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  1. Strategizing Meeting Scheduled for MD/DC/VA Volunteers
  2. DOL Proposes Elimination of LC Substitutions and Other Changes
  3. Can we ask for more!! TALENT ACT
  4. Approaching Global Software companies
  5. Outsourcing Is Climbing Skills Ladder
  6. Cross-Chargeability
  7. IV is Inclusive Post Now Sticky on Immig Portal
  8. UNUSED numbners in PACE
  9. Rally by ILLEGAL immigrants in Philadelphia
  10. Economic Report of the President
  11. Volunteers: New Skin for IV Webpage?
  12. Update website with contact information and other details.
  13. Immigration plan looms in Congress
  14. DV Lottery Green Card?
  15. To establish a clear and straightforward cause
  16. MA - meet the lawmakers
  17. News Items relevant to us
  18. Urgent update on EB Retrogression
  19. Media Attention - CBS 60 Min /CNN / Fox News ??
  20. House Committee on Government Reform Full Committee Hearing, February 9, 2006
  21. New Presentation, Updated Brochure and Bulletin Board Pin Up
  22. Wall Street Journal on Skilled Immigation
  23. PACE amendment suggestions
  24. Teleconference to address Retrogression and developments in Congress
  25. For Posting: Immigration Voice is For Everyone in EB Greencard Process: All Stages
  26. Data on Pending EBs - The Final Word/A Revealing Conversation w. Ombudsmans Data Guy
  27. A little about our friend...Loony Loo
  28. US visa woes: Bush proposes, procedure disposes - An HT Story
  29. Is America Flunking Science? asks TIME
  30. Signup for a RALLY for EB Immigrants on March 13th
  31. Senate Republicans reach tentative deal on Patriot Act extension
  32. Bill Gates on Immigration
  33. UK's Highly Skilled Migrant Programme
  34. US Graduates
  35. Immigration Voice inks the Agreement with Quinn Gillespie
  36. Intel Chairman on Immigration - Full Text
  37. Events coming up
  38. Indians working abroad to receive special attention: Ravi
  39. Major announcement coming shortly from Immigration Voice
  40. Call from Sen. Specter's office
  41. New ad touting competitiveness and retaining of foreign talent signed by 140 execs!
  42. Intel chairman calls for immigration reform
  43. Volunteers required for banner creation
  44. Universities and Corporates urge lawmakers
  45. "A Day Without an Immigrant" - Immigrants on strike on Feb 14th in Philadelphia
  46. Minuteman Rally asking for Moratorium on Legal Immigration
  47. Washington State Flyer Distribution
  48. President's $2.77 trillion budget sent to Congress today
  49. Endorsement for Immigration Voice by Prof. Richard Florida
  50. Please take this Poll
  51. PACE: No Time For Complacency/Rightwing Talkingheads Mobilized
  52. Behind Pres. Bush's stress on Science and Competitiveness: Article in NY Times
  53. NJ team distributing flyers in Bridgewater temple today
  54. Cannon pushes immigration reform during visit
  55. March 27th set for immigration Bill reforms
  56. Replies to WebFaxes
  57. They should be paying us to accept GC
  58. Sen Specter's Response
  59. New article by Fragomen law firm
  60. New House Majority leader's view on Immigration
  61. Will PACE apply to current PhD/doctoral candidates?
  62. EB3 worldwide
  63. Another good news
  64. Rep. Boehner Elected House Majority Leader
  65. Intel CEO's views on legal immigration and America's competitiveness
  66. Pace Act and the SOTU
  67. Immigration quoted in the State of the Union Address
  68. Lamar Smith's fax on immigration ends up on the internet
  69. State Of Union address possible excerpts - looks good
  70. Status on Current and Recent Happenings
  71. NY Meet the lawmakers
  72. TX/TN-meet the lawmakers conf on 02/02/2006
  73. Involving USINPAC to reach lawmaker
  74. Myths about immigration from ILW.com
  75. LEGAL Immigration Voice
  76. AZ/TX/CO/WA Conference Call 10 PM EST 02/01/2006
  77. Contribute for support !!
  78. Meet the Senators/Congressmen in Washington State
  79. CA team meets 3 Congressmen at Oakland town meeting
  80. Lawyer Mathew Oh on why we need to fight for Legislative Reform
  81. Web Fax is Live
  82. CO-Meet the lawmaker
  83. Good News.
  84. Making Sense of the New Released FY 2005 EB Numbers
  85. First meeting in "Meet Our Lawmakers" drive
  86. Indian Associations, Indo-Chinese Associations - faster approach??
  87. Part V - Why should I care if I still have a few years remaining on my H1?
  88. Sensenbrenner on Legal Immigration
  89. Part IV - What is lobbying and how will it affect the Immigration Bill?
  90. Part III - What is a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill and what is its status?
  91. Part II - What is S.1932 and how ImmigrationVoice started
  92. Part I - How a bill becomes a law in USA
  93. ilw.com reference to immigrationvoice
  94. How Much Should I Contribute?
  95. Conference call for NJ/PA volunteers at 9.00 PM EST tonite
  96. Media Coverage
  97. Research on our/retrogression's impact on the U.S. Economy
  98. AZ- Meet the lawmakers
  99. TX - Meet the lawmakers
  100. Washington State- Meet the lawmakers
  101. Republican Party to support guest worker program
  102. Immigration Voice in DC again (Jan 21, Jan22)!
  103. MD - Meet the lawmakers
  104. Discuss Legal Immig on Yahoo News
  105. VA - Meet the lawmakers
  106. GA- Meet the lawmakers
  107. FL- Meet the lawmakers
  108. MA-Meet the lawmakers
  109. NJ- Meet the lawmakers
  110. PA- Meet the lawmakers
  111. Cap reached for advanced degrees H1
  112. Meet the lawmakers Drive Please sign up
  113. Lobbying and advocacy. Myths and facts
  114. Cybersoftec CEO arrested for immigration fraud
  115. Immigration Voice in DC !!
  116. Impact based on 245i
  117. Specific retrogression and labor certification measures we are fighting for
  118. February Bulletin
  119. Class Action Lawsuit for EB Immigrants - Another Peter Schey Success Story?
  120. invite friends by sending an email from iv.org
  121. Which is a bigger problem: retrogression or employer sponsorship?
  122. Editorials in washingtonpost again ignores "LEGAL" variety of immigration
  123. Why should you contribute $$ here?
  124. Fund Collection Statistics on Immigration Voice
  125. A nightmare about immigration reform (must read)
  126. Friendly Editorials that point out that retrogression STINKS
  127. Worker shortage (US Chamber of Commerce)
  128. Lobbying, Fundraising and conference calls for Retrogression Relief
  129. Separate ourselves from ILLEGAL kind of immigration or be cooked with them
  130. immigrationvoice.org Who we really are and what are we doing.
  131. Rep. Jim Kolbe(R-Ariz) on borders and immign
  132. Immigration Bills in 2006
  133. Retrogression FAQ