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  1. Advance Parole renewal 2013
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  6. Advance Parole renewal
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  14. IV ACTION ITEM: Write to USCIS on recent spate of I485 denials in AC21 cases.
  15. How to track/check PERM Labot status
  16. Prakash new CIS Ombudsman ?
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  18. Advice/suggestion required
  19. Aug 3 Sunday - San Jose, CA
  20. Need Advise : Previous Employer filed a Case on Me
  21. Broken EB system - Support IV to Support You
  22. Good people
  23. Renewing the call to NORCAL!
  24. Southern California Letter Campaign Event this weekend - We need Help!!!
  25. Do you BART from Fremont?
  26. Attention NORCAL members: We need your help!
  27. Anyone in VMWare?
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  32. Letters to Madame Speaker from New Democratic Coalition & Compete America
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  40. anyone from Los Angeles
  41. Employer Blackmailing
  42. Are you flying from California?
  43. Hello from the University Relations Committee
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  45. Nor Cal conference call Thur Aug 16th 7.30 pm
  46. Southern California IV event this Saturday August 18th in LA
  47. Calling Volunteers in Southern California
  48. SoCal IV group conference call on August 7th,2007
  49. Meet Senator Cornyn in Austin, TX - Open to all IV Members.
  50. I140 and I485 concurrently filed 7/3/07 - now what?
  51. I140 - Expert Opinion needed
  52. Nor Cal conf call 7/10/07 - 7.30pm - RALLY!
  53. Webfax!
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  56. Visit the immigration sub committee chair!
  57. 14th district visit?
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  61. Ok fed up...
  62. I am here..
  63. Send email to Senator Barbara Boxer
  64. Please set up a conf call for Northern california members
  65. All Southern California Members
  66. Work TBD within large immigrant employers
  67. Reminder: Northern California call on 29, Thursday 8pm.
  68. Reminder: Northern California call tonight (Mon)
  69. Northern California members - call to get organized
  70. Any one from Bay area/silicon valley?
  71. Calling out to members in the Southern California Region