone from Xerox here?
  200. PERM Audit Question & Preparation
  201. EB3 to EB2 and on-the-job work experience question
  202. New Perm using the recruiment documents of a similar position
  203. Perm Prevailing Wage - how long is it taking?
  204. How long is it taking for PERM now-a-days?
  205. PERM application filed in 6th year, with another PERM pending
  206. Professional Journal/Assosciation website to post a web developer ad
  207. Filing Perm on pending I485
  208. Does I-140 have to be applied 45 days from PERM approval ?
  209. perm approved dec 2009
  210. How to followup the status of PERM
  211. PERM and I140 approved with old employer , rejoin in a different location
  212. Reasonable Attorney
  213. PERM process job ad question
  214. How to get lower Prevailing wage for PERM EB2 (Bach + 5 years) under level 3?
  215. prepare business necessity stmt for "possible" audit on eb2!!
  216. How bad is a new PERM application now for EB2?
  217. OES Wage(1,2,3,4) level EB2 calculations.. please help !!!
  218. Getting PERM approved as a Software Developer in EB2
  219. Anybody with me
  220. Does job location matter in PERM processing
  221. EB2 Perm application chances dim
  222. Confused about PERM application
  223. EB2 category
  224. starting green card process. Is this a good time?
  225. Applied for PERM
  226. Employer Letter for Greencard
  227. Can current employer use earlier employer's PERM, to request a 7th year extension
  228. Perm audit delay
  229. PERM Denied - OCT 2007 audit case
  230. Reuse labor from old employer?
  231. Job Advert Advice please
  232. ETA750 form used after PERM came in effect
  233. Labour filing: Posting new ad
  234. starting Labor certification stage
  235. Family relationship with employer for perm processing
  236. Please help prewailing wage for eb2
  237. EB2 with 3 yr degree
  238. Finally Finally Finally ....
  239. how can I help HR in understanding PERM process
  240. Is it better to select a local lawyer for PERM?
  241. Help! Anyone know? - Prevailing Wage Appeal
  242. People with PERM delays
  243. H1 to H4 transfer
  244. new PERM
  245. Change in Reporting Manager while PERM is in process
  246. concurrent LCs?
  247. Chances of New PERM approval ?
  248. E B 2 Eligibility - 4 year bachelors + 5 years of experience
  249. iCert replacing PERM?
  250. Intent to Immigrate?