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  1. Apply for H1B
  2. Leave no stone unturned
  3. Driving License in Michigan
  4. Mi state chapter
  5. Restarting the MI chapter
  6. Walking_Dude: Where are you?
  7. Welcome New Members
  8. MI DL new rules (bad for guys with extended I-94)
  9. Delay by MI DMV in issuing driver's licenses
  10. Update on MI DL issue: Bill ready to be signed by Governor
  11. Action Item : Contact MI newspapers to feature IV Press Release
  13. MI DL issue : Letters to Gov. Granholm
  14. IV update: MI Driver licence issue
  15. Bad News : Michigan will NOT give DLs to Temporary Visa Holders
  16. MI members join the IVMI group working for you
  17. Respond to antis @ IV related article on Detroit Free Press
  18. MI members willing to drive to Chicago at short notice
  19. Dec. VB Victims in Michigan - Let's unite and fight
  20. Nov 29: Lou Dobbs coming to Michigan to poison minds
  21. 300 Michigan Members
  22. MI Chapter Activity - Secure Trusted eGroup formation
  23. Michigan chapter meet survey (10/20)
  24. Michigan Chapter Meeting 10/20/07(Sat) in Troy, MI
  25. Confirmed Flight Tickets
  26. For the 'No Shows' from Michigan
  27. Michigan Chapter- calling members!
  28. Poll For People Attending Rally From Michigan
  29. How many of us are going to DC for rally
  30. Michigan Chapter..... Help Yourselves
  31. Rally In Chicago LETS GO
  32. Uscis Website Will Be Down
  33. Friendly Senators
  34. Debbie Stabenow sends a reply finally
  35. Fax Rep. Conyers?
  36. Hi fellow fighters from Michigan