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  1. I-130 Expiration
  2. H1B RFE pending after expiration of OPT Cap Gap
  3. Mandatory Rules for Immigration Voice Telegram Groups
  4. IMPORTANT: HR 213 Bill Update & Action Items to Organize, Prepare & Win
  5. Fundraiser Goal - $60,000
  6. Severe Backlogs - uncertain future - rise up and work for hr213 & meet your Local Rep
  7. meeting with congressman Tom Price(Distirct 6,GA)
  8. Meeting Congressmen Steve Israel D-NY 3rd district
  9. Something really shocking...
  10. Meeting Congressman Rob Woodall (Georgia 7th District)
  11. ADVOCACY EVENT September 5th - 7th, 2016
  12. Dear users - please read and understand
  13. IV Call on Sunday July 17th at 4PM EST.
  14. Anyone from Nebraska or Iowa
  15. I140EAD-Lawyers and employers plotting on how to derail Skilled Immigration
  16. Introduction
  17. Dreamt Act to F-1
  18. Comprehensive Immigration Reform
  19. Kent v Accenture L-1 Lawsuit
  20. This is what IV should be doing
  21. The difference between "Pro-Immigrant and "Pro-Immigration"
  22. Making fun of AILA Submission on AC21 Reg
  23. #DHSChat Action Item
  24. Technical Comments for "EAD for I-140" rule
  25. URGENT Action Item: Final Comments for "EAD for I-140" rule
  26. Federal register - New rule posted today
  27. Action Alert: We need your help to improve I-140 Regulation
  28. Would commenting really make a difference?
  29. Same or Similar Occupation
  30. The Obama administration
  31. Another firm which doesn't oppose the new rule.
  32. Proposed Rule : Retention of EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3
  33. Keeping up with Rich Riley
  34. Fundraising Email blast to your friends
  35. Action Item: Monthly goal for Jan 2016
  36. The Keyboard Warriors 'Hall of Fame'
  37. Thank you for your contributions to Immigration Voice
  38. More Co-Sponsors for HR213 Is Good But Will Not Move It Forward!
  39. Washington Lobbying 101 & Killing of I-140 EAD Rule
  40. FLASH!! White house petition for I140 EAD Investigation
  41. Serious issue about the comments - Please follow up
  42. Some comments are crazy
  43. Initial comments for EAD for I140 Regulation
  44. Guidelines for the comments
  45. How to get more members and more involvement in I140 EAD?
  46. DONATE - one time $600. Doubling monthly contribution
  47. Comment Period - I 140 Approved EAD Rule
  48. Call on Sunday Jan 3rd 2016 at 4PM EST.
  49. 140 EAD Rules Advance Copy is released
  50. I 140 EAD : What we all can do?
  51. RIN: 1615-AC05 AKA I-140 EAD/Portability Proposed Rule
  52. EAD for I-140 Discussion
  53. Jan 2016 Visa Bulletin
  54. #MyH1Bstory: Important Twitter Opportunity
  55. Draft "Same or Similar" policy Memo released
  56. Constituent Action: What can you do to help H.R.213 move?
  57. Post 11/15 Call Discussion
  58. A Call with Immigration Voice
  59. Senator Grassley and Durbin introduced H1B and L1 Visa reform
  60. Stream of conscience
  61. Musunuru vs Holder et al
  62. IV Greater Kansas City chapter
  63. Black list of immigration Lawyers
  64. IV applauds Congresswoman Lofgren for leading Congressional letter to DHS and DOS
  65. AILA News and Discussion
  66. Challenging "Communist party" clause of INA (3)(D)(i) in court
  67. USCIS Internal Memo about EAD for I140 from June 2015
  68. Frontline Immigration Battle
  69. Campaign against EB1-C abuse.
  70. HR 213 - bringing it to vote
  71. Trying to meet Congresswoman Jackie Speiers
  72. Political News and Discussion
  73. State chapter for bay area
  74. Start a boycott like Montgomery Bus Boycott?
  75. IV joins coalition partners to urge State Dept, DHS and WH to fix Visa Bulletin
  76. URGENT Action Item: #FighbackVBGate
  77. October Visa Bulletin Flower Campaign Fight for Justice
  78. Will you be impacted by VB Reversal?
  79. A targeted twitter action item
  80. Immigration Voice Maryland Group
  81. IV presence at PM Modi's reception event at SAP center in San Jose on Sep
  82. NYT Expose on Amazon
  83. Support Legal Immigration Sign this petition
  84. What should we do about "making noise on EAD for I140"?
  85. Announcement of the report with skilled immigration fixes expected today at 3pm
  86. CIS Ombudsman 2015 Annual Report to Congress
  87. Medical Insurance- A problem for Immigrants
  88. Urgent immigration voice - need your help alert
  89. Do your share: Important Advocacy Day Action Item
  90. Outsourcing Companies Under Scrutiny Over Visas for Technology Workers
  91. Should we sign some of the frivolous petitions created on change.org
  92. Important message to the twitterati
  93. Immigrants and Their Advocates File Class Action Lawsuit Against USCIS for EAD delays
  94. Breaking News: Judge denies motion for Preliminary Injunction against EAD for H4 fix
  95. Guidance on Employment Authorization for Certain H-4 Dependent Spouses
  96. Immigration Voice Advocacy Event in Washington D.C. on 14th, 15th and 16th June
  97. Questions and Answers on How to file Adjustment Of Status
  98. Unfair Taxation
  99. Massachusetts IV members for HR213
  100. ACTION ITEM: Please call to oppose H-1B amendment to the budget bill in the Senate
  101. Should we do this?
  102. 20150319 USCIS Conference call liveblog
  103. Senate Hearing Immigration Reforms Needed to Protect Skilled American Workers
  104. Action Item Alert: Call your Member of Congress for Recapturing Unused Green Cards
  105. Action Items from EAD for H-4 Rule announcement
  106. After EAD for H4 rule, is EAD for I-140 comming too ?
  107. Breaking News: Coming tomorrow - 24th February, 2015
  108. Breaking News: Immigration Innovation Act introduced in the Senate
  109. What's more valuable being in Washington DC on 8-10Feb OR Donating the entire amount?
  110. Major Announcement: Rep. Chaffetz introduced H.R.213 to eliminate per county limits
  111. RFI by State department (Federal Register)
  112. Immigration Voice Advocacy event in Washington DC on 8th, 9th and 10th February
  113. H.R. 2131 (SKILLS Visa Act) is back in House
  114. Why only for Citizen and PR's parents?
  115. Questions Clarification and Answers about President's Executive Action on Immigration
  116. EO CeLeBrAtIoN thread
  117. Possible Administrative Fixes - Filtering facts from fiction
  118. Proposed modification to regulation for allowing EAD for certain H4s
  119. Looming Iraq war and Immigration reform
  120. Important change coming today at 10am
  121. Proposed regulations with rules authorizing employment for certain H-1B spouses
  122. Why do IT consultants get to skip over US STEM graduates in the Green Card line?
  123. Subject: Recruiting for Focus Groups for a Study of the H-1B Program Feb. 11-13
  124. IV Advocacy Event: 1st to 4th March, 2014
  125. Any updates
  126. Immigration Questions directly to the White House via Skype
  127. Where is IV? What do we do now?
  128. Can IV request authorities to update demand data
  129. CIR - Status
  130. H4 visa applied for extension, govt shutdown
  131. Immigration Voice Advocacy Event September 7th-10th, 2013 & August Townhall Meetings
  132. Executive Order- Ability to file I485 and obtain EAD
  133. iReport on CNN
  134. Action Item - Seeking support for more Green Cards to reduce backlogs
  135. What did the legislative update say about contractors?
  136. What is IV strategy for Immigration Reform in the House of Reps?
  137. What is IV strategy for Immigration Reform in the House of Reps?
  138. What is IV strategy for Immigration Reform in the House of Reps?
  139. House following peace-meal approach HR:2131 Skill visa act passed in House Comitee
  140. Immigration bill passes in Senate
  141. Cruz #1586 will be on Senate floor and it has our Wish list
  142. Action Item - Seeking support for Warren Amendment #1532
  143. What is a STEM Degree?
  144. People waiting from 2002-what is in for them
  145. Merit based system: 10 points for sibling
  146. LIVE: Markup of bill S.744 at Senate Judiciary committee starting 9th May, 2013
  147. Senetor Rubio tracking improvement suggestions for S744
  148. Technical fixes to S744
  149. LIVE: Senate hearing on Immigration Reform bill of 2013
  150. S169- I- Immigration Innovative Act - Removes CAP per coutry, Spouses and STEM
  151. Involving Major Vendors in CIR Bill
  152. IV Action Item : CIR bill 2013
  153. Admin I beg/request you/IV like anything
  154. Future STEM EB2 gather here - CIR 2013 impacts
  155. Physicians and CIR
  156. CIR: Pending EB backlog removal discussion
  157. Immigration Reform of 2013 Introduced in the Senate
  158. Immigration Reform bill expected on 16th April
  159. Advocacy day event: Live updates (link to event pictures added)
  160. IV Newsletter Links
  161. CIR: Please post links to all CIR related articles here
  162. LIVE: Watch House Immigration sub-committee hearing on 3/5/13 at 10am EST
  163. Discussion about rights of immigrant workers
  164. CIR for STEM EB2?
  165. Employement agreement - Please help
  166. Are you getting newsletters?
  167. Announcement: Immigration Voice Advocacy Event - March 17th - 19th, 2013
  168. Fairness for high-skilled Immigration : We applaud Rep. Chaffetz, Lofgren & Labrador
  169. LIVE: Important Senate Hearing on CIR
  170. Immigration Voice invited to testify in House Hearing scheduled for 2/5 @ 10:15am
  171. Documentary on CNN iReports
  172. Is it legal to travel on B1 Visa immediately after L1B rejection
  173. If Per-country cap is eliminated
  174. White House outline of Reform: Fixing our Broken Immigration System
  175. LIVE: STEM bill debate and vote on the House floor
  176. Immigration Reform 2013 discussions: H1B and F1, not for EB folks
  177. Its that day in America
  178. Does it ring any bell?
  179. Watch STEM bill debate on the House Floor
  180. Action Item: Call Senate to pass H.R. 3012 now
  181. EB2 India is now October 2004
  182. A shout out for members from Texas
  183. Sept 8th Summit, Event Details and Schedule.
  184. Sept 8 Summit: Will you be travelling from South California?
  185. Action item: HR3012 media outreach
  186. Events in Seattle and Sunnyvale this weekend
  187. Southwest has 25% off one time use codes
  188. New rally date is September 8th, 2012: Fairness and Freedom March in San Jose, CA
  189. San Jose September 8th Summit:NEED VOLUNTEERS
  190. For Rally Getting cheap hotels, airline tickets and cool Tshirts
  191. San Jose September 8th Rally: CARPOOL and GROUP TRANSPORTATION:
  192. San Jose September 8th, 2012 Summit: Donate/Get Frequent Flyer Miles
  193. September 8 Summit: Do you need/Have accommodation and/or transportation in San Jose?
  194. Immigration Voice Fairness and Freedom Summit on September 8th in San Jose, CA
  195. Two more holds on hr3012
  196. HR3012 in Senate: URGENT Action Item
  197. FAQ for Grassley Amendment to HR3012
  198. We applaud Senator Grassley for lifting the hold from HR3012
  199. UPDATED:Quick action item July 2012
  200. Startup Act 2.0
  201. UPDATE/ACTION ITEM:HR3012: Ask your employer to sign this petition supporting HR3012
  202. EAD AP issues and resolution
  203. Why can't Fox News give credit to 'India teen...'
  204. We applaud Senator Coons & Senator Alexander for introducing SMART Jobs Act of 2012
  205. Immigration Voice applauds Senator John Cornyn for introducing STEM bill - STAR
  206. Comments to the Desmoinesregister opinion post
  207. USCIS I485 Processing - My recommendations to IV
  208. L1B to H1B Change of Status Clarification
  209. Support IV By filing your 2011 Tax Return through CPAAUDITORS.COM
  210. Legal Employment-based Immigration Petitioners should NOT be Heavily Backlogged for Y
  211. Will this happen?
  212. EB3-I Pedictions if H.R. 3012 passed
  213. Why I voted Yes on H.R. 3012 - Rachard Hanna
  214. HR 3012 general discussion since April 2012
  215. HR3012 - positive developments
  216. DHS Reforms To Attract And Retain Highly Skilled Immigrants
  217. President Obama Sends Startup America Legislative Agenda to Congress
  218. Obama administration supports HR3012
  219. HR 3012 Read second time in Senate.
  220. Please unite Chinese Students in the US
  221. Why MURTHY.COM &other immigration lawyers silent on H.R.3012?
  222. Eric Schmidt talking about the very issue
  223. HR 3012 kickstarted in Senate
  224. is this really good news
  225. IV speaks at senator Moran and Senator Warner's StartUp Bill press conference
  226. HR 3012 - Prospects in Senate?
  227. House vote shortly
  228. What Happened to STAPLE Bill (GC for PhD holders)
  229. HR 3012 is coming on 29th, around 6.30 PM in House
  230. Donor forum access issue
  231. After 6 years of hard work, patience & persistence, we are at the doorstep of success
  232. White house seeks ideas to fix foreclosure glut
  233. Free Lawyer confrence calls
  234. Free Lawyer confrence calls
  235. Free attorney conference calls
  236. Free attorney conference calls - 8th Sept 2011
  237. Free attorney conference call - 15 Sep 2011
  238. Free attorney conference call - 22 Sep 2011
  239. Free attorney conference calls - 13 Oct 2011
  240. Free attorney conference calls - 20 Oct 2011
  241. USCIS Blog: Encouraging High Skilled Workers to bloster US Economy
  242. WSJ Video mention IV
  243. Petition to Congress to increase visa number / recapture lost EB visas etc.
  244. Testimony by Dr. Puneet Arora @ Senate Immigration Subcommittee 26 Jul
  245. House Republicans Consider Immigration Bill
  246. Senate hearing update
  248. New bill H.R. 1796 for visa spillover introduced
  249. this is why i want my green card.... even when i have to wait for years
  250. IV invited to speak on June 6: A Summit for Stakeholders on Immigration Reform