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  1. Analysis of total EB filing numbers
  2. Bill # H.R.3776
  3. San Jose / Counter Rally for Illegal Protest !
  4. Dr.Michael Savage
  5. IV in USA today
  6. Minority Leader Harry Reid's thoughts on CIR
  7. Letter from a Legal Immigrant to Sen. Kennedy
  8. Today on CNN - (Worth Calling ?)
  9. knowinig more about the driver license issue mentioned in the fox interview
  10. Ideas to increase publicity of IV
  11. IV members living/working around Austin, TX please contact me
  12. Senator Cornyn introduces SKIL bill in Senate
  13. IV on Fox News Wkend Live 1:15 EST
  14. IV & Backlogged Labor Certification
  15. DOL Proposed Legislation for Labor Certification
  16. Help us break the record.
  17. Is IV a hot successful start-up?
  18. Need to ask support from these guys !
  19. A deal ?? !! From Shusterman
  20. Bender's Bulletin Features IV WaPo article
  21. Is hireing illegals is illegal? A case goes to Supreme Court
  22. LogJam in USCIS Processing?
  23. Any IV member from NorthWest Baltimore?
  24. WaPo Article: Members Who Set The Ball Rolling
  25. Senate would pass CIR by Memorial Day - George Bush
  26. Any Concrete info on CIR?
  27. Bush holds immigration summit
  28. IV In Washington Post: Skilled Immigrants Turn to K Street
  29. favorable poll result
  30. Economic Impact of Immigration - Hearings on Capitol Hill
  31. Priority Date => Date of Arrival in US???
  32. Speculated timeline for CIR by Attorney Matthew Oh
  33. Re: i-485 IndoChinese Adjustment act
  34. Full - Bush talk on Immigration @ Cisco
  35. Bush in Cisco, San Jose
  36. Judiciary Committee to discuss Immigration on April 25th
  37. immigration bill for May
  38. How much of the funds have been used?
  39. Getting media attention
  40. Is anyone here from CISCO?
  41. What's phenomenal and what's not.
  42. Immigration Hearing! April 25
  43. Worst Case Scenario
  44. Errror on fax
  45. Start Sending Fax to Demand Improved Performance at BECs
  46. Sign Sen Kennedy's petition
  47. Ombudsman Reiterates Multi-year EAD Recommendation
  48. Continuing debate from April 24th?
  49. We are a 3000+ member family
  50. Retrogression Question
  51. Why NO DOCTORS, LAWYERS here !?!?
  52. ASK People Migrated over past ~ 30 years !!
  53. IV on British News !
  54. "Frist New Bill" is Just Hagel Martinez/ IV Strategy
  55. Is Bush really trying to help?
  56. More LIST of SENATORS !!!
  57. Text of Hagel Martinez Bill- S2612
  58. Timeline on CIR
  59. New Bill from Frist
  60. Reid askes Frist to reschedule immigration bill
  61. New "IV in The News" Menu Item in Left Links
  62. Thanking Brownback, Alexander, Bingaman: Calling Members from KS, TN, NM
  63. IV and USINPAC Pledge to Work Together
  64. IV featured in News Observer: a New and Exhaustive News Article!
  65. Stories of Highly Skilled members of IV
  66. Please Update Your Member Profile!
  67. In what other ways can members help?
  68. Start faxing to key senators to support Brownback, Alexander-Bingaman Amendments
  69. Targeted Membership drive
  70. Should we thank the Senators for their ammendments ?
  71. immigration rallies..boon or bane
  72. Where is the reference to Employment Authorization in the INA?
  73. Immigration Rally
  74. Just got this From Martinez Office -FL
  75. Tell us your reasons for joining IV!
  76. So you like what the core team does and want to help them?
  77. How to bring more diversity into IV core team & volunteers
  78. IV: Comprehensive Reform, PACE, TALENT etc
  79. AAPI President endorses Immigration Voice!
  80. IV featured on FRONT PAGE of Saturday's Philadelphia Inquirer
  81. Can IV Core team try to force DOS to disclose visa usage statistics?
  82. PACE Act and BrownBack combination
  83. So you thought IV would be content with only the Brownback Amendment?
  84. CALLING SENATORs 101 !!!1
  85. Legal Immigration
  86. Negotiating with the House
  87. Tough road ahead
  88. My Post getting deleted
  89. Retain hope, bill is still alive
  90. April 10th is National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice
  91. Members Only: Brownback Amendment Incorporates IV Goals!!!
  92. 150K by 1st May
  93. Please standby for breaking news.
  94. Why Sen. Byrd Introduced Amendment during Budget Bill and why it failed in Conference
  95. After recess what will happen
  96. Bond amendment (SA #3226 [to SA #3192])
  97. Any hope remaining ?
  98. wht is true story?
  99. Just saw this on C-span2
  100. Meeting wtih staff of Florida senators
  101. fight till the end...
  102. GC Provisions for US Doctoral Degree
  103. Breakthrough; Frist's Bill in works
  104. Analysis of Chuck Hagel's Bill
  105. DO NOT lose Hope - IT'S GONNA WORK. Guaranteed.
  106. Senate Updt and Analysis(Wed Night)
  107. has any one Seen this REPORT CARD
  108. so what's the final word
  109. Response from CT senator - CHRISTOPHER J. DODD
  110. Response from a reporter
  111. Showdown in Senate - Whats next?
  112. Suggestions/discussion and Grievences
  113. IV & NetIP Seminar: Apr 15/Calling CA Volunteers
  114. Contributions to IV: Please Donate
  115. April 04 Senate proceedings live
  116. What can we give back in return!!!!!
  117. Very Unfortunate.
  118. Economic Times Article
  119. Parity Memo on Benders Bulletin
  120. Immigration Litigation Reduction
  121. Action Alert - Start Calling your Senators NOW
  122. Ed Gillespie (QGA) on WSJ - no mention of legal immigration or retrogression
  123. Any Senate activity today April 03 on immigration bill?
  124. FYI: IV mentioned in Sushterman April newsletter
  125. How will America benefit from giving us Green Card?
  126. Volunteers wanted urgently
  127. Hello! Why do you assume "no parity"?
  128. Perspective...
  129. URGENT April 01 - Web Fax 10 & 11 ready now - IV needs your help
  130. Reform H4 Visa
  131. Contributions
  132. Looking for Silicon Valley Members for Newsweek
  133. H1-B bill may stall in House.
  134. Getting In Touch with Wash Post Correspondent
  135. What the Other Side is Doing to Mobilize
  136. Graphics and Charts Faxes versus Text
  137. Urgent H1B Visa Debate on Washington Post
  138. Memo: Asking for Parity With Undocumented and Agricultural Workers
  139. fax to specter
  140. Guest worker program-more backlogs
  141. Any concrete good news in Senate so far ?
  142. IV Member on NPR Marketplace!
  143. Attn:IV Core Team
  144. S.2454 --Immigration & Border Control Bill at Senate
  145. IV Core Member On NBC Nightly News: Thurs March 30
  146. Senate
  147. Immigration Reform Bill Update - From ilw.com
  148. lets swing it to the other side
  149. Would this bill slow down the process
  150. CSPAN Links
  151. Volunteers from certain states required to call Senators urgently
  152. Testifying before congress??
  153. lobbying for hard quota amendment
  154. Argument for removing Hard Country Quota...
  155. EB-3 Dilema. Need Help
  156. sen coryn(texas)
  157. petition to sjc members
  158. News from AILA About Senate Debate
  159. Filling I485,AP&EAD,with I140 approved/pending for 6 months when novisa/retrogressed.
  160. Can we request (BS + 5 year) for advanced degree option in SPectors/Frists Bill
  161. The Other Immigrants - WSJ Today
  162. Let's keep up the buzz ... write follow up email to article writers.
  163. Urgent - Any Physician/Doctor affected by retrogression etc?
  164. URGENT - Webfax is ready, start faxing NOW
  165. Does anyone know the time frame of WISH and Talent bill?
  166. North Carolina Members Please contact me
  167. EB Provisions in Specter & Frist: The Hidden Harm
  168. Letter to Sen. Frist from Sens. Leahy, Kennedy and Feinstein
  169. About I-485 in Specter's Bill
  170. Immigration debate may begin sooner than expected on March 20th!
  171. Anyone working for Tata/Infosys/Wipro - big Indian software companies?
  172. Meeting with lawmakers in St Louis, MO
  173. FBI Name Check Briefing for Senate
  174. can I apply for I-485 for my wife?
  175. I am surprised that you are surprised
  176. Did my lawyer screw me up in EB-2 vs EB-3
  177. Of interest: AFL-CIO calls for replacement of H1-B visas with permanent residency
  178. Digg.com Link - Please read
  179. April Visa Bulletin
  180. Posters Going Up!
  181. We hit sixer in the first ball, first over
  182. Sen. Arlen Specter in Lou Dobbs tonight
  183. Endorsement from Anu Peshwaria, sister of Kiran Bedi
  184. Organized Membership Drive: Volunteers Wanted
  185. CA Team's Latest Creation: A Poster for IV!
  186. Department of Labor - some findings
  187. Fax to Judiciary commitee
  188. The Doom and Gloom Crew: What You Can Do
  189. Reply back from Rep. Steven R. Rothman
  190. response from a member of SJC
  191. No activity
  192. Is Immigration Voice working with the New American Opportunity Campaign already?
  193. Any Physician members from the DC area?
  194. IV Alliances Established Thread
  195. Advance Parole and UK Transit visa
  196. Please ignore anti-immigrant groups.
  197. Sen Mel Martinez
  198. Put illegal and legal immigration into two bills
  199. Any update from yesterday's Bill - March 02 , 2006
  200. Washington Times Report
  201. Immigration Voice featured on Roll Call
  202. possible bad news in HOUSE?
  203. Power of Your Faxes/Emails!
  204. Judiciary Commitee
  205. Forum Posting Guidelines
  206. New Action Alert Feature
  207. suggestions regarding web site improvements
  208. PACE ACT for PhD students
  209. Least we can do
  210. Immigration Article in Washington Post Today
  211. MA contingent: my small update
  212. Game over for this year?
  213. IV and QGA hitting the stride in Washington DC
  214. Fax is not effective and our goal is not clear.
  215. Spoke to Sen Schumers office
  216. ONE BEDROOM FLAT -- Thought provoking article
  217. Analysis of Specter's Markup to Comprehensive Immigration Bill
  218. Events this weekend
  219. 48 hrs left: IV working with QGA for Jud. Committee members. Hold off faxes for now
  220. Resources for Meet Your Lawmaker: Updated
  221. Draft text of Senator Specter's bill
  222. American Bar Association: Immigration Series
  223. IV in India Community Center Newsletter
  224. IT Job outlook
  225. World body slams US visa policy for rejecting Indian scientist's visa
  226. Changes to our Website
  227. Contributions
  228. Blogvertising...
  229. Change of Employer after 140 is approved
  230. Calling for volunteers with knowledge of PHP, HTML and mySQL
  231. Called Sen Specter's office
  232. WI/IL/OH/AL/KS Conference Call 02/23/06 at 09 pm CST(10 PM EST)
  233. IV urges members to support PACE Act
  234. Need answers to IV's legal ability to hire lobbyists!
  235. Members meeting in their respective States
  236. effects of tighter visa regulations beginning to show
  237. A bill prohibiting drivers' licenses for illegal immigrants
  238. 'Comprehensive' Legislation vs. Fundamental Reform: The Limits of Current Immigration
  239. PBS/WNPT: America's “brain drain” is discussed with David Heenan
  240. The illegal immigrant rallies keep on coming! Now in Las Vegas and Michigan
  241. Immigration on UCTV Channel !
  242. Addressing EB2/Eb3 - Contact among folks ?
  243. New proposal for H1B - no driver's license
  244. EB Retrogession - Hot NEWS
  245. TALENT Act
  246. High-tech reliance on special visas spurs debate
  247. Senator John McCain will be in Miami on Feb 23rd
  248. Please help
  249. McCain visiting pro-immigration rally in NYC TODAY
  250. Need profile data for statistics purpose