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  1. Where is Speaker of House Hastert and Senate Judiciary committee chairman James Sensi
  2. Remind ourselves to Contribute
  3. It is a sad state to look at the unity of legals.
  4. Quinn Gillespie & Associates
  5. Pledge Failed
  6. Election 2006 results : A quick analysis of its relevance for immigration
  7. Infopass-GC Pre-Adjusdicated and Name check Status as told by officer
  8. Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) conference between senate and house is possibl
  9. Reply from senator Bayh- Indiana - Nothing Important
  10. Calling members to help with membership drive
  11. BBC Reporters Blog
  12. IV members will be on 500 radio stations tonight!!
  13. Action Alert: IV members from Google
  14. Increased USCIS Fees Possible
  15. To Do List - Lame Duck session : *URGENT*
  16. Yahoo- "Talk to Power" program
  17. Ask your legislators to act in the lame duck session!
  18. Kerala Mela - Oct 28 on Maryland
  19. February's DOL proposal to eliminate labor substitutions and limit LC validity
  20. Suggestion for IV Core team
  21. Poll: When will they pass SKILL or similar bill?
  22. Help needed: India abroad newspaper
  23. Judiciary committee hearing on skilled workers
  24. Membership and funding drive
  25. CNN's Larry King Live - Oct 11
  26. Senator Sessions on SKILLED Immigration
  27. Contacting media and Article in the economist and Science
  28. Advocacy Letter
  29. SKILLs of IV Members
  30. Fence Bill Signed by President Bush on Wednesday.
  31. Any Local IV Clubs ?
  32. IV Website Access related question
  33. Start a Meetup group for legal immigration issues.
  34. Looking for examples of people that have gone back to home countries
  35. After elections when is the next congress session – any chances of immig measures in
  36. New Tool on the site: Invite your friends
  37. New article. Friday 1st
  38. Post I V Banner
  39. US from Ist to SIXTH -- The Global Competitiveness Report 2006-2007
  40. National Competitiveness and Investment Act
  41. Idea to raise MONEY !
  42. Can I have two I-140 at the same time?
  43. from AILA
  44. Time and Tide waits for no man
  45. Rajiv Chandrasekaran @ Washington Post
  46. News Letter-Good First step
  47. Goal: Bring atleast one new member
  48. Google Ad for IV: keyword suggestions?
  49. H.R 6094 bill has been passed but nothing for us
  50. a day late and a dollar short
  51. Losing hope fast......people from california act now...
  52. Core team ROCKs
  53. Please Stay Tuned: Washington DC sept 2006 updates
  54. Today is Important Day
  55. Increasing IV membership: help
  56. Hiring "Erin Bronkowich" for SKIL Bill ?
  57. Calling scientists, researchers, professors IV members
  58. Immigration Voice -> LEGAL Immigration Voice
  59. Youtube to increase awareness
  60. CIRA vs. SKIL - please clarify
  61. End of Year: Any Predictions
  62. House to Consider Secure Fence Act of 2006 Tomorrow
  63. The Hill opinion piece supporting Pace Act
  64. IV core members OpEd in the Oklahoman
  65. CEOs press Congress on competitivness legislation
  66. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
  67. 1/2 of Sept Gone..No Relief in Sight
  68. Its Official : CIR Dead for now
  69. IARC conference in DC: Press release
  70. Immigration policy on CSPAN2 tonight at 12:40 Eastern
  71. Help with press release distribution
  72. Try attaching SKIL to one of the security measures
  73. Rally for Senate Bill (and Immigration Voice's agenda) on Thursday Sept 7th in DC
  74. IV needs volunteers
  75. Pledge: Pls Donate Your Frequent Flyer Miles to IV
  76. We met 70% with respect to funds, but how much we achieved with respect to our goals?
  77. Any members in Texas Instruments
  78. Senate Judiciary Hearing on Skilled Immigrants
  79. IARC conference in DC
  80. Lobby with indian Caucus
  81. No CIR vs Pence Plan
  82. A day without High Skilled LEGAL Immigrants
  83. URGENT: Any members in Arizona?
  84. Can we get this organization involved?
  85. what the use of a US degree..
  86. Skil bill time lines
  87. see what people says about SKILL..very intesting
  88. is it possible to tag on SKIL provisions to this effort?
  89. Contact House Judiciary Comittee
  90. Romney: U.S. needs skilled immigrants
  91. Can You Create New Subtopic For General Forum
  92. URGENT: Any members in/around Wilmington, NC
  93. Sacramento Bee Editorial On Immigration
  94. USINPAC -- US Indian Political Action Committee
  95. Special Immigration Relief Measures for Cubans
  96. EB2-India-Will it reach Dec 2005
  97. No Bill This Year it seems
  98. Prediction: Immigration Reform for sure by mid 2007
  99. Wall Street Aug 7th- Imimigration Bill Compromise?
  100. Compete America
  101. IV Contributions and Headlines
  102. Shortage of Technical Talent
  103. Economic Argument for H1-B
  104. Calling all IV members with good writing skills
  105. Calling all IV members with good writing skills
  106. CIR - 2006 or 2007
  107. Relief Provisions in Iraq Spending Bill
  108. Hutchison-Pence compromise: Does it include EB retrogression relief?
  109. WebFax for employers and US Citizens
  110. **** EB2 for INDIANS CANCELLED ****
  111. Good Idea about making Capitol Hill aware of our Problem.
  112. August Visa Bulletin is out
  113. CDs or Computer chips to lawmakers
  114. August Visa Bulletin
  115. Everyone: Please send Webfax #18 for SKIL
  116. Deport Rep. Hostettler
  117. H.R. 5441, the Homeland Security Appropriations Bill
  118. Question for Rep Ed Royce
  119. ALERT!! NumbersUSA is on overdrive.
  120. IV in LA Times
  121. SKIL Act House Companion Bill, H.R. 5744, Introduced in the House
  122. Ombudsman Report to Congress
  123. Immigration Voice, Experts on Radio Sat Jul 8th
  124. IEEE-USA supports EB Immigration
  125. Anyone want to speak on behalf of Immigration Voice?
  126. This Election Day, vote for Team IV!
  127. CIR May Move to the Frontline Again After the 4th of July
  128. Another possible way that we can all help
  129. Minister of Overseas Indians coming to DC
  130. What can each one of us do?
  131. Some movement on CIR in House!!
  132. How about we Quit work on Aug15th to show our unity?
  133. How much time we need to wait before we start campaigning - separate bill like SKIL
  134. Future of CIR
  135. Boehner: Immigration bill all but dead...
  136. Anti-Immigrant NUMBERSUSA Campaign
  137. Corruption at USCIS
  138. Is CIR Stand Still??
  139. AILA Reports Anti-Immigrant Calls to Congress Outnumbers Pro-CIR at 400:1
  140. What is IV doing/why are IV core members not as active as before
  141. What is IV doing now?
  142. Immigration bill
  143. http://www.nostops.org/
  144. New NFAP Report
  145. IV member and IV featured in Arbutus times
  146. Thinking globally, acting locally
  147. Sensenbrenner's views on CIR on Lou Dobbs Today !!
  148. Immigrants in 2005
  149. Out of the Spotlight
  150. Pending Legislations and elections
  151. CIR Conference Committee Updates
  152. Summary of S.2611.ES in Members Forum
  153. Matt
  154. House Appropriations Bill HR5441
  155. H1b Cap reached
  156. Read Sensenbrenner's views on immigration
  157. Top Immigration Lobbying Firms on the Hill
  158. IV on Darshan News: In Depth Interview
  159. What's next?
  160. Thank You For Your Support: 130K by Memorial Day!!!
  161. What is wrong?
  162. S 2611 and Utah Congressional Primary
  163. IEEE-USA misrepresenting legal permanent immigrant admissions
  164. House Conference
  165. Immigration Voice Featured on Baltimore Sun Headlines
  166. IV and IV member in Gwinnett Daily Post
  167. "Back of the Line" - What is that supposed to mean?
  168. Forum Threads & Flamewars On Topics Not On IV's Agenda
  169. Ignore feature please..
  170. Stuart Anderson(NFAP) on Fox News 8:10 EST
  171. Phone Campaigns: Whys & Wherefores
  172. CNN : Sensenbrenner talks on CIR
  173. CORE guys ROCK ( I remember them from the disaster day 19th Dec'05)
  174. A big thank you to IV Core
  175. House Negotiator Calls Senate Immigration Bill 'Amnesty' and Rejects It - NY Times
  176. Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner on C-SPAN TONIGHT
  177. Lou Dobss talks about Manager's amendment
  178. Rival group activities
  179. Mike Pence Plan for Compromise on CIR
  180. Timeline for CIR to be effective(become LAW)
  181. House-Senate Conference Committee
  182. Let's say thanks to QGA & Staffers of various Senators & the Senators
  183. Hot News Senate Passes CIR With IV Goals : Manager's Amendment Text Released
  184. Definition of STEM -- is Life Science included in 'Science'?
  185. Impact of Bigaman Amendment 4181 and 4182
  186. To Compromise or Not to Compromise
  187. A look at the amended CIR bill
  188. Manager's Amendment Out: We Have Delivered Now it Is Your Turn
  189. Gregg amendment: SA 4114
  190. Bill Clinton @ Cisco Systems Campus
  191. Phone Campaign: Oppose Bingaman Amendments!
  192. Send Webfax #16: Oppose Bingaman Amendments!
  193. Judd Greg, NH ammendmed worth a look!!!
  194. Will it reach president's table ??
  195. Giving vs Taking!
  196. 3997 Members already - 3 more for 4000
  197. Not Endorsed by IV: Private Petition to Support SKIL Bill
  198. Any idea about this 'compromise', that seems to exclude legals?
  199. Site is back on now. Sorry for the downtime
  200. Will exemption of spouse and children affect family based or emplyment based numbers?
  201. IV featured in Tulsa World Oklahoma paper
  202. CIR Question about wife.
  203. IV Organizers to Speak at the release of a New study on impact of backlogs!
  204. What is being done for people like me?
  205. Other avenues to end retrogression
  206. Record of Amendments Agreed/Rejected
  207. Do we really need a Bill Passed in the Senate and House to Resolve Retrogression Issu
  208. “…we would astound ourselves”. 130 K by Memorial Day.
  209. How long before the Comprehensive Immigration Bill becomes effective?
  210. Impact of amendment 4054 (Mr. GREGG) on S 2611
  211. Call for current Guests to become Members
  212. IV Article in Diversity Inc
  213. Brownback Amendment introduced again
  214. CNN-IBN covers Immigration Voice at our Meet and Greet Event in Washington DC
  215. where is today's CIR senate proceeding thread?
  216. May 16th Cornyn SKIL bill
  217. Can IV/Senate Do XYZ Thread
  218. amendement on the senate floor
  219. 485 filing
  220. If this CIR passes with no amendment pertaining to us?
  221. New Forum: IV Agenda and Legislative Strategy
  222. DC meeting yesterday
  223. CIR bill now in senete
  224. Is Senate going to be taking CIR up today?
  225. Immigration Voice featured in Bloomberg News
  226. Advanced Degree Exemption
  227. Temporary relief to Retrogression
  228. Presidents Speech on Immigration
  229. Join US Defence and get USC in 2 years..
  230. Senate to start considering S.2611 on Monday May 15th 2006 at 2.00 pm EST
  231. If the bill become Law, Here is my hypothesis.
  232. Last Chance...Senate Scheduled to Debate on CIR Next Week
  233. IV on NPR All Things Considered
  234. NPR's program. Please call in at 2:00 EST
  235. Deal finally struck between Frist and Reid...bill on the floor soon
  236. Latest Development on Break the Senate Immigration Logjam.
  237. No I-140/I-485 Concurrent Filing, Time to Pack
  238. Meet and Greet Event in DC.
  239. Legal Immigration Story on NPR
  240. Retrogression e-mail posted on Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) website USA-TODAY
  241. Easiest Way out - No time limit on h1
  242. Suggestion for disclaimer on IV forums
  243. Time running out !! Forget CIR, go for SKIL !!
  244. Good and bad news reg Visa revalidation
  245. Confusion
  246. Senator Kyl believes Immigration bill shelved
  247. Losers and Winners in Three Pending Employment-Based Immigration Reform Bills
  248. How to distinguish ourselves ?( *Premium processing* )
  249. Folks from Texas please email me
  250. Andersen Cooper - Yesterday on CIR /Immigrant Relief