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  1. Question on ETA 7089
  2. Info on PERM delays lately.
  3. Pending PERM....Questions about Port of Entry....pls help
  4. Anyone know? Private employer salary surveys?
  5. Has anyone heard of this lawyer??
  6. Any News on Perm Audits?
  7. PERM in these difficult economic times - question
  8. Work experience Letter
  9. Waiting for PERM withdrawal, any answers?
  10. DOL confirmation mail for filing Labor
  11. PERM Questions
  12. Can PERM / 140 be filed by company while I am outside the US?
  13. PERM approved and Move City
  14. When can I change jobs during the GC process?
  15. Two Perm Applications
  16. Planning Canada Immigration
  17. Labor - soc code confusion
  18. Any company filing new PERMs in this economy?
  19. Urgent- Cost Involved for labor
  20. EB2 with MS degree - query (please help)
  21. PERM got Denied
  22. Pending PERM and Visa Stamp....pls help
  23. Help! Anyone know approximately? (processing times)
  24. Gurus, please help with this PERM EB2 question on job with mulitple requirements!!
  25. PERM application filing: will it be delayed?
  26. Is DOL still approving PERM applications?
  27. Time taken for PERM WithDrawal.
  28. Are we screwed by DOL ? -Changing Environment of PERM Labor Certification Application
  29. PERM denied, wage discrepancy..please suggest...
  30. DOL Plan and Budget 2009 for Foreign Labor Certification
  31. Perm Application in advertisement stage
  32. EB2 missing for 15 days in 5 years
  33. H1 Extension with Pending PERM..Pls help
  34. Can PERM Labor be filed for Dependent on AOS?
  35. PERM Priority Date
  36. Pending PERM..H1 ext approved with wrong work experience,education,job duty..pls help
  37. L1 to H1 need some advice thx
  38. What is the enquiry that we can file to DOL when the case reaches 15 months?
  39. Pending PERM..H1 Recapture Premium Filing..pls help
  40. PERM Audit and a new job
  41. New eligibility factor for EB3 and EB2
  42. 6th Year Employer Move
  43. Where do I stand?
  44. Eb2 vs Eb3
  45. 7th year H1-B extension and job transfer.
  46. Need to wait for labor filing after lay off
  47. EB2 Perm Processing
  48. Can someone recommend fragomen attorney ?
  49. Urgent help needed regarding to ad
  50. Labor application in 6 six year of H1
  51. Job Zone changes for IT Jobs and EB-2
  52. error in labor filing
  53. Change EB3 to EB2?
  54. PERM denied on Alternate Requiements clause
  55. Can my 7th year H1 Extension be filed outside US with my pending Labor Certification?
  56. Perm Filed on Jun 4th 08 but not approved yet
  57. Work Experience
  58. Documents for Labor Stage
  59. What will happen to PERM if my company is acquired?
  60. Good News for Fragomen Clients
  61. Very high denial rate on audited cases
  62. Help regarding questions on ETA 9089
  63. H1b 8th yr extension, I-140(EB3) not approved, couldn't file I-485, layoff looming
  64. Can PERM be withdrawn while being audited?
  65. Previous Employer not reachable
  66. Filing Labor in the 6th year
  67. When can I file my labor certification?
  68. experience letter & PERM
  69. PERM Audits
  70. PERM - Sr.Engineer to Sr.Program Manager
  71. can i file another labour when my 140 still in process
  72. Feedback needed on EB2 AD
  73. Is it safe to change PERM?
  74. How can I Track my GC's labour process?
  75. EB2 Labor - 14 Months+
  76. Cohen & Grigsby clients?
  77. Perm Updates
  78. Help: Looking for an immigrant lawyer except Fragomen
  79. Help with the prevailing wage
  80. PERM approval
  81. Perm Delay!
  82. Can I use expired PERM EB2 labor in any way?
  83. Need some guidance - Withdraw and Refile Labour - new Opportunity
  84. Replies for PERM appeal after denial.
  85. PERM Audit & H1B expiration: Do time recap to keep H1B current - for extension filing
  86. completing 6yrs and LC denied.
  87. Need some help and advice
  88. Incorrect experience information in PERM
  89. Job change during labor certification
  90. Perm Audits & Supervised Recruitment
  91. Experince for PERM
  92. perm audit statistics
  93. Perm Case Status:
  94. PERM Application...Audit..H1 expired...Please help
  95. Recommedation for Immigration Attorney in Seattle area
  96. Labor certification
  97. DOL audits approved PERM filed by Fragomen
  98. At what stage is EB2 or EB3 determined??
  99. Atlanta PERM PRocessing.
  100. Template letter - PERM Audits & Endless Delay
  101. Type error in PERM Labor Application
  102. DOL on PERM Auditing
  103. Fragoman Clients
  104. US Department of Labor Auditing All Permanent Labor Certification Applications Filed
  105. Need Help please - Got Audit for PERM Labor
  106. Template/Letter - Perm Adutis & Endless Delay
  107. Perm Applied March 17 2008
  108. LC got stuck - re-apply or wait?
  109. Need Perm Help Bad
  110. Is 365 day rule still valid with Perm?
  111. Questions on EB2
  112. Who would ask for asylum from Italy..?
  113. 3 year degree filing new application after I140 denial
  114. Need some Help or Suggestions
  115. LC employer income
  116. Looking For A Company To File Lc For Me
  117. Lost original PERM approval document
  118. Are you struck in PERM?
  119. Perm Approved - 6 months passed!! i-140?
  120. PERM Audits & Endless Delay - IV Advise Needed
  121. PERM pending Visa expiring on May 2008
  122. Well! I got laid off. I guess I am done!
  123. Getting LC then traveling without applying for i140
  124. perm HELP
  125. Need Help!
  126. End of 2007 PERM auditing
  127. As of June 1, 2008 all PERM cases will be processed through the Atlanta National Proc
  128. Eb3 ROW
  129. PERM and being laid off
  130. Appeal on Denied LC
  131. Second PERM LC application
  132. Perm Ls Sub
  133. Help! EB2->EB3 quagmire
  134. Three High-Skilled Visa Bills Introduced into the House
  135. LC Approved but I-140 Application Rejected
  136. Perm Labor Hard Copy
  137. Lc Approved But I-140 Not Filed 180 Days. Please Help
  138. To start PERM PROCESS
  139. PERM Eb2 Part time
  140. About to finish my Masters, EB2 with same employer
  141. Is there any change in PERM process after 03/31/2008?
  142. H1 5th year + PERM questions
  143. FY 2007 PERM statistics
  144. H1b extension and PERM
  145. LC Denied
  146. Employer address change
  147. Is there any problem in EB2 Labor process now a days?
  148. Perm denial by error and 7th year extension
  149. Labour Status Verification
  150. EB3 Labor Approved
  151. PERM applicants Atlanta Center
  152. EB2 Unavailable for indians ........
  153. How to place job order in Georgia?
  154. Which center should i apply .........
  155. Perm Processing Recruitment Process Rejection Reasons
  156. Perm Eb2 Mba+0
  157. Any Good Chicago Immigration Lawyers!
  158. PERM filing in problem...need help
  159. PERM Audit + Visa Expiring -- Pls HELP!!
  160. EB1 qualification
  161. Labor Denied - 12/3/07
  162. PERM refused
  163. Perm Denied
  164. Business Necessity Letter
  165. Good Job Offer while PERM is in process ...should I transfer?
  166. Current perm processing time
  167. Green Card-Labor Certification EB2 or EB3?
  168. Internal Title Change
  169. No response from employer about Labor
  170. Where to place ads for PERM?
  171. Can PERM process be initiated while H1-B is awaiting adjudication?
  172. H1B expiring - Please advice
  173. Education and experience equivalency in the US for PERM?
  174. H1B (I-797) extension before 6 year H1B completion with pending Labor/I-140
  175. Perm Labor denied..
  176. Labor wage approval
  177. EB2 Labor Certification question(BE+ 5 yrs )
  178. EB2 PERM Labor Processing from Nov 06
  179. Under which category i can file, EB2 or EB3 ? Please Help me...
  180. Distribution of Occupations based on LC
  181. Transferring to F-1 while in Labor Certification
  182. PERM Tracker !
  183. MS+0. If any experts out there..please help !
  184. looking for a company who is going through sheela murthy for LC
  185. anyone know about Monique Kornfeld ?
  186. Does place of LC filing matters ?
  187. PERM thru Chicago "In Process" ...lawyer says I will be Audited
  188. How to file a complaint about labor fraud?
  189. To all whose labor still pending
  190. PERM JOB ORDER and ADVT roles different
  191. PERM Approval and I-140/485 Application
  192. Funny: U.N. Begins Meeting to Discuss Atlanta Labor Certification
  193. Please Help Labour Certification Question
  194. Email Notification for PERM
  195. PERM Process
  196. Can I add Roles and responsibility to Experience letter
  197. My perm from Atlanta cleared on 7/30 filed 4/14
  198. PERM filed last week in chicago. Any chance?
  199. Latest Statistics of PERM Labor Certification
  200. EB2 PERM cost
  201. Atlanta may speed up PERM
  202. Health Check before PERM approval
  203. Atlanta PERM Center
  204. Flowers to Atlanta PERM center
  205. Atlanta PERM processing delays
  206. PERM approved,Hard copy receipt Howlong?
  207. Late PERM filers
  208. PERM processing time
  209. PERM AD for EB2 experts please help
  210. Perm Statistics
  211. Can I apply another labor (PERM) while having RFE on I-140
  212. Perm question
  213. PERM Timeline
  214. PERM Process documents
  215. how long does the labor/ PERM process take?
  216. Message for people stuck at Atlanta PERM
  217. Apply for PERM Eb2 after 3 months or EB3 now - any suggession?
  218. OnLine Perm filing question
  219. PERM: Denied and Request for Review
  220. HELP: PERM Request for Review
  221. Good Attorney in CA to file PERM, GC
  222. PERM filing and Receipt Number
  223. article of inc. and financial statements for PERM?
  224. [PERM Process] Can't continue the process for I-140 and I-485
  225. PERM Need Help Notice of Job posting with SWA
  226. PERM Denial Conversion case Please help
  227. Is there any rule for one PERM per person from the same company
  228. Need Clarifications on 1-140 and Perm Approval.
  229. H1-B 7th Year, AC21 106(a), and PERM
  230. H1B extension after 365 days and Perm Processing
  231. PERM Filing - wage issue
  232. DOL uses a non-existant reason to Deny a PERM case
  233. PERM filing --Regarding advertisments
  234. Perm sponsorship email
  235. PERM application status - how to get it
  236. Please Help ---Multiple PERM Applications by Same Employer for Same Employee
  237. Chances of PERM approval if company had a recent layoff
  238. PERM EB2 - -Help
  239. Will my PERM and I140 be valid if I don't stay in US?
  240. LC to PERM conversion dilemma
  241. BEC LC application to PERM
  242. LC to PERM
  243. Should we continue with old system or perm?
  244. Please advise - continue with perm or stick to old system
  245. Should i file another Labor under PERM
  246. Processing time for PERM (EB3 to EB2)
  247. opening a new labor under PERM
  248. PERM Help
  249. PERM Labor filing
  250. should I apply for PERM?